How important is it to wear a hat in winter? Look at this group, you will know, elegant and fashionable.

Many people may have troubles to wear a hat, but they don’t have the most popular accessories in the winter. It is not only more elegant than other accessories, but also has many other advantages.

For the common public, if you want to shape an elegant and stylish shape in the winter, we must wear a hat, let the hat become the focus of the dress, but also make you more beautiful. How important is this winter wearing a hat to ordinary people? After reading this group, you will know, elegant and fashionable!

First, why most of the trendy feelings love to wear a hat?

The general people who are familiar with the fashion, know that many fashion bloggers in winter are very likes the hat. Whether it is an outstanding or daily wear, they will be decorated with their hats, why can the hat are popular with them?

The answer is that the hat is very practical, elegant and generous. In addition to the formation of face, you can quietly pull high, and there are many hats.

All ages, your girls can find the style of your own, no matter which style you like, you can also find the right hats.


Of course, in addition to men and women are suitable, there are still many other advantages, such as the hat can play warm effect, and no longer have to worry about the cold wind in the winter.

The hat is also very convenient, the hair wears the top hat, instantly solve the feelings.

Second, according to items to choose a hat

Ordinary people will not wear a hat, mainly watching the corresponding hats according to the coat style, thereby building a coordinated elegant dressing style. For girls who don’t wear a hat, you can start from here.

1, coat + beret

The reason why you should consider the extension when you choose a hat, because the coat is greater, affecting the style of dressing. For example, the feeling of coats is both simple and decent, suitable for building elegant fashion wind, with Berrek’s playful age-age, and also shaped the winter LOOK.

Like a lot of men and or five or five or sixty-year-old girls can use this pair of partnerships.

2, griller suit + Beret

One go to winter, many people like to bring their own grillers that bring retro literary breath, especially in a garment, can be casual. This type of griller suit is elegant retro, and it is best to consider some of the more cavity hats when they are mixed with the hat. It is ideal for Berret.

Pieces of gemlined suit with leather or wool beret, wear handsome and elegant British wind.

3, cotton clothes / down jacket + baseball cap / knitted cap

Unlike coats, grilled suites, Pike cotton clothes or down jackets belong to a very casual and warm single product, winter wear comfortable.

Exhausted with a baseball cap or knit hat, easily emphasize the free and quiet dressing style, so that you look younger.

4, sweater / trousers + knitted cap / baseball cap

Sweater sweater is also a casual single product, combined baseball cap, knitted cap, youthful breath.

Select the knitted cap with sweater colors when wearing a match, or the baseball cap that is echoed, the shoe is echoed, can improve the dressing, exquisite and age.

Third, pay attention to color match


Although the hat is not high in the dress, it is an important part. The hat color and dress are maintained. It can improve the clothing to a large extent, and many ordinary people can also bring closer to bloggers. distance.


1, the first end echo


Among them, it is recommended that everyone uses the coat, inner, and puts the embedded hats, which integrates simple and very advanced, such as full black color, all white color.


Of course, worrying that the same color is required for the self-temperament, then it can be replaced with the first end echoing method, echo the shoes with a hat color, wear a coordination and high feeling.

2, contrast

The hat is small, which makes it a tool to create a contrast of Look, don’t worry about dressing exaggeration.


The most recommended is to use a red beret with a black jacket, and the red black color is clear, and the distinctive visual impact is created.

3, black and white color


For a small white, winter can be started from the simplest black and white color, such as with a white hat with a black long coat, black down jacket, with black and white color to create an elegant and advanced shape.

In short, there is still a lot of ways to dress us in winter, and wear a hat is very important. If you like this group of demonstration, then you may wish to learn!

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