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Ten o’clock, ten o’clock, the contents of the e-commerce platform, the 60 million users collected a good book around the world, and the best objects.

After a senior buyer, editor’s personal trial, evaluation comparison, pick out the products worth buying.

Speaking of the watch, I always feel that it is a man’s standard.


In fact,


The watch is already a worker that women are concave. Its status is unbearable to the girl’s bag, lipstick.

From Marilyn Mono Marilyn Monroe, Lucil Bauer Lucille Ball, to the current red carpet movie star, and the characters in the film and television drama, are inseparable from the embellishment of the watch.


Compared to jewels, wear watches will make people look down on more connotation.

Although it is not like wearing a gold, it is like a ripe and confident gas field, it has played an enemy.

Do not believe, you can observe female friends wearing watch around.

When she wears a watch, it will give people an independent maturity, not attached to anyone’s charm.

Of course,

Wearing a watch invisible will add a confident gas field.

Especially in the workplace, women wearing a watch

Will make people think that you are dying, and you will be able to lifter, so that others are really good, it is really extra points.

to be frank,


I want to start a good watch, and I have to pay more than investment luxury bags.


If it is a mighty, wealthy, you can start the “top” brand of Rolex. You can only look like a small population like me.

Today, I will find a one.

Good looks, fashion and cost-effective watches,

It is

C & C by the champion of the champion of the entertainment circle.

Everyone in C & C should be very familiar.

We have recommended its first jewelry before, all are all cost-effective explosions.

Its family’s watch is also unlunnably the “red” of the entertainment circle.

The star street shooting, private service, magazine cover, and an important occasion of the red carpet, show, etc., are inseparable from its assists.


Huang Shengyi, Li Ruoxi, Zhu Yin, Zhang Yihan, Zhang Li … wearing it home in magazine shooting.


Big s husband, Wang Xiaofei, the mall, wearing is also the watch of C & C.


Not only becoming the walking pendant on the stars, the fashion blogger of major websites, and the people have become the faithful fans of the C & C watches.

Don’t say, its watch is really good.

Chic green dial, keeping the texture of the natural peacock. The color is different, very level, do not lose international big brands.

Simple three pointers, echo the same color scale logo.

Low-key minimalist dials, take a retro green dial, and immediately collide with fashion vitality.

Wear on the wrist, retro high-level and white, don’t fall at all.

Take the round dial and the classic thin black leather strap, simple and beautiful, and very elegant.

Wearing on the wrist, is the low-key French elegant, as if you walk in the streets of London, very tone.

The true cowhide strap is delicate and soft.

↓ We tried to put it a few dozen, and did not leave a crease.

This time we still got the official authorization, giving you the official flagship store, the discount price of the counters:

Original price of 699 yuan

C & C watches, special 298 yuan.


* The lowest activity promotion price of the flagship store is also ¥ 999, now buy straight down 701!


A C & C bracelet is also present.


Stack with the watch, there is a hierarchy, avoiding the wrist monotonous.


There are also different dial colors and size, all of which are low-key.


Everyday or attended an important occasion, it will make people feel that you are going, you will learn from yourself.


3 style: peacock stone big green sheet, peacock stone small green sheet, starry sky grinding meter.


· Peacock stone small green sheet, starry empty sand table, is a small dial design of 28mm.


Small dials, delicious and meticulous, suitable for girls in the small skeleton.

The detailed strap, with a small dial, is very beautiful, it can make people feel good at a glance.

Wearing on the wrist, the detachment will also make the arm look slightly.

· Peacock stone big green sheet is a 35mm large surface design.

Wear big dials, don’t feel exaggerated, but it will be more flexible, and overall looks more fashionable.

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Today also brought it to its new jewelry


And strive to “copy the price”:


Leaves three-piece (ear nail + necklace + bracelet), special offer as long as 208 yuan.


↓ C & C jewelry, flagship store promotional price must be ¥ 1038, here three sets of 208 yuan, great value!

From the European and American fashion circles



Luxury brands of domestic entertainment circles

C & C brand is already our old friend.


In 1990, the Italian light luxury brand founded in the world fashion capital,


And from the big S personally participate in the design jewelry brand, there is a 30-year history now.

Countries set up in European countries, with Patek Philippe, Bulgari and other top luxury brands in the same place.


Even Milan is famous for Montelon Street, which is famous for luxury and fashionable business district, and there must be a place in C & C.

At present, there are more than 200 global counters.

Low-key it does not ask the superstar endorsement,


There is no covered advertisement, but with the strength circle powder fashion world:

Big S, Mo Wen, Cai Shaofen, Dili Hot Biba, Ouyang Na, Song Zuer, Naza, Lin Yichen, Xiong Yulin, Li Zi Ting … all in the magazine, red carpet, private service wear.

Devil Li Jiaqi, also recommended C & C’s Baibei Mother Bracelet in the live broadcast


C & C is also the figure of C & C on Europe and American stars and other European and American stars.

Chandlla, men’s clothing, fashion life, etc. 17 this trend magazine has been recommended by C & C jewelry.

This status, brand fashion, product quality is quiz.

“Is it a little worried, would you buy a fake?”

We are


C & C’s online sales channels designated by mainland China, the products sold are all C & C official direct sales.

The platform has worked hard for so long, not in the sale of fake “self-destruction sign”, and it is impossible to disappear on a night, so you have any questions, you can find us.


The reason why C & C is willing to make a sales right, and it is indeed because of a difficult estimate of the global epidemic.


Instead, these big brands “put down the body”, but it is better to say that they have a strategy for users.

Every one is the same as the counter, everyone seizes the opportunity to frenzy and luxury jewelry wool, rest assured to buy buy!

Leaves 18K golden babe mother three sets

Earringe + necklace + bracelet, special 208

Leaf White Beaper Set,


Soft feeling with a small girl.

Earringe, necklace, bracelet

It’s all 18K gold inlaid, a white mother, rocket girl 101 Li Zi Ting wear it, super good-looking ~

The four-leaf necklace like the Van Clee Mountain is also 18K + white naughter, has sold more than 60,000.

The same material, this set of C & C only two hundred, only to eliminate exaggerated brand premium, we can use less money, buy more textive!


Irregular four-leaf design,


On the one hand, it retains a good meaning that symbolizes “lucky, love and hope”.

On the one hand, it has abandoned the traditional four-leaf shape, allowing a petal leaf to be free to shake, and there is a kind of “one leaf knowing autumn”.

The yellow-proof colleague of the beauty department is also boasting, but wear not only white, but it is better to look forward to it.

Champagne gold is indeed more surprising to pure gold, don’t worry, it will fade, break, break …

C & C Jewelry, is completely a texture of thousands of yuan.

The surface is a 4-layer electroplating technology process: 3-layer nanotechnology gold electroplating 1 layer wear-resistant layer.


It is not easy to wear black, and the chain is also strong.


Emperminism is not allergic to this K. Kazui metal.


Whether it is a gloss or abrasion resistance, it has been taken to take time, and promises to accompany you to the old! It is completely no problem with the daughter in the future.

The packaging is exquisite, and there is also a place to give people ~

Near the end of the year, busy rushing for a year,


It is time to buy a set of beautiful jewelry, the watch is coming to work.

Can be

Give yourself a romantic reward that cares, you can also give mom, girlfriends love gift.

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