Wear hipster cotton vest against autumn and winter

Still thinking about the winter? Each girl has a heart, winter clothes wants to get rid of thick, a cotton vest guarantees that winter is warm and beautiful.


Hundreds of various styles, not only wearing comfort, but also buying, is a must-have thing for each girl who loves a beautiful fashion.

Come on, this winter will lead the trend together and refused to have a harsh! Refuse to be heavy! Trendy and good cotton vest let you fashion the whole winter.

When I saw the cotton vest, I couldn’t wait to hug home. The baby didn’t think that wearing a small vest at this time will be too early, Andrews, the weather that is gradually cool, your beautiful sweater can be matched Attractive little vest coat, this cotton vest can be said to be just good, moderate version will not be too loose, the sisters can easily drive the door is the design, which is good to see the beauty.


Hundreds of real-wearing and warm down cotton vests debut, warm winter must-have items ~! The hood design, you can take a hacle to take the lead in the cap. The pendulum stitching a tribut with a tribut, and it can be casually played with a bow. The upper body is real girl ~! Classic wild black, white color, very good match, like BB does not hesitate, hurry to income ~! ! !


With the gradual cooling of temperature, some jackets are gradually imposed on us, and the vest solves the problem of high temperature difference in the morning and evening, and can help us optimize the size of the body and wear a good temperament. Xiao Li collar can modify neck lines, convenient and real wear, no matter you a vibrant girl, hipster girl or temperament, can easily hold.

Little lapel, bright stripes, big pockets, warm up! Look more with short vests, give you a different! The care machine at the neckline lets you plug a scarf without bloating, and protect delicate neck skin. The medium and long style and the outside of those fascinating jian goods are different. If you want the fairy, you are afraid of cold, don’t miss it ~

Small cotton vest is too thin! The version of this cotton vest is comparable to the body of the BB. The small collar of the drum drum is not only sweet and cute, but also is very windy. The front row is a double-discred design. It is to adjust the clothes to wear loose. If you want to wear the feeling of tightly packaged, you can deduct the outside of the button, you want to be relaxed at a point.

Cotton vest is a single item in autumn and winter. This is a very component of vest, so Meng Meng has always been a street-eye-eye, which is a concave single product that will be selected by many fashionists.