Dining my 5 kitchen appliances, with “smoothness”, life is very happy

Evaluate a family quality, the most important place is the kitchen!

Designed fashion atmosphere, the layout is a reasonable and comfortable kitchen decoration is important, but you want to kitak to get your hands, you can’t leave all kinds of kitchen supplies.


No matter how big the kitchen is, people who love life can always have a taste.

Give everyone the 5 kitchen use of my most satisfactory, use “smoothness”, life is very happy!


Kitchen cleaning wipes

Every time I finish the meal, I will take a kitchen clean wipes, hitting the hood, the oil stains contaminated on the stove, there is a touch of fragrance.

Compared with ordinary rag, the kitchen cleaning wipes contain cleaning ingredients, to go to oil, clean, throw it with dirt, and do not clean the troubles. It’s not too dirty, you can also wash it for two days, and you will be dirty. Clean, convenient.

Wall oil stains, countertops, faucets can also be rubbed particularly bright, have bid farewell to traditional rag, and traditional rags will be washed with odor, which is easy to have bacteria.

Feeling the disposable wipes rag is simply human light, and the price is not expensive, one is only a cooked. Don’t be wasted, and improve the small objects of housework.

Heavy oil detergent


I tried a lot of horticulture oil cleaners, or I feel that the import of imports, except for the heavy drafting effect, it is much better than a gentleman, and the fragrance is better.

There is no cleaning in a few months, the thick layer of hoods, sprayed and repeated it, and the oil layer wiped off. The heavy oil should be more soaking time to make long point, so that the oil is fully reacted with the cleaner, and then use the shovel, it can be easily cleaned.


I also bought it for my mom. I haven’t cleared the hood for a few years. I can also wash my own clean, and my mother is boasking. A large bottle, gentle stab, gently spray, go down, instantly, the hood is refreshing!

Separate nozzle design, safe rotary buckle, even if there is a bear child in the family, it is not afraid of moving into the spray. In addition to the cigarette, you can go to rust, but also to wash your shoes, in fact it is, it is a multi-function cleaner.

Fish scales


I have never thought of a few dollars of fish scales, which used to wipe the water stain! Do not need to add a cleaner, rub the light, do not leave the hair.

Like the mirror in the home, the bath room glass door, the ordinary rag is e finished, there is a dirty print, there is a water mark, but the fish scale is not,


Ultrafine fiber material, fish scale design, increase friction, strong pollution, no scratches




I also found it with it to rash, better than a lot of mop, and there is no water stain after waking clean. The wipes the brighter, and the home is clean and comfortable.

One can only a few dollars,

Wipe stainless steel, ceramics, mirror, etc., the kitchen bathroom is used.


Wall-mounted trash can


In the past, the garbage is placed on the ground, and the kitchen garbage has to be bent over, especially when the particle fruits and vegetables are ticked, and the trash can be removed when the sweeping machine is sweeping. In exchange, this wall-mounted trash can not only look good, it is convenient.

It is not necessary to get garbage in the past, you can hide the garbage bag in the past, and it does not affect the appearance. Sliding operation is also very easy and powerful, and there is a lid to prevent bacterial infection, clean and hygiene, and there is not so much in the kitchen garbage. You can use it clear.

It also distributed a small scraper, used to clean the kitchen garbage on the countertop, used very easy.


Door back hook, directly hung in the cabinet door, nor will it affect the normal opening of the cabinet door, as long as your cabinet door thickness is less than 2.3cm.


This wall-mounted trash can can also be used on the ground, except for the kitchen, living room, bathroom can be used, and it is very practical.


Wall hanging fruit and vegetable network

There are many small items that need to be used in the kitchen, and some seem to be flat, but it is particularly convenient. For example, the wall of this wall is hanging fruit and vegetable network.

The good east of ginger garlic is, and it is still strong, don’t worry about ginger. By the way, let me talk about it, the old ginger is clean and dry, put it in, more than not washing, will not be hollow.


Use this wall-mounted fruit and vegetable network to hang up and convenient, saving space. There are two types of two types, usually I use the small net to pocket dry peppers and garlic, ginger. Use the big net to put the sweet potato and onions.

Don’t think that these are “pseudo-exquisite”, I found too “Tianzhen” after the experience, this is called life happiness!