Ultra-hard nucleation sunscreen, will not believe in black

Inflammatory summer, sunfire …


If you dare not make sun protection, no half a day

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Not only is it tanned, and it will be accelerated!


Because of the ultraviolet rays in the sun, it will cause skin aging, wrinkles, relaxing … or even increase skin cancer.

Ordinary you and Ultrafielding Your ▼

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Moreover, the ultraviolet intensity in summer is large, even if it is rainy, it still exists.

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So today, we have brought everyone.

Cheap ultra-practical hard sunscreen

– Really hard sunscreen, premising, keep your summer!

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Hard sun sun is to block ultraviolet rays by sunbash umbrellas, sun landscaps, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc.

The UPF value (textile UV-UV performance) is a core indicator for measuring the sunscreen value of hard sunscreen products.

Only when UPF> 40, long-wave ultraviolet transmittance is less than 5%, in order to say that this product is UV.


High Yanchao Capsule

Small, light, still buy one get one free

It is the banana! Many people will think of the sun!

Efficient sunscreen

Small black umbrella

Adopt innovative umbrella, thermal insulation and shading are better.

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UpF up to 50+, UV barrier rate is as high as 99%.

Hot days, hiding under the umbrella, the physical temperature can drop a lot.

The key is that the 50% off design of the capsule black umbrella, the umbrella height is only 19 cm, which is almost the size of a palm.

Moreover, the entire umbrella is a material that is carbon fiber and is light and tough.


The weight of the weight and 1 apple is similar.


Daily commuter, school, or even travel can easily put it in your parcel.


It also uses an original unbaffected double self-locking high-elastic structure-hive switch.


When opening an umbrella, the operation is simple and convenient, not pinned.

(No button design patent number: CN204181115U)

The value is also quite well, the color is beautiful, and the dark is dark, and it is available.

Also equipped with a colored capsule case with the umbrella cloth, a simple color and unity, and it is also convenient to accommodate.

The most important thing is that this opening group


198 yuan


You can buy one get one free


Moreover, the gift will be a three-fold umbrella of the Rosa series.

Mom, the value is also very high.

Think about, 198 yuan = 2 high-color banana small black umbrella!

And girlfriends, and colleagues, fight with my mom, really a lot of people.

However, the quantity is limited, and the hand is slow and hurry ~

Buy one get one free, super cost-effective

Poke applet, buy now ▼

Foldable sunscreen cap


Light and super breathable, folding is not deformation


In the summer, in addition to umbrellas, another colorful small items that are both colorful and practical.

Non-woven straw hooded.

The straw hat of the width cap not only the sun coverage, the key salt can be sweet.


It’s breathable and comfortable in summer, it’s not sultry, it is no wonder that it will become a fashionista, the star’s love.


Fairy Tale straw hat


This is composed of natural papergraces

Not only is the sunscreen function, but

Can effectively block 99.9% of UV lines, protect you not to be tanned, sunburn.

And the toughness is strong, and it is not easy to deformed!

Yes, you didn’t see it wrong. As long as it is “a fold button”, you can easily accommodate the straw hat, directly put into your small bag, or it is very convenient to take it.

When you use it, take it out and shake it, and you can quickly restore the cap shape, and you are so convenient.


Moreover, a large hat

Can better protect the face, the neck is not bothered.

Touching the hand is soft, no loss, can fold casually, embedding your desired shape.

Even the head is adjustable, it is simply true love!


The design of the Panama straw hat, the shape is simple and not picking up, and the face can be modified, the appearance is small.

The key is true, cycling, picnic, afternoon tea, travel, shopping anything is suitable, who is all right!


With simple white t, it is also very good.

It is also very wear and durable, even if it is exposed to the sun, it will not fade easily.


However, the straw hat has two kinds of forks and notked, pay attention to choice when buying ~

Hundreds of elegant, small appearance

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Fashion Hundreds of sunglasses, clips


Sun protection eye

In addition to doing your face skin protection, there is a part that has long exposed to UV rays, and it needs to be sunscreen.


That is your eyes!

UV light directly into the eyes, may cause cataract, wing 胬 (nǔ) meat, retinal macular.


The UV 400 ink can block 99.99% of UV, so don’t forget to wear ink.


This time

Zerser 2019 new sunglasses

Design, simple design.

Don’t pick face and wild, it is a lot of stars to love.

High-definition PC sunscreen lens used, low quality, strong impact resistance,

Can effectively block 99.99% UV.


Not only can you effectively reduce your light, so that your sight is more soft, clear, reducing the dizziness brought by summer glare.

Moreover, this PC lens is good, durable, not easy to draw,

It is widely used on air equipment, bulletproof glass, and military products, so it is also known as space films.

The frame of the PC material is light, the weight is light, and it is easy and comfortable.

One-scale nose design, can better stick nose, red print Say Bye ~

The hinged hinges can be easily adjusted to the inner (external) to better fit the face.

After 100,000 hinge fatigue tests, rugged, anti-oxidation, anti-bending and impact resistance are good.


The high-quality plate frame is high temperature, corrosion resistant, and the surface is also a glossy, long-lasting, simply concave cutting tool ~


Whether it is a boys or a girl, wear it, you are the most exciting in the travel road!

The group price straight down 50 yuan

As long as 148 yuan

Mom, it’s too cost-effective.

The friends of myopia are not anxious, and there are also sunglasses clamps that can block the ultraviolet rays.

This is more convenient and comfortable, and it is not a fashion, it is simply a must-have artifact in summer.

Moreover, the ink mirror clip opening group price straight down 50 yuan, as long as 79 yuan!

Mom, it’s too cheap ~

Slip sewer


Sweat absorption is good

High-elastic VVC sunscreen clothing

When driving, cycling or rubbing the baby, I can’t take an umbrella.


At this time, wear sun sunscreen capabilities, sunscreen is very practical and convenient.

This time, we brought everyone, this is this fashion, light and sunscreen.


VVC sunscreen clothing.


Long and short money are available

With special sunscreen, VVC sunscreen, UPF is up to 50+, can block 99% UV.


Also equipped with waterproof, quick-drying features.


The key is that after wearing it, it is thin and breathable, and it will not feel stuffy.

Short sunscreen, just right.


Leisure and no waist sports version, dress is comfortable and not picking up.

The key is a variety of colors, the style classic is simple, how to get fashion, and there are men and women.

This time, the price of the group straight down 40 yuan, as long as 158 yuan.


Hurry and add one, do lovers, also very Nas.

Picking the applet, buy now

Limited quantity, first come first served


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Fairy Tale straw hat