Autumn and winter men are fashionable to wear items: small feet, harem pants

One go to winter, the weather is getting cold, the cotton coat, down jacket, the coat will become the mainstream of the fashion world, after all, the wind is more temperature. But I believe that most people will not choose trousers, down the down pants, because it will be bloated to make you doubt life.


So autumn and winter, what is the most popular? Of course, it is a fashion pants and harem pants. The foot pants is properly loved by the old legs, wrapped your legs and long, and it is slim. However, the body leg is not dominated, and it is not wise to choose a small feet. But there is also a universal panty pants tolerant – harem pants, no matter what you are a big thick leg or a false knife, the narrow shape of the harem pants can easily cover your body. shortcoming. And plus velvet design, let you fashion.

01 / fashion pants


Pattern can be said to be a lot of long-legged handsome playing, so that your legs look more and longer and high. In the cold winter, sweaters / sweater + small feet pants + cotton / down jacket / woolen coat, the trend of walking, guide the street fashion.

02 / wild harem pants


For harem pants, there are many strangers that have a strong body. Harlan pants are designed with small trousers, weaken the visual sensory, and the legs are not so thick. Sweater / sweater + harem pants + cotton coat / down jacket, keep warm and not fashionable.


For autumn and winter trend, men’s trousers wear, what good ideas you have, you can comment or pay attention to communication. Of course, for the majority of sellers, such a popular pants don’t have to say anything, hurry up.

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