Sweater + half skirt, high-level feeling in winter

Recently, there are too many good dramas, and it feels a bit. But to say that the current drama is relatively high, then of course

“Wind Looyang”

Mo is it.

At first glance, this gorgeous scene and movie quality, you know that it is definitely big production. Others don’t say, the story is absolutely in place.

大毛衣 + 半裙,穿出冬天的高级感

And the characters in the play

Makeup is also very online

Song Wei as a female master, because of the character’s occupation specialty, so it has two style models with women and men.

But no matter which costume, the prostheticity of Wuli is perfectly digested.

It is worth mentioning that 茜 is also very unique in terms of fashion, and her private service is very worthy of ordinary girls!

Such as this body

Sweater + knitted half dress

It is particularly simple, only black and white two colors, I’ll wear a sweet-style JIO, and the female star’s gas field is not covered!

Of course, ordinary girls have to find the style and style of their own, and can also wear both fashionable people in a minute.

大毛衣 + 半裙,穿出冬天的高级感

Today, Liya recommended a few sets to the fairy. I like it very much.

Miga sweater + half skirt

Wearing a template, by the way, teaching a teacher how to pick and match the costumes that you do.

Interested, you still don’t have a small book, learn together with Liya!

01. How is the sweater?

[See style]


Sweater is particularly unfriendly of the fairy girl with big chest sisters and apple shapes.




大毛衣 + 半裙,穿出冬天的高级感

Evergreen version

Not only does not reach the role of visual, it is easy to wear


a feeling of.

In contrast, it is still loosely

大毛衣 + 半裙,穿出冬天的高级感


More than a hundred, the containeability of the body is also very high,

大毛衣 + 半裙,穿出冬天的高级感


The effect is absolutely!

The round face of the fairy can also choose to have

大毛衣 + 半裙,穿出冬天的高级感

V collar

Vertical striped sweater can be effective

Face type

And from the visual extends the length of the neck, there is “Swan Neck” is no longer a dream!

[See color]

The color of the sweater can greatly improve the absorption of the overall shape, like this


The death Barbie powder should not wear it again, plus the pattern design of the flower whistle, really too

Nose gas


Simple advanced black and white match

大毛衣 + 半裙,穿出冬天的高级感

Is it not fragrant? The classic is called classic, not unreasonable.

When you don’t worry about it, you will never have any mistakes when you don’t have anything.

大毛衣 + 半裙,穿出冬天的高级感

LIYA suggests that the first half of the fairy is wearing

Black with large sweater

Will be more appropriate, enhance the effect of visual shrinkage.

If you like to highlight your personal characteristics, you may wish to try with

Tie dyeing element


Natural gravity + low-key rice brownsh

大毛衣 + 半裙,穿出冬天的高级感

There is a very kind of ancient charm, with a large sweater loose casual version, lazy, tidal Girl, you are not wrong!

[Watch fabric]

The fabric of the sweater is also one of the reasons for the effect of wearing, if the sweater

大毛衣 + 半裙,穿出冬天的高级感

Light texture and pin loose

It is easy to have some kinds

大毛衣 + 半裙,穿出冬天的高级感

Cheap sense

If you do it, you will not carefully expose the color of the underwear, and it is inevitable in social situations.


The pin is fine, the fabric is thick

Sweater style, not only

Temple is more advanced

大毛衣 + 半裙,穿出冬天的高级感

And there is no burden.

Now that the South is a bit a temperature, if you can have the sun, wear a piece directly.

Soft warm

The high collar sweater is very ok, and the peaceful wearing is very suitable for lazy cancer.

02. How to pick it up?

[See length]

LIYA discovers that the problem of dressing has been plaguing everyone, always worrying that the leg-type defect is not exposed because of the choice of the single product, and then drain the beauty of the whole shape.

In fact, the skirt is more able to cover the shortcomings of the lower body compared to the pants. But still try to

Avoid this style of mopping

, Especially the little fairy, will be very

High pressure


3-5cm below the knee

The semi-long skirt can adapt to most people’s body type, with a small leg sock, we can show a small piece of skin, and it is high and thin.

Hot girl must

大毛衣 + 半裙,穿出冬天的高级感

Little skirt

大毛衣 + 半裙,穿出冬天的高级感

You can freely switch between the salt and the sugar system, as long as there is no very obvious calves, it can wear a boldly wear!

[Watch version]

The importance of the version believes that you don’t have Liya to say more? If you want to have a perfect hidden body defect, the selection is especially critical.


Hip fish tail skirt

This kind of very test body, the micro-fat girl should

Deconditional Pass

, Hurry to avoid lightning!

To say that the “wear king” in the skirt is, we have to be a hundred and not picking people.

A word skirt

What false knobs wide, thick legs, in front of it, can be invisible, but

Coordinating the visual ratio of the upper body

I really don’t look good!

Straight + open design

Cowboy skirt, casual and fashionable, don’t spend more than spend more, you can get very lucky.

The reversible leg lines have also increased


The temperament, the people are invisible

Sweet sister

Who will not love?

[See design]

大毛衣 + 半裙,穿出冬天的高级感

Pattern intensive and complicated print design

Will give people dazzling feelings, and the difficulty of other clothing is also rising straight, and ordinary people are really unable to hold HOLD.

Distributed evenly

Wave point print

There is no such strong visual impact and confusion, the picture looks more harmonious, and also adds highlights to the overall shape.

There is also a classic

Grily pattern

Self-contained retro British style, senior filling, you can easily control!

大毛衣 + 半裙,穿出冬天的高级感

03. Take away the template!


大毛衣 + 半裙,穿出冬天的高级感

Violet big sweater romantic and eye-catching, especially

大毛衣 + 半裙,穿出冬天的高级感

Brush color

Why is it a good effect! Down matching

A word skirt + black wire

大毛衣 + 半裙,穿出冬天的高级感

, Sweet and sexy can also be coexist.



It has always been recognized by the fashion circle, and the simple province is not easy to make mistakes, absolutely the gospel of the lazy.

Loose vertical striped sweater with irregular pleated skirt,

Divide the top and bottom level by using the differentiality of the fabric

, Complete set of LOOK monotonous feelings!

# L l 3

Have to say, the combination of sweaters + semi-skirt is really resistant! Whether it is single, or is very fashionable with all kinds of thick coats.

High child fairy cooperation

woolen coat

Wearing, there is a sense of Korean old woman in an instant, and

Blue + gray

The color matching is also particularly eye-catching!


want to

Enrich level

If you can use it.

High collar sweater + sweater

Optimization, preciseness and fashion magnitude UP!


Inside and outside + up and down color echo

Even if the bold collaboration is matched, the picture can still be harmonious, even more amazing.

After reading this article carefully, I believe that many tips have been learned?

大毛衣 + 半裙,穿出冬天的高级感

However, theory is needed to rely on practice. so

Heart is not as good as action

The fairy is still going to dress up!

大毛衣 + 半裙,穿出冬天的高级感


大毛衣 + 半裙,穿出冬天的高级感