Winter warm woolen coat wear: simple and generous match, shape a sense of sexual elegant temperament

Every year to winter, women will always think about adding some beautiful new clothes to wear, after all, everyone is loved. The key is that women always feel the last year of clothes, can’t help this year, so there is still no clothes every year. Don’t mention the update in the fashion world, I will take the necessary coat every winter. The new layer is endless, and the girls naturally feel that the best looks forever. Of course, the fact is true, every other time, the version and color of the coat will be adjusted, so that the girls are dazzling, dazzling, and often do not know how to choose how to choose.


So the content here will come to see some of this winter coat. Walking in winter coat, wearing it is fashionable, temperament, try it!

Under normal circumstances, our most often selected coat styles should be straight version, will not be too loose, nor is too tight, such a version of the requirements of women will be relatively small, just right space sensation Even the small and fat girl can easily control, wear the ideal effect of the hidden meat, plus textive chocolate, looks more advanced, is a good choice. It can be used with black basic items, and it is slim and keep warm and is combined with practical and beautiful combination.

Of course, some girls are worried that the long-term coats make them more short, then they can choose the coat style of the waist tape, not only can you have a small waist and a good-looking figure, but also Put the coat as a dress, let your shape bring a possibility. Just like this in the picture in the picture above, the waistband of the same color is waist, there is a french romantic style, so that even a small child is dressed, there is no pressure.


When you want the coat to open, you must choose some of the more fit, so you don’t worry that the bloatedness is both a sense of touch, which is also friendly for women who are slightly fative. After all, it is also a landscape in winter, open to make your matching detailed, and fall in generous.


I don’t know if I feel cold in winter. The women will choose the coat of the coat of the tones, so the thin black naturally becomes the color of the selection, but wearing a black coat, it will have a shortcomibility, let You have no color, dull monotonous, less than a little bit of freshness. So we are hereby recommending the gray coat of your own temperament. It is not worried than in the neutral colors. It is very good to do not pick people, and there is a kind of intellectual elegant gas field.

The wearing of the coat can also be young and energetic. If the bright orange coat is very young and beautiful, bring more enthusiasm and warmth for your cold winter. The eye-catching hue, you can create a strong gorgeous feeling, the introverted apricot knitted dress, highlight the charm and elegant taste of women!


Of course, there are some small shortcomings, such as in the style of the coat, mostly there is no hat, and most of the collar is a neckstream, so that it is not suitable for wearing in the wind and big northern region. So, like a hat, scarf, etc., it is necessary to ensure enough warmth, rest assured, you can choose according to your actual needs.


There is no natural capital, but we have the ability to rewrite fate. Every beautiful and good woman can find their own charm by trying to find their own.

Thank you so good, you can also see the parsley of the article, I hope that some of the insights of the small breasted can add bricks to your wear, so you get closer and closer to beauty.

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