Hong Kong version of the Royal Mei Su Jiaer milk powder and the national line version of the Royal Mei Su Jiaer milk powder which better?

Mei Su is the brand of Royal Fei Shilan, the company, was born in 1871, with more than 140 years of history, Royal Mei Su is the product of the high-end milk powder market, very popular, this article, Today, let us compare the evaluation of the Royal Mei Su Jia Jia and the Hong Kong version of the Royal Mei Su Jia’s milk powder which is more worthy?

Milk source & raw materials

In terms of milk source, the two versions are consistent, and the Dutch milk source is used in the Global Gold Milk Source.

The two milk powder in the raw materials are also the same, including skim milk, full fat milk, and fresh milk, it is relatively simple, and is short, from the pasture milking to complete the filling process control within 48 hours, the milk powder is fresh, Nutritional retention is also relatively complete.

However, it should be noted that the national line version of Royal Mei Su Jiaer adds flavor, 4 and additional palm oil and glucose syrup; upgrade version of Royal Mei Su Jia raw materials did not indicate the specific components of vegetable oil, But it is likely that the raw material of palm oil is contained, and a glucose sugar is added to 4 sections.



It will increase the taste of milk powder, and the baby likes to drink, but long-term consumption is easy to depends on the taste, which will have a milk powder or food that is more light to taste.

Machine dextrin and glucose syrup

The addition is very close, which is to replace some lactose added amount, thereby reducing cost, but the nutritional value of maltodextrin and grape syrup is so high;

Palm oil

Palmitic acid is easy to have a saponified reaction with calcium, so that the stool is hard, increase the chance of constipation, and affects the absorption of calcium to a certain extent.

Another point to pay attention, whether it is the national bank version or a Hong Kong version, there are full fat milk in the raw materials, and all fat is that the milk of milk is not skimmed, the benefits are the type of fatty acid, if the amount is added Enough can also reduce the role of constipation chance; the disadvantage is a slightly large amount of milk fat, the baby of small moon can be more difficult to harder, wait for the baby’s month-old, the intestinal function is relatively improved, do not need to worry .

Nutrition formula

Basic strengthening formula

Two milk powder 6 routinely enhanced formulations are quite complete, DHA add-on, the amount of DHA is 4.28mg / 100kj, 4.22mg / 100kj, 3.57mg / 100kj, 3.76mg / 100kj, national line version Each stage is 4.46 mg / 100kJ, 4.40mg / 100kJ, 3.40mg / 100kJ, 3.67mg / 100kJ, and the amount of added is much higher than the market average.

Characteristic intensive formula

The new upgrade version of the Royal Mei Su Jiaer added natural cream, OPO structure fat, α-whey protein, milk sourceial acid and HMO breast milk oligosaccharides.

The National Bank Edition Royal Mei Sujia added only natural cream and lactoferrin, where the lactoferrin is its maximum feature, and the content reached 450 mg / 100g.

Natural cream and OPO structure fat

It can effectively reduce the generation of calcium soap, optimize the baby’s absorption of calcium and fatty acids, and increase the softness of the baby’s stool, thereby reducing constipation rate;

α-whey protein

It is the dominant protein in breast milk, and the baby has better absorption and utilization, and its rich mixture helps baby emotions and sleep; breast milk is rich in

Sialic ingredient

Most sialic acids are present in the form of binding to oligosaccharides, which promotes the development of baby’s brain and nervous system, and helps improve cognitive ability;

HMO breast milk oligosaccharide

It is a metabolic matrix that constructs a baby gastrointestinal tract, involved in the formation of the infant gastrointestinal flora.


Promote the digestion and absorption of food, maintain the intestinal environmental balance, the amount of probiotics and vitality of the intestinal health is very important, the lactoferrin is the core immunoprotein in breast milk, which can help enhance the baby’s immunity, and can improve iron at the same time Utilization.

Some mothers will ask why Hong Kong version of Royal Mei Su Jia’s milk powder does not add lactoferrin?

This is because the Hong Kong version implemented the European standard, the EU baby milk powder standard is too cautious about the addition of new components, so I wouldn’t add any controversial ingredients. At present, the lactoferrin clinically only has no side effects, but also needs Further experience accumulation.

Price aspect

Refer to the current parents to buy milk powder to choose more platform – International Mommy App, Hong Kong version of Royal Mei Su Jiaer 1 paragraph 410 / 800g, 2 paragraph 340 / 800g, 3 paragraph 320 / 800g, 4 paragraph 288 / 800g; country行 版 美 素 佳 儿 1 paragraph 451 / 800g, 2 sections 398 / 800g, 3 segments 335 / 800g, 4 paragraph 310 / 800g.


Upgraded Hong Kong version of Royal Mei Su Jia’s independence is better than the national version of the high quality, and the price is more advantageous, and the standards that are executed more stringent.