Wang Mingqi is rare to participate in the rich party, the high-profile wearing sweater is cautious, the cheeks are red.

It is said that women will be in the middle of the clothes, but all this is women in the circle, it is really no weakness, but in the contrary, some have excellent state, dress up, but also high-profile than young sister. , Amazing, will not give up whenever and fashionable pace because of age

When I said that older women dress, I must mention Wang Mingxi. The old elderly of this TVB, the play is good, the same is outside the drama, the grandmother-level star dress is like the lady, not Will show your true state because of age, it usually concave some personalized dress, which is very amazing.

Wear small knowledge: solid color sleeveless loose jacket, black meat is thin

For basic colors, if it is not a styles, older women do not blindly choose, they will be very old, the opposite style is novel, and the color is rich, you can find it, you can improve your own fashion, Second, you can cover your true age, let the shape become more stylish.

This rare participation in the rich party, Wang Mingxi, who has flowered, still continues his clothes, very high-profile, dressed in the yellow sleeveless knit sweater, the loose version of the cover is thin, very suitable for her age, personalization Single item, let this old bone are young.

Wear a small knowledge: there are different colors in the upper and lower, fashionable and highlights

It is not too complicated by older women. Otherwise, it will increase the error rate of the shape, that is, the high risk is high, and the color of the color is lower than the color saturation. It is more bright. In addition, as long as it is a bright color element, the error rate is still very low, and the error rate is still very low.

It can be seen that Wang Mingxi is on the dressing of the clothes, still very set, the top chooses a soil-yellow sleeveless sweater, which is dark green skirt, the top and down color, do not say how the style, at least This shape is very colorful and looksate.


Wear a small knowledge: wear boom necklace, dress up very high


In the details of the dress, you are naturally unable to compare with young women, but simple decorations and embellishments are still ok, don’t be too complicated, like makeup, accessories, etc. These seemingly inconspicuous, but the effect Excellent details, simple combing is still quite good, and is also suitable for mature women.


Wang Ming is really unhappy, but also a young heart. This party is very close to the color style. She is hard to wear big thick chain necklace and bracelet, dress unusual high-profile Where is it like a woman who has flowers a year.

Wear a small knowledge: dress up high-profile status is cautious, cheeks

In general, dressing up this piece is more high, naturally in the state is the main one, but I didn’t expect the same box to these rich big men, Wang Mingxi became causing, and the cheeks crumbled, wearing glasses, wearing glasses, It seems really very good, but I didn’t expect Wang Mingqi, which has always been grinned, and the same box, it is actually such a detention, and it is more than clothing.

QS: What are the fashion of Wang Mingxi?

Select Tips: Youth Victory


The set is simple, and there is a cheap sense, but it is also very charming of the set of suits. This is the case like Wang Mingxi. The large area is green as a color, and the multi-elevated multi-elements that make the shape add a lot of colors, the whole Modeling can be said to be full of vitality, less waist line, no girl feeling, still young and nice.

Select Tips: Leisure


It is necessary to choose these underlying clothing, but you want to put these basic items, wear the fashion effect, and the style between the style must be selected, especially when you face old women. Don’t be too exaggerated, like Wang Mingxi, just good, loose striped top, classic black and white, down with white trousers, styling casual, sufficient to deal with daily wear.

Select TIPS: Advanced Exquisite

It can be found that Wang Mingqi can’t do a few streets in the clothes. On the one hand, the styles are selected very personal, unlike the state of her age, take this, stripes. Multi-colored skirts, plus grid top shape, color variation, variable style, more appearance, look, very young, very advanced.


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