Domestic military equipment is sought after in the United States, HOLOSUN high-grade closed micro sight

Advanced Enclosed Micro Sight, ADVANCED Enclosed Micro Sight, hereinafter referred to as AEMS

This article is an evaluation article translated by the Armsrock translation group. The Holosun AEMS reflective optical sights with fully enclosed designs provides versatility and reliability in any similar product. Please see the specific assessment.

In recent years, reflective optical sight has become a standard configuration of rifles, bomb guns and even pistols, and Holosun is one of the leading optical device manufacturers in the area of ​​firearms and shooting. The company’s AEMS optical sight is a market function. One of the most, most robust, and most reliable optical sights, provides a series of functions required for top-level shooters.

The performance of the AEMS sight on the AR platform is better

Let us start from the basis of the type of sight, as the name suggests, the AEMS sight uses a fully enclosed design, not a non-closed design of other red dot sight. Its fuselage is manufactured by 7075 T6 aluminum alloy and has an anodized surface treatment, which protects the electron portion of the optical sight or the dust or other evasional film of the shooting site.

In addition, a flipped transparent dust cover is also designed in front of the sight before the sight, thereby further protecting the multilayer reflection glass lens. Regardless of the field conditions of the shooting field, it can protect the aiming mirror from being injured. The AEMS sight also passes the IPX8 waterproof level, that is, when the water depth is 1 to 30 meters, it can be guaranteed that there is no water in water within 30 minutes and the performance is not affected. In addition, AEMs also passed the 1000g vibration test with a working temperature range of -30 to +60 ° C.

The AEMS sight is designed with a closed design, and it is also designed to have a reversible transparent dust cover to provide further protection.


Undoubtedly, after the above design, the AEMS sight is one of the most robust reflective optical devices in similar products.

In addition, the AEMS sight is also very easy to operate. The window width is 1.1 inches, 0.87 inches height, which provides very open vision. There are currently two color, and multi-scales design, and the shooters can choose 65 angular components, 2 angle round dots or both, that is, there are three binding combinations. This multi-diverted combination makes AEMS have versatile multi-functionality that can choose a suitable scope for almost any shooting situation, which also makes it a very common optical device that can be applied to any firearms.


In terms of diversification, AEMS is designed with 12 brightness files, including 8 Days, 4 Night Visual Instruments. In addition, AEMs also equipped with Solar Failsafe features Holosun, and sights can be automatically adapted to ambient light conditions using solar panels.

The dust cover can be locked on a sight by a snap, and it is very convenient to open and close.

In addition to automatically adjusting the environmental light conditions, solar panel fault protection technology also allows multiple Holosun optical sights including AEMS to still be used when the battery is completely exhausted.


This is a very important feature for combat or self-defense use, because in the event of an emergency in battle or self-defense, the sudden battery failure may make the shooter not precisely aiming in danger, and for solar failure For the AEMS sight protection technology, the battery is exhausted is not a problem.

Solar board battery technology is a major feature of Holosun aiming mirror

However, for the AEMS optical sight, the battery power is completely exhausted, the AEMS sight uses a single-section CR2032 battery, and the operating time is 500,000 hours, and such a high battery life is attributed to Holosun. Shot awake technology, this technique allows the sight to enter sleep mode after designation time (10 minutes, 1 hour or 12 hours) and turn off the LED.


Users can also actively disable sleep mode. Once they enter sleep mode, the AEMs aiming mirror will remain closed until AEMS moves, they can automatically turn on the optical aiming mirror again. AEMS also has a low power tip function. If the battery is below 2.2 volts, the diversion will flash at a frequency of 2 seconds.


The AEMS aiming mirror is full of technology, but it will not be plagued by the use of torrential technology. Its installation and operation is very easy, and the base is securely connected to the Pikatin nuron guide. It is only necessary to use the T10 Torx tool with the mirror to release the cross bolts on the base, followed by the back. The base interface part of the AEMS is very secure and ensured that in the target field or battle environment. In addition, there is a larger front and rear hollow under the lower part of the base to avoid obstructing mechanical sight after installation.

AEMS larger window part provides a large field of view, the hollow design of the base ensures that some guns are mechanically sight.

The control section (such as buttons, knob, etc.) designed on the AEMS aiming mirror, which makes it a sights that are the easiest to operate. The user according to the left and subtraction buttons on the left side of the sight can manually adjust the brightness gear position, and the direction adjustment knob is also designed on the left side, and the high low-voltage knob is designed to the right. The adjustment amount of each rotation knob is 0.5 angle, and the adjustment range of the knob is 50 angles.

The battery mounting port is designed on the right side of the mirror and secures the battery tray using two bolts. Removing the bolt tray can be taken out from the sight, so that the AEMs aiming mirror does not need to remove a sight from the firearm when replacing the battery, which is also a big feature of the Holosun sight, AEMS aiming Also accompanied by a spare battery tray.

There are fewer operation buttons, only add-oriented buttons and direction adjustment knobs on the left side

Although AEMS has so many functions, the weight of AEMS is still lightweight, the size is also very compact, the entire sipulation is only 2.2 × 1.54 × 1.7 inches, only 3.9 oz, which makes it almost applicable. It is in any firearms platform.

Target field test

I (referring to the English original author of this article) installed this sight on the M & P 15T VII AR rifle, my rifle comes with the backup mechanical sight mechanism, mechanical sight and AEMS optical aiming mirror. It is very perfect after the mechanical sight, and it can be aimed at the same axis of the AEMS after the mechanical sight is very perfect.

At the same time, the Lightweight design of AEMs does not increase much weight and volume to firearms. When AEMS is fixed, even after experiencing a series of carried, the article is mapped, the target field and the battle scene are taken after the test, and after the test is over, I checked the fixed situation, the screw still Tight, no loose.

The right side is high and low adjustment knob and battery bin

The multilayer reflective lens of Holosun can provide a clear image under various illumination conditions, and the solar fault protection panel located at the top of the aiming mirror can also be used to transmit ambient light condition to the optical element, thereby achieving a near-instant brightness adjustment.

The AEMS is also very good, and the central point of the 2 angle can guarantee 1 inch scattered in 50 yards, and the large 65 angular diameter ring and the four lines on the ring can be used for the goal of rapid aiming. Even can be used to estimate the range, and if the shooter needs to use any of the three planning combination, it can also be quickly adjusted.

Overall AEMS is a very good multi-functional sight, and AEMS provides considerable functions under equivalent price. At present, there are two types of AEMs on the Holosun official website. In addition to AEMs, there is a AEMS Core, from the parameters, the AEMS Core is only 2MOA dots.

The brightness is 10 day-off + 2 night via meters, the shell material is changed to durable aluminum, the waterproof standard is IP67, and there is no solar panel design, so the energy supply method is compared to the AEMS solar + battery, only battery one The price is also relatively cheap, and the price of the AEMS red and green-based version of the Holosun official website is $ 470.58 and $ 505.87;

The price of the corresponding AEMS Core red and green-based version of the AEMS Core is $ 352.93 and $ 370.58, which can be given to different arms to flexibly choose from personal needs and economic capabilities.

AEMS CORE aiming, the biggest difference in appearance is to cancel the solar panel