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Baby with eczema is the first skin red, the rash, the skin is rough, desk, and the skin of the child is like touch on the sandpaper. In case of heat, the wet can make the eczema show significantly.

I have to say that the baby eczema is a headache that my mother is a very headache. It is the topic of my mother’s special concern. I made my own medicine for the baby to treat eczema for my baby (I can check my headline to set the top article, I don’t know How to insert an article link), then receive a lot of enthusiastic mothers, I know a lot of super-use eczema ointments.

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As of now, there are a total of more than 4063 votes, 671 comments.


I spent some time to organize a comment, my mother recommended the most eczema ointment as follows:

1, the baby treasure of the promise. The number of votes in voting is the most recommended in the comments. Mothers say that this ointment must look for “Nobi” brand, and other brands are not easy, and baby treasures can be bought.


Qin Lang’s Chinese herbal cream.

I have never heard of this ointment before I haven’t heard of the voting list, I didn’t expect a lot of mothers to recommend it. It is really good to use. There is a mother to say in Jingdong.

3, baby professional experts.

This is also a lot of recommendations in comments.

4, baby affection for the quit.


5, blizzard. The star products of this research institute are still very much recognized.

6, other recommendations. I have mentioned more than 100 states, Ionicon, Silicone cream, Apricot Cream, California Baby, Avino, Yu Meijing has a mother’s recommendation.

There are still many kinds, I haven’t heard of it, but there are mothers feel good, I don’t know, I’m scared, so many kinds.

Such as baby moral cream,



Dragonfly cream, baby, Judaide, zinc oxide ointment,

芊 芷 本 膏,

Shantou Shu Shun Tang Ying and paste, Songda Vasca Oil, Elite,

Yunnan seven grass eczema cream, China good doll, wonderful music T’., Ke Lijin can ear, Purple cream, Australian papaya, British butt, Fu Yanning, Baihui paste, Moiro Star Ointment, Yinghe Baby Bao , Huang, Shuji Baby, Jiangxi “Ziwa”, Kang Yongjian, Furnace Laolite, Yu’s Herb, Baby Skold, Rice Tea Cream, Silkworm Baby, Corn Sugar, Book, Happy Baby, Tibet, rum, Pufu ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Easy B6, B /W Officer, Skinny Grass, Miao Miao King Baby Migratory cream, Tao Yitang, Mi Mi New Cream, Pai Ruusong.

7. Safety methods for non-polishing drugs.


@ 求 CC: Wash your face with green beans.


@ 黄豆 201404: American glycerin and edible white vinegar 6: 1 mix mixed thoroughly wet rash and red

@ 小度 44419270: Open Seril, a drop of 2-3 drip water, trial is not cool

@ 像 风 is the same free 122781617: sesame oil, rapeseed oil, proportion 2: 1, the small fire is made of five minutes without sesame flavor. First use warm water to wipe your baby after being applied.

@ 铁甲 钢侠: With gold and silver flowers, gold and silver flower vines, three kinds of Ai leaves, slightly cold wipe.

I am very grateful to so much enthusiastic mothers, every mother wants him to quickly recover when she is uncomfortable, and she has to have a weak hormone, but we know that these ointments may have weak hormones. No need to. But as long as it is not long-term use, the problem is not big, everyone doesn’t have to worry.


In addition, I want to explain that these ointments and methods have to be effective for your baby, we can only look for the best for yourself, and of course, it is even more hope that everyone doesn’t have eczema, healthy.

I am also a mother, my baby is full of eczema, so I spend time to organize such a big mother’s comment, I just simply hope to help more my mother, some so-called spings say I use hormones. Blowing, in fact, you can’t see!

Thank you for your friends who pay attention to “Novice Mother’s Growth”, I will continue to share more experience and story on my own parenting road!

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