Men’s wardrobe less horse-pants can not work in summer jam fashion

The horse-pants has never been kicked out of the fashion circle since the popularity, especially hot high temperatures, so that every man can’t reject the temptation of the horse-pants. But men can’t agree, the jumps are not small, then

Men how to match the horse pants

Woolen cloth? Xiaobian teaches you a few tricks of the foundation match.

Pure white T-shirt + denim short leg

男人衣柜少了马裤可不行 夏季马裤时尚搭配

The T-shirt is in pure white bottom, the chest is dotted with the letter, with a light blue denim pants, the waist of the horse-pants with brown retro belt, wearing a treasure blue casual shoes on the foot, and the noble temperament is faint.

Suit + denim pants

男人衣柜少了马裤可不行 夏季马裤时尚搭配

The black suit uses a lapel design, with a black wave point tie and a butterfly, both elite temperament, no love, boy taste, under the casual denim pants, two style collisions are impressive.

Printed T-shirt + mosaic horse pants

男人衣柜少了马裤可不行 夏季马裤时尚搭配

The white pattern of the printing T-shirt is full. Mosaic is a very popular element this year. The printing T-shirt is equipped with mosaic horse pants to say is fashion, avant-garde dressed.

男人衣柜少了马裤可不行 夏季马裤时尚搭配

Orange T-shirt + gray short pants

Orange T-shirt version is loose Han Fan, color comfort, beauty, with gray short pants can better show up to the big body, refreshing and warm in summer.

Polo shirt + beige horse pants

The black checkered design of the Polo shirt is fashionable, with a beige horse-pants, like a boy’s dress, can quickly capture women in a variety of leisure situations.

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