Comparison ratio: American Rag Ramone Faux Men’s Imitation Locomotive Jacket $ 15.29

Despite the ban on the northwestern wind riding Harley Motorcycle, the knight, but the line is tough, the shape is rough, and the motorcycle full of masculine has a jacket, but it is always a young male. After the patent leather treatment, the jacket and the leather trousers are full of wild aesthetics, and the straight boots will be more tarable, and there is also a moral charm of the evil.

比呀比: American Rag Ramone Faux 男士仿皮机车夹克 $15.29

This American Rag Ramone Faux men’s locomotive jacket, using a good bridge material, polyester lining, lapel, with a short design, with asymmetrical zipper, can also pull the zipper to top, then The collar is set up; zipper pockets + waist double-slug pockets, which can be harvested for fine portable objects.

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$ 15.29

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