On the train, the couples have a panic, and the flight attendant is discovered: the baby is bought by 110,000.

December 31, 2021,

On the K306 train from Lanzhou to Wenzhou,

A couple is not enough because the child’s milk powder is

Help the flight attendant.

Equator, train length and multiply

I found doubts during the process of helping them.

And finally confirmed:

This couple is not a child’s parents.

The baby boy in their hands is just burning 110,000 yuan.

This news is concerned at the beginning of the New Year.

The reporter further interviewed that

Lanzhou Railway Public Security has contacted the old home of the baby boy

The civil affairs department in Nanyang, Henan Province,

Do subsequent placement.

On December 31, 2021, K306 trains from Lanzhou to Wenzhou entered Zhejiang on the last day of the itinerary. After driving from Jinhua South Station, two passengers on the soft bedding No. 9 help, say that they are not enough to help others, and the flight attendants have not found milk powder suitable for the baby, and the train Changshen rain will go to face a reply, and Further understanding. In the conversation, Shen Qingyu discovered some different.

Shen Qingyu introduced: “Milk powder jar takes out, a small bottle, there is a spoonful. Then I asked his milk powder to drink how much each time, they also vague, saying that sometimes there will be fewer. When I went in, my child I am crying, the woman hugs the child in his arms, I will ask the man, who is the child’s parents? He said he is a child him. Who is the mother? He pointed at this woman. This is a mother. “


“I feel that he has said to our flight attendant. He helps friends look at the child. How can I become himself. So I asked the child’s birth year and month, and I couldn’t help but couldn’t provide a child’s birth certificate. Then check the information on their ride, in the nuclear process, I think the language is not tested, and the look is more nervous. “Shen Qingyu said.


The event is handed over to the passenger. Li Xingdong, a police brigade, a police brigade, a police brigade, a police brigade, the Lanzhou Railway Public Security Department, said: “At that time, we saw that the ID card of this female suspect was 1973 (born), the male suspect was 1984 (born), we doubt that he may not The real couple, the age gap is slightly big. But after investigation, they are really husband and wife, this woman is the second time. “

The police survey learned that the male suspect is Jiangxi, and the female suspect is Henan Dengzhou people. They admit that children are not their own, but just bought from others.

Li Xingdong introduced: “According to the suspect Wu and Shen Mou’s explanation, on December 29, 2021 in a park in Dengzhou City, Henan Province, according to the introduction of others, spent 110,000 yuan in Li, in Li. Ready to bring children to Wenzhou’s own home to raise. “

The police also grasp the evidence of buying and selling both parties in the park and paying the payment. The reporter further interviewed that two suspects sold by the baby boy, were the baby boy and the grandfather. The mother of the baby boy, Yang, has not yet adulthood.

Li Xingdong said: “Yang is a non-married and bonus, and it is a minor, the economy is relatively small, and the ability to support. Her mother Li’s income is also low, so I will give this child to my sorrow. Li passed many times, I found a bid for the highest bid buyer, and sold the child. The mother of the child didn’t know what the child and the child sold the child. “

The mailing will bring the baby boy back to Lanzhou first. Ho Hua, the police brigade of the police detachment of the Lanzhou Railway Public Security Department: “When I received the baby, when we opened the inspection, see him very poor. In the small bag, the package is also more wet. The child is full of clothes, only the clothes are only A shirt that is very inconsistent with your own figure, the arm is in this way, the legs are basically light, there is no pants. According to the hospital, it is just a full moon. “


“Because first, this child is a non-married and born, his mother is a minor, there is no ability to support, and his important family, relatives are involved, so they can’t hand it to his family. We have contacted it. The civil affairs department of Nanyang City, Henan Province, for some subsequent raising problems of this child, including some legal procedures, such as account issues, we will continue to follow up. “Hohua said.

Nanyang’s insiders in Nanyang said that this baby boy’s embarrassment, allegedly selling the baby boy, is not a baby boy mother Yang’s biological mother, but her mother. It is still unclear that the child’s father’s identity is. Nanyang police have controlled two suspects and is working further.

The number of passengers in the Spring Festival this year is expected to grow significantly over last year. The railway department implements epidemic prevention measures to strengthen safety management. Lin Feng, Party Secretary, Department of Confidential Secretary, Qingdao Passenger Parameters, China Railway Jinan Bureau Group Co., Ltd., introduced that there will be special attention and care for children in passengers.

Lin Feng Introduction: “When the train length and flight attendants are in daily service, especially when they inspect the car, pay attention to the traveler’s dynamics, especially pay attention to the dynamics of passengers with their children, if the child is crying or wearing, dressing, body In the case of injuries, eyes, the mother-in-law will go to the inquiry situation, check the child and parent’s identity document. If the child has a suspicion of being traffled, it is properly disposed of the public security department. Children, the captain will communicate with your child in the first time, contact your child’s parents, understand the specific reasons for children, travel destination, etc. In the case of the child, the child is holding the key passenger Chinese knot, designate the special person to care for the child, and Provide quality service for your child, such as hot water, accompany your child toilet, and contact your child in advance, open the green passage, and send your child to your family. “

Transfer from: Yangguangwang

Source: New People’s Evening News

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