Self-fever small vest, wearing like a “bed”, keep warm, thin, still fashionable

Recently, the weather is getting more cool, the whole country has opened the cooling mode, and the wind is blowing in the morning and evening, and the cold is cold and the clothes are drilled!

One to this time,

Wear warm

Become a big problem!

Traditional autumn clothes

Single closer with plus velvet thickening

There is no more scientific and technological content,

Little is not warm!


Go out and cover a jacket.

Live offset into a scorpion, walk all the way!

Take a look at the stars to get the airport street shoot, it is very light in the four seasons, even if it is


Winter is low, still lightly installed!


Do you have more frozen, and we are afraid of cold? of course not! them

Just secretly put on the warm vest ~


Warm and “invisible”


The advantages, Ta became a lot of Japanese workplace men and women

The 2nd and winter warmth




This is also no wonder Japanese students even

I still uniforms in ice and snow!

Look at

Day is getting more and more



, Hurry to give you a recommendation

Now Japan super popular warmth “care machine”

Japanese Rigado Story ®

Nano-velvet no trace warm vest

Double-sided grinding,

Double warm


, Persistent cycle lock temperature

Light and comfortable, no trace


, A hundred changes


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1 double-sided fever measter design

3 times warm, 37 ° C warm day

The first feeling of getting your hand is soft, comfortable,

Every inch skin is wrapped in “soft”

How can it be unhappy!


Nano-velvet vest uses the latest nano-felt protein fiber,

Not only keep warm, softness is also stronger!

Compared with single-sided plus velvet warm clothes, nano velvet vest

Double-sided fever mella design

, Heating is warm, strong heat,


Wear it is two words: warm!

Have a warm, give you an experiment, test the colleagues with a thermal imaging device to wear a vest and a body temperature that is not wearing a vest.

The result is at a glance,

Did not wear a vest, colleague body temperature 32.5 degrees Celsius

After putting this small vest, the opening of the outer jacket is still reached

36 degrees Celsius, keep warm effect!

We also put ice cubes on the vest, simulated a cold environment, you can see that the ice is placed on the conventional vest, the showing temperature is 28.2 degrees.

And our nano-fleece warm vest is placed on ice, the temperature is 31.1 degrees, and it is nearly 3 degrees high!


This is also a single test temperature, when contacting the skin, the nano velvet vest can pass

Absorption of excess moisture, transforming into heat

Continue to warm warm up!


And in the skin and clothing fiber


It will not be cold if you can’t do it.

It is a hard warm!


After wearing nano-velvet vest, you can rapidly warming

Up to 5.4 ° C, stable to 37 ° C!

It is a warm world of “3 seconds” ~


Even if the ice cubes are placed on the clothes, the nano-velvet vest is hot through the constant temperature, not

3 minutes ice melted


Really hot, very warm!

Its self-heating data is

After the relevant institutional test certification

, Data far exceeded national standards!


Weave also has to pay attention!

Using Japan new knitting process, created


The fabric is tight, the polyelectric effect is doubled!

We simulate it with candles and fans

Wind resistance

, Open the fan to the maximum, as long as the nano velvet vest is not removed,

Candle is not moving!

The hands and feet are cold, or if a person sleeps, he is not hot.


Wearing a nano-velvet vest sleeping hands and feet, I feel that the whole body is hot

The Yuanqi is full.

2 thin and smooth invisible


Not bloated, it looks very thin


Since the vest is so warm, will it be too bloated?

the answer is:

Not bloated, still very thin!

The thinner, the less warm? This is a misunderstanding!

With scientific and technological progress, nano-velvet vest breaks the routine 1/3 thickness,

3 times warm, real warm, not thick!

Any body can be gently packaged,

Form a charming dynamic curve!

This kind of attachment is not only 360 ° bonded to the human body.


After wearing it, you can hide

I really can’t wear warm vests.

Men’s business V-neck, ladies classic round neck

Avoid the embarrassment of the outside of the inner collar, let you rest assured!


In the early autumn, it can be dressed. The weather is cold, when doing the underwear,


Very comfortable, it is also very good, more ocean.

Boys no matter the shirt, picking up the cowboy coat or a windwear, cotton coat, very fashionable,

Just how you look good!


3 piece tailor-cut intimate details

Nano-skin protein skin medicine


Painting, not peeled

No trace is also one of my favorite reasons,

A piece of tailor, 360 degree seamless process

Just like “long” warm clothes on the skin, ultra-thin, very obedient!

Widen shoulder strap,

Reduce shoulder pressure


No margin!


And nano-velvet vest

The waist and abdomen add high-elastic fiber

, Can apply scientific pressure on free fat!

In addition to the surprising body effect, it is still a


“Can wear skin care clothing”

Add a fabric

Nano-felt protein skin ingredient

Nano-velvein ingredients added thereto among fibers,

Released as “Fiber Queen”

It is suitable for dry autumn and winter seasons.

100% pure natural plant printing,

No trace, no ball

Water washing does not fall!


No sensation label

, Four-pin six-line bone sewing, super intimate!

Self-heating constant temperature, close-fitting, thin!


Let you and your beloved can also be in the cold winter

Easy to shape, beautiful!

A $ 59

Buy 2 pieces to reduce 20 yuan, as long as 98 yuan

Anyway, you have to buy warm clothes in winter.

That chooses a thin and warm ~





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Click on the picture below to buy