Men wearing a suit to circumvent these mine areas, they will stay away from rustic, handsome and decent

For the current costume industry, not only women attach great importance to it, in fact, for men, they are getting higher and higher for clothing. Like a suit such as a suit, it can be considered a man’s shirt. Then we have many kinds of wear in men’s suit.

How should people be able to avoid the minefields when wearing a suit? The following is possible to bring you inspiration, but also make the wear wear to be both moral, and it is very decent.

One: The importance of a man in a suit


If you say that your business is the importance of men, you can say that the suit is equivalent to the facade of every man. Generally speaking, if a man is wearing a suit, then it can easily turn it into a social elite.

Suits can not only make men become very decent, and it seems to have a year from men to power and social status. At the same time, the suit is still in the hearts of the man.

Represents a taste,


It also represents the charm of men, and it is also able to leave an excellent impression.


Two: How do men wear a suit to avoid mine

1: Avoid the pattern too much fancy

There are now many men’s suit pattern design, and it has also begun to become a lotus. In fact, such a suit should avoid wearing it. Because it is too fancy suit, it is really speaking. If you don’t wear it, you will make people feel that there are some cheap, and it will be very fast.


However, the griller suit is a very good choice. Gray suit is not exaggerated, and men put it,


It will also demonstrate very elegant

And it can also feel a stylish breath, very classic, with a style.

2: Avoid pink suit

In addition, when a man is choosing a suit, it is also a misunderstanding of the color, like the kind of pink suit, it is best not to try. because,

It’s really not very easy to control

. If the man is still a yellow skin, then put on a pink suit, it is a disaster, which will make people look more black.

However, it is possible to choose a black suit relatively glossy. In this way, it is not so easy to make an error, and it will be surprised, let the wear are high-level, and it is profit.

3: Avoid size

When a man is wearing a suit, remember to avoid the size of a suit. Otherwise, it is possible to make your actions are less convenient. Not only that, but the whole person will feel a bit strange, it will be very casual, and it will feel more embarrassed. Therefore, it is too important to pick a suit.

So how do you pick up your suit? It can be started from the shoulder size, and the tightness of the waist of the suit, with the length of the length of the clothes. Only a suit is fit,

It will also add a lot to the overall shape.


It will also appear to have a gas field, and it is also very spiritual.

4: Avoid the buckle


If a man is in a suit, silly, then put all the buttons above the suit, then it will make people feel a little fun. Because, the wear buckle is not all bundled. Regardless of a man in a suit, the underlying button in the suit is open.

In general, the suit is a button to buckle, or two buttons. When a man is sitting down in a suit, it is also possible to unlock the button. In this way, people will feel that there is no constraint.

5: Avoid watching white sports socks

On the suit, if the man chose a pair of white sports socks, it is really a taboo that made a suit wearing. In fact, white sports socks are not too good. If you don’t care, you will make people feel awkward, and

It will also affect the beauty of the wearing style

It is also a bit unsightly.

So the choice of the sock, you can try to match the trousers wear on the day. This way is more appropriate, and it will be far from rustic and look good.


6: Avoid the suit pocket to put too much

Some men have wearing a suit, I like to install too much in the pocket in the suit. For example, the key, mobile phone or paper towel, etc. In fact, this practice is very bad, because it will make the pocket look into a drum, and will make a suit there so there are some deformed.

As a result, it will make the whole wear of the suit look awkward.

It is really not beautiful.

If you really want to bring these things, you can pick a leather bag with a suit, then put these things into the bag.

7: Avoid a huge logo on the belt

When men wearing a suit, it will inevitably take a belt. However, like the belt with huge logo, it is recommended to match a suit here. Because of this, there will be some publication, but it is not well systemated, and people will feel a little low, and it will look a little high.

So, the man is selected for the belt, it is best

Style design is generous, simple

. After soaring in the suit, it will make the overall shape look, not only very practiced, but there will be a gentleman.

About the wearing taboo in the suit, first share this. So, have you got anything from it? In fact, for men, they usually need to dress themselves, must stay away from the unfolded edges, then let themselves become more men.


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