Qing Dynasty clothing, supplement, today’s content is slightly smooth, at least not so monotonous

A few days ago, the peach has been in the Qing Dynasty clothing, almost all of the palace royal products, watching color gray, single.

I said a few days ago, the main content is updated, I will do the completion of the Qing Dynasty clothing, all the peaches still barely, or new odd, I haven’t seen it before, no picture.

Let’s take a look at something.


Shi Yanyi Shengpeng Five Treasury Secret Service

Age: the late Qing Dynasty


The size of the size is 112 cm, and the sleeve is 136 cm long and 100 cm wide.

This kind of diligent official, two kinds of martial arts are the jackets wearing in the official occasion of the Qing Dynasty, and it is also an important symbol of identifying officials.

This official service is mainly due to the animal patterns of the previous pioneering to distinguish the level of position.

This kind of civil donor is directly embroidered, and there is also a separate embroidery. The civil servants are all kinds of bird pattern, the military officers are all kinds of beasts. Although there are but uncommon, embroidery, brocade, nathe, etc. are formal common.


Peaches have never sent an official service, this time I sent it.


Shi Qing sathelmi fairy crane

Age: China and the late Qing Dynasty


The size of the length is 116 cm long, and the sleeve is 135 cm long and 110 cm wide.

This is a major official service in the Qing Dynasty, and there is more venues and time.

It is a stone blue color. The Qing Dynasty is more than the Ming Dynasty, and the square supplement is the main sign of the official grade. The circular supplement is used for the nobles. The square supplement is used by civil and military officials. Divided into text, two kinds.

The civil servant is: Yipin Xianhe, the second grain, three products peacock, four products, Wu Pei Bai Peng, Liu Pei praises, seven products, Yinyu, eight products, nine, nine parents.


The martial arts is: Yipin Qilin, two lions, three parents, four tigers, five pitches bear black, big products, seven products / eight rhinoceros, nine horses.


in addition. The royal history and the 谏 谏 均 豸 豸 豸.


Stone sashimi

Age: Middle Period in the Qing Dynasty

The size of the size is 117 cm, and the sleeve is 170 cm long and 114 cm wide.

It is a high-quality woman’s crown dress, although the arrival, but it is stillprised in the same kind of robe, but it should be in the year of the years.


Red satin land group cranes self-fox leather

Age: Qing Dynasty

The size of the size is 140 cm long, with a sleeve length of 185 cm, and the next aid is 104 cm wide.

Chinese official clothing, especially women’s clothing, noble, color colorful, crafts are extremely exquisite.


The level of the Qing Dynasty is very complicated, and the personnel of different classes must match different colors, different salted robes, can wear the eight-year flower corps suit is the people of the country of the country and the pretty grade woman.

Shallow green satin peony eight regiment flower pattern

In the middle of the year

The size of the length is 140 cm long, with a sleeve length of 190 cm, and the lower width is 110 cm.

This robe is made of a plurality of technical legs, rolling, meat, rushing, needle, needle, and mesh embroidery, etc., the techniques are cooked, the ideas are clear, the embroidered lines are colorful, and the robes are fine, elegant, and equipped. Exquisite, elegant and fantasy, the gorgeous wealth of the room is the costumes that have been attended by heavy gifts and feasts in the middle of the Qing Dynasty.


Its wide exaggerated cuffs is a unique symbol of costumes before and after Dow.

Shi Qingfang flower pattern to the gap

The size of the size is 120 cm long, with a sleeve length of 170 cm long and 118 cm wide.

Embroidered women’s clothing with river cliffs, all of which are worn by ladies, and the time is generally in the road, and there are few early days.


But this is a very elegant costume that the woman is quite welcomed, and also represents the mainstream clothing wear in women’s clothing, but does not embroidery the sea water.

The women’s clothing in the Qing Dynasty is much more style than men’s clothing, but also more beautiful than men.

Stone Satin Lotus Top, Red Satuchi Skirt Set


The size of the length is 118 cm and the skirt is 110 cm long.

Horse-faced skirt, also known as “Horse Pleated Skirt”, there are two skirts before and after, two-paired, laterally, and the light surface of the middle skirt coincide, commonly known as “horse surface.”


The horse seminar begins in the Ming Dynasty, continuing to the Republic of China, is a very important in traditional dress in my country.

However, unlike the Qing Dynasty Horse Skirt, the Ming Dynasty is not valued by the decoration of the plazen, and is integrated with the skirt.

The Ming Dynasty is relatively simple, the pleats on both sides are blinded, for the pleats.


There is no decorated horse, with decorative, with decorative skirts with knee. The Qing Dynasty horse saws are relatively complicated, fine pleats, there are more pleats, pleats, and some horse-faced servings are striped.


The Qing Dynasty hooded attaches great importance to the decoration of the hunction, and the rhinar is decorated with more embroidery.

There are many hoods in the novel, and I have never known that the long-awaited, I know today, just like this.



The dimension is 185 cm long and 95 cm wide.


This is a letter to the advanced general in the Qing Dynasty.


my country’s ancient Chinese-style clothing, mostly within the Forbidden Palace Museum, and some flowers are extremely rare in foreign countries.

This one is still very good, it is a very rare collection.

Things of the talents


The size is 75 cm long and 12 cm wide.


Trough is the most commonly used decoration on the Qing Dynasty, starting with the Emperor Qianlong period, and is also called “outer guard”, ie sleeves.

Today, I finally saw a sleeve for a long time, don’t miss it, when you see it.



The eyebrow is developed by the bag, commonly known as “Zhao Jun” or “Zhaojunbi”, which may be named by the influence of ancient painting Zhong Zhaojun.

It is mainly prevalent in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, but it has been more extensive in the Qing Dynasty and continues to the Republic of China.


The eyepre of Zhejiang in the south uses various jade slices and jade flowers as a decoration.


Age: Republic of China

The shape of the ear make is a peach type, and various patterns are embroidered on the peach type.

The first ear package said “Feng Hou Punning” Hou is an ancient title position, and its position is second only to the Ducus; the print is the bureaucrat, it symbolizes power.


In addition, there is also a painstaking harder, the crane is a poiny bird, so it is called “Yipin].

This is one of the reasons for China’s auspicious decorative pattern. Any pattern is generated, and it must have a picture to be intentional, and there must be auspicious. These blessings, praises, evil spirits, and Naxiang’s proposition have affected generations of generations of Chinese people, and have deeply rooted in traditional Chinese culture in the concept.

Flat boat shoes


Age: the Republic of China

This is the embroidered shoes wearing the Manchu, and the Manchu women don’t work, so the women’s shoes are particularly wide compared to the Han women’s bow shoes.


Due to geographical climate, their shoes are also high, commonly known as “horseshoe bottom”, but with age, the height of the sole gradually decreases, and it is changed to flat.

Flag shoes are mostly using satin, and the above-like colorful, multi-use flower and bird fish insects as theme. If it is a nobleman

Women are wearing shoes, some are also inlaid around the upper, jewelry such as jewelry and jade. This is another feature of the Qing Dynasty Manchu women’s shoes.


White satcheon

The size is 120 cm and 70 cm wide.

This is a Yue embroidery ornamental peacock open screen.

This embroidered overall embroidery is superb, rigorous, delicate, its color is beautiful, natural, transition smooth, highlights the elegant and beautiful charm of Yue embroidery.

In the National Palace Museum, there are several similar themes.

Cantonese embroidery bird pattern screen


The size of 125 cm high and 135 cm wide.


The screen is also called the screen, which is the indoor windshield or the utensil as a barrier. The origin of the screen is very early, and it has been used in the early weeks.

The screen is initially used for windshield and shielding, but with the spread of the screen, the variety is increasing. The production of screens is already very common in the Han Dynasty. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the screen is not only practical furniture, but also an essential ornament in the room.

The screens of the two generations of the Ming and Qing Dynasties can be divided into three kinds of seat screen, curved screen, and hook.

The seat screen is divided into multi-fan combination and single screen.


The Sumble is a active furniture, no fixed furnished position, opened when it is opened, and it is not folded.

The hooks are in the later stage of the Ming Dynasty. It has completely deprecated from the scope of practical furniture, becoming a pure ornament and furnishings.

Cantonese embroidery has a flower folding fan


The size is 48 cm long and 24 cm wide.

China’s texture is a thousand years of crystallization of decorative civilization, which has been modified by irreplaceable strength, leading and promoting social development and progress.


It is rich and rich, and there is endless, everywhere is everywhere.

Today, I still have a lot, and my small partners must be patient. After reading, I remember to pay attention to peach …

Age: the late Qing Dynasty

Age: the late Qing Dynasty

Age: the late Qing Dynasty

Age: the late Qing Dynasty