Bulova Baolu Hua Accutron63B021 Mechanical Men’s Watch

The first time I was on the morning, and I first saw Haitao products in Zhang Aunt and first placed the first time in Ashford. I was not familiar with it. I saw the outside flower world. It was simply seduced. At that time, Zhang Aunt’s post new low price: BULOVA Baolu Huawei Accutron Dynasty 63B021 Men’s Mechanical Watch $ 275.5 (about ¥ 1820)

Bulova Baolu Accutron Dynasty 63B021 Men’s Mechanical Watch

The original price of 950 knives (who will buy so expensive), at that time, Ashford discount, 275.5 knife, American inland free mail, transfer friends a prompt is 3 pounds, add up to 290 knives before and after, the price is more affordable (unfortunately Not long Ashford launches direct mail mainland service

, Instant lost

Looks like the product is not successful, the original purchase link is here

Boiled September 26 Ashford places you, arrive at the transfer warehouse on the 27th, may be on the National Day, anyway, it is already 18 when it is customs clearance, and it has been sent to home for three days. You may be nearly one month before and after. “

Vicious civil servants have no duty, harm me, wait for so long.

Bulova 宝路华 Accutron63B021 机械男表

I will start the charity ~~~~~

In fact, it is half a month … Tonight Double Eleven Cardios, I remembered that I have to take it … The box is thrown away, and I will have this blackbank after death. The scorpion, it is quite a bit (behind the small object, please ignore

Bulova 宝路华 Accutron63B021 机械男表

There is a box china on the back of the box … This is what the quality of the box is not right is not good.

The dial is relatively clean, the interior of the box is more calm … is a bit old, it is a person who is so fast 30.

Bulova 宝路华 Accutron63B021 机械男表

ASHFORD member card, shopping certificate, Baolu’s identification book, watch instructions

The specification is also included in Chinese …

However, how do the mechanical tables basically play?

Looking at the god to see the number of the dial is Rome text, the crown is quite big … (it is a bit too much than the dial.

3 o’clock Directional Diamatical Date Display Different Flavors

The strap is a metal buckle closure. The first adjustment of the length and buckle position, then there is no need to repeat, it is very convenient, and it will not cause the peel strap wear.

This thing is a bit a bit … At that time, the halo was cooked (pure foreign trade association) looked like a hurry, and then the credit card will not know, she thinks, I should look at Zhang Mom’s value. The evaluation is not, this discovered that everyone should say that this is the original ETA 2824-2, but because the manufacturer will replace the movement for SW200, it is unfir, the valence friends remind the ETA2824 movement should be 25 stone, this The back of the table is 26 stone is 26 stone … but the ASHFORD official website is also written by ETA2824 (according to value friends, it is not updated.

Bulova 宝路华 Accutron63B021 机械男表

… If you don’t know how to buy a single experience value

Bulova 宝路华 Accutron63B021 机械男表

However, the overall use of the halo is not available for a month, basically there is no big deviation, the official said that it is within 5 minutes of a month … Boiledly, there is a minute of a minute … It may be used for more time, so it is not reflected Bar

Finally, put a hand-effect haloiled arm is still thick … but the dial is still very well covered … is a good Haitao experience (please ignore the dense thread

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Bulova 宝路华 Accutron63B021 机械男表

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Bulova 宝路华 Accutron63B021 机械男表


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Bulova 宝路华 Accutron63B021 机械男表


Bulova 宝路华 Accutron63B021 机械男表


Bulova 宝路华 Accutron63B021 机械男表


Bulova 宝路华 Accutron63B021 机械男表

6th floor

10 minutes ago

Boiled hairy, a lot of hair, a lot of hair.

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Original teeth ~ good ideas ~ haha ​​~~

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Bulova 宝路华 Accutron63B021 机械男表

Into the sequential table (steel chain black tray) for 1 month, not bad; my expression is fast; I am also 26 stone; the table is quite heavy


Bulova 宝路华 Accutron63B021 机械男表

35 minutes ago

Red needle should be red; white needle should be white


36 minutes ago

Not 360 rotation


41 minutes ago

Is the second hand flying every 30s?