Outside the Jordan infringement case, come to pick up another real awkward cottage brand ugly face

Today, the NBA Great Starskikhak Jordan and “China Jordan” sports brand in the “China Jordan” sports brand ushered in the final result.

The Judgment of the Supreme People’s Court: Jordan’s registration of the controversial trademark “Jordan” is damaged by Michael Jordan’s name, violating the trademark law.


Michael Jordan, who took the four years, was waiting for a good ending. But in China, there are still many cottage sports brands that have not received “sanctions”.


For example, today, “New National Campaign” is to show you the name of the “eight brother”.

Plagiaria AIR Jordan 4- “Fear”

Plagiarism NIKE Air Max

Plagiaria AIR Jordan 11- “72-10”

Plagiarism Adidas Stan Smith


Plagiarism Nike Air Max Zero

Plagiarism Air Jordan CP3.VI

It is undeniable that China’s sports brand is “drawn out” and “pay tribute” in the development process, such as product level, such as the name of China Jordan.


But never seen such a Chinese brand in sports products to make such a large-scale plagiarism. Among the Tmall flagship stores named Eight brothers shoes, you can see all the hot or hot shoes in the market, in addition to adjusting foreign sports brand logo, almost no shoes are their independent design of.

For “new national sports” dedicated to bringing the best China sports brand product story, we have been sparer fideli to promote China’s sports brands truly exhibited original design, scientific and technological investment, and spokespersons.


So, when I saw this brand, I was so awkward, and we could only use a picture to express the inner anger:


(The image is from the network)