High collar sweater is short? That is not wearing, so wearing fashionable and practical

In the cold autumn and winter,

High collar sweater is also a warm artifact

No matter in the south or north, as long as it is high to freeze the sweaters when it is frozen.

I like to wear a high-neck sweater, in fact, this kind of charm has been discovered. In addition to keep warm, it will bring a variety of elegant style to shape, so that the shape is more temperament.


The high collar version makes the style of a more unique charm. In the cold winter, this collar can be tightly packaged, let you experience the warmth, no longer afraid of the attack of the cold. The characteristics of the collar can make the shape more level, richer,

Can be dressed as a inner

Let the style of the style more diversified, so this high-necked sweater in autumn and winter is not to be missed.

First, high collar sweater from the ocean to the fashion circle.

In the 19th century, the sweaters appeared on the civilian people, which was closely related to the fishermen of the Ireland Allen Islands. At that time

High collar sweaters are to keep warm

, Fishermen will put this on the cold weather.

Wool pullover




The sweater in the island will also be distinguished, which has played the role of identifying identity.

Today’s sweaters are more in the decorative effect.

In the late 19th century

, The epidemic trend of high collar sweaters is more obvious.

Can see its figure in a variety of outdoor sports

Especially in the row of boats, tennis and polo, high-necked sweaters are very popular.


after all


High collar sweater closely weave collar and cuff

Can play very well



And wearables that do not affect the body’s activities, it has good practicality, it is very suitable for outdoor sports, so after a war, the high collar sweater has also become the favorite of outdoor travelers.


During World War II,

High collar sweater is also a navy’s warm coat

In the cold ocean, the British Royal Navy wears a high-necked sweater, and later the highly influence of the sweaters in the fashion circle is getting higher and higher.

In the 1950s, the high collar sweater from civilians came to the road of elegant aristocrats.

Every classic single product in the fashion circle is inseparable from the promotion of the star.

In the middle of the 20th century, the sweaters have become the essential of film and music stars.


In various public occasions, this sweater will be put on, so the high collar sweater in this period has entered the field of view of famous people.

Second, the styles of high collar sweater

In the style of the high collar sweater, the most obvious difference is

Edition, color and needle


Among them,


I can feel it in the middle


Comfort and warmth

Weaving needle changes the style of style.

In addition to the strongest color of the identity, the characteristics of the needle method are also very obvious, different braided techniques directly lead the style.

But many partners often ignore the needle of sweaters, just like


Neighbor, pineapple or twisted flowers

Also make the style present different formats. In the same braided structure,

Needle and fine needles

There is also a big difference, so when picking sweaters, you must probably understand the needle of sweaters.


The thick needle or jacquard style texture is more stronger

The shape is also more rough, and


The stylus of the fine needle is a lot of gentle


, Relatively, more,


The coarse partners neck should avoid rough and thicker colors.

Version of the version

In fact, the version of the sweater has a great impact on the style of the shape.


From the version fit to OVERSIZE, there are their own characteristics.

Generally, the slim style is when making a bottoming shirt, and the needle method is mainly based on fine needles. The loose version plus the coarse needle weave is used to wear more atmosphere, and the style is also a lot of stylish.

The collar is the characteristics of high-neck sweaters, so different styles will also be designed in the collar.

Single-layer half high collar, single layer high collar and double high collar


The style is very common.

Single layer

Semi-high collar

The suitable population is wider, and it can also play a certain warm effect.


For partners with short necks, it is a good choice.

Single-layer high-profile collar is generally hard, more stereoscopic. The double-layer collar is the most popular, the warmth is good, and the shape is also more abundant, and some thin style can also be rolled into a half-high collar.

Color selection

High collar sweaters have a lot in color choices,

Red orange yellow green blue and other colors will be used in sweaters,

In addition to the classic black and white ash, it is also very popular like some bright colors, and it is very good to overall high-rise.

But when

When you match the bright high-neck sweaters, it is best to go,

Overall is also a whole on the tone process, so that the shape is easier to control.

The sweater is touched in color and other items, but in the shape

The bright colors should not be used in large area,

Otherwise, the molding is difficult to increase.

fabric features

The quality or not of the sweater fabric depends on the ingredients of the yarn, usually used.

Fine imitation sweaters, warm and comfortable feelings will be better

So in some luxury brands of sweaters, they are coast, wool or camel hair, and the price is naturally more expensive.

Some on the market


Cheap high collar sweater


Most is

Ordinary blended material

In the yarn, cotton or polyester is a common component, although the fabric is relatively low, but weaving sweaters have good warmth and practicality.


Third, high collar sweater diversified matching style

The presence of high collar sweaters in autumn and winter is warm and fashionable.


Can interpret different styles, whether in the street wind or gentleman’s elegant wind, high-necked sweaters can play an important role, and the use of high-neck sweaters will be more abroad.

外 is also fashionable

The high collar sweater is a very common way, and it is very simple to wear.

The color of the classic wild is more easily controlled when it is all in it.


A black conventional version of the high collar sweater is very enough, it is very suitable for matching the card or jeans.




Waiting to pay attention to the version

To avoid too tight styles, it will be like pajamas, which will be used as pajamas.

Loose version plus

Fine needle texture effect

And the shape will appear

More soft

The loose sweater is also more comfortable, and the general fine needle is not too thick, otherwise the effect of the upper body is easy to deform.

Some stripes or styles with colored jacquard will be stronger, and the large brunette of the sweater is very bright, and the bright colored embellishment is very sucking, and the loose version of shape is also enormous.

The stars of the coarse needle look more rough, more texture.

At this time, you can properly thicken according to the weather conditions, and it has become masculine.

With casual jacket to create a trendy shape

There is a large pile of coats in the wardrobe waiting for this high collar sweater.

Maybe the early autumn T-shirt is the best partner of the jacket, but it is a great choice for the cold deep autumn or winter high collar sweater. Most jackets are more concise in the design. At this time, it will be perfectly combined with a high-necked sweater, regardless of the warmth of the model, it is very helpful.


A simple lapel jacket is also better in a high-necked sweater, and it is very stable with trousers and Chercyk boots. Jacket zipper

The neck has a V-shaped effect, and the neck looks longer.

Plus the short jacket makes the visual ratio of the shape better.

The mixed metal tooling jacket is calm and not monotone. The green jacket and black trousers are very taking, and the high collar sweater makes a lot of shape, and the color of the integral shape will not be very open.

The warmth of the MA-1 flying jacket shape has also become better, during shape


Not only must I follow the principle of matching within three colors, but also pay attention to the overall tone of the shape.

The version of the sweater is not too loose when mixing the short jacket.



At the time, the high collar sweater is afraid only to expose the collar.

Can become a highlight

The simple contrast effect of sweaters makes the shape look very refined, and elegant style is revealed in low-key.

Matching a business style

For some business workers, the single product in the suit does not leave in the four seasons, but in the face of the cold weather, they will change, and although it is not very formal, it is completely

Temperature and demonstration


With a suit to create a business style, the high collar sweater in color selection is the first choice, like black, dark blue, coffee and other classic colors can create a calm gentleman, fine needle, fine lines, fine lines Let the shape are more exquisite.

It is very suitable for daily commuter or shortcomings, which can deal with the changes in the weather, compared to the official shirts, and the high-necked sweaters can bring casual feelings, and they will not lose gentleman Wind.

I feel that the suit is still very formal, then you can choose some casual pants, jeans is the perfect choice for men.


High collar sweaters and suit matching time need to fit

After all, the loose version will make the suit to be bloated or wrinkled, so that the styling is greatly reduced.

Take a concise atmosphere with the woolen coat

The coat of the wool is an elegant and fashionable guarantee of autumn and winter.

The high collar sweater in the inner collar should also be simple, and the shape looks more atmospheric.

With dark gratuitous coats and trousers, warm and elegant, with coats to focus on version and length changes, after all, these factors will also affect the trend of styles.

High collar sweater and trousers


Matching can make shape


Even if it is a small child, it will also be a lot, especially in the selection of dark tunes, the shape will become more, then no matter the boots or sports shoes, it will be very outstanding.

The version of the coat loose shoulder will look more young and fashionable. The high-neck sweater has more choices, the coarse needle is still suitable, the white style is very simple, plus small white shoes and white socks The hierarchy is also very rich.

Match the down cotton clothing to the most warm


The down cotton clothing is also a weapon for thermal wind. At the cold winter, it is a perfect combination when it is a perfect combination.

I want to make the shape to avoid bloated or old, and I have to polish my eyes in the selection of down cotton clothes.

When the jacket chooses a bright color, high collar sweaters and pants should be stably

The overall shape can follow the matte skills of the next simple, and the bright spot of the shape is more prominent.

High collar sweaters and down cotton clothes can also create universal black and white bursts, white sweaters and cotton clothes to form black and white contrast, and the shape is not monotonous, and the tones of trousers and jackets make the shape more integral.

The colorful high collar sweater can make the shape more eye-catching, and the black tune is very harmonious, coupled with the handling of shoes coloring and cuffs make the shape more perfect, so use the high-end collar sweater autumn and winter shape is more trendy.

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