Friends: Weaving Life Yun cotton wool needle baby clothes (with weaving graphics)



My little bottle is four months old. When she sleeps, she will use the cloud cotton to give her a baby clothes, the clothes are practical, and the trousers are basically out of time. The color of the color is a tender yellow, caucasia, caucasia.





Weaving life brand yarn shop cloud cotton 107 lemon yellow 4 regiment


ADD2.75MM, 3.0mm.



Top: 32cm long, 26cm in the bust, Nik 11.5cm, sleeve long (3cm is 13cm)

Pants: 30cm long 30cm, the widest place in the hip 28cm, waist circumference 24cm


Work show:


First, the picture, and finally have a detailed weaving process. The flower pattern of the clothes, I painted it myself. I originally wanted to draw a full diagram, helpless time, less time, less time.

The small bottle is shining, please applaud! There is also a highlight, there is no, small shoes, there is no color to you, it is my masterpiece.


Weaving instructions:

Process picture


Weaving process:


Clothes: 2.75mm long-tail needle pins (old-fashioned pins) from 78-pin, woven shelter 8 line, the 5th line open a twisted hole, 8 lines, the needle, 15 (front) +1 (stem) +11 (shoulder) +1 (stem) +22 rear tablets +1 (stem) +11 (shoulder) +1 (stem) +15 (front piece), door side every 20 rows Torp.

Each two sides of the four stems plus an empty needle, the pattern of the stem is a quarter of four lines, a total of 9 tricks (add 18 needles), and the needle is divided into the end sleeves, the front piece 34 needles, piecewitheraphes 60-pin, sleeve 47-pin, post-slice 60 knitted drop 6 lines after connecting front film, underarm each plus 10 needles, press the graphic drainage flower, 13.5cm, 10 lines, the needle, the end,

Sleeve: 47-pin +7 pin + underarm 6-pin = 60 knit flat needles, closing needles 6-2-5, 5-2-2, woven two lines, 46 knit 8 row plate needle horizon end.


Book a twisting button, end.

Pants: One pants legs 2.75mm needle threads start up with 64 pins, seven needles of the two sides, two-line hollow needle, (the pickles on the right open a twist hole in the middle, then open one every 22 To twist the buckle, a total of three twisting holes), the middle 50 knit double threads, 14 lines of shifts 3.0mm knitted, pants legs, 4 needles, twisted, twisted every 6, each of the two sides of the twist Needle, other flat needles, plus needles, 6-1-6, 8-1-2, 2-1-5, after completing the needle, leave the needle, the other legs, the same, the same woven, (To the left side of the lock, the left side of the left and right cladding knots, circle weaving, front and rear legs, 2-1-1, 4-1-5, the third clutch hour] Left or right, 120-pin, then woven the single thread of the woven waist, 4 lines of single thread, open the hole, weave the second needle, wrap the needle and one needle, and finally put into the tightening belt, use flat-flat, wear After the joint is sutured, the tape is stitched, and the buckle is set, OK!


Posing is not easy, please support your sisters!


• END •

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