How do women’s “bag” with “bag”? Winter is so back, senior feelings can’t

It is not too much to use bags to cure all diseases to describe the position in women’s minds. Winter is a thick season. At this time, it is used to take the small bag to achieve the effect of the regular jacket through the chain.

Messenger is more expensive, in winter

The reason why you choose a Messenger, everyone value is actually the effect of improving the waist line, even if there is no waist design, it can also optimize the size ratio.

Black is one of the most colors at any time. When the suite uses the whole black as the main color, there is only a very energetic single product that can alleviate the darkness.


In particular, the combination of turmeric coats and black is a rich color contrast, and small children can choose a small small square bag, so that it is not compressed.

When the khaki bag is very similar to the khaki cotton clothing, the black bag and the black top have played a perfect fusion effect, which is also as a slung.


Whether it is cotton clothing or sweater, there is no waist design. At this time, the role of the package has also been highlighted, and the grid skirt in winter will keep the campus feeling, and the thick bottom small leather shoes can also play a significant effect.


Petite girl chooses to avoid long coat while choosing a skirt, but to further optimize the size of the body through the short section, the role of the small bag is not for stylish The unique taste, seems to be small, and it is exquisite.

As an accessory, the bag should be perfect with the overall shape, then it cannot be too jumped in color matching, but it is necessary to echo the item.


Color echo is very important, the charm of small details

The single product used in winter is the most, so the unity of the overall color matching will be higher, and the decorative effect of the package can also be played to the maximum.

In terms of the bag of other fabrics, the high-level feelings of the cortical bag will be stronger, brown joining makes the bags more tightly, even with cotton clothes, it can also win in the United States.

The lamb hair bag is also in a certain extent, and it is also a soft symbol.

Most of the coat will give people a thick sensation, so the components of the bag should be large, whether it is black and white scarf or a skirt, it uses black as the main tone.


The addition of the black briefcase is very matched, a set of shapes as the main tone in brown, naturally a winter atmosphere, whether it is a small bag or a boots, and a beautiful bright skin material.


Cotton clothes are the warmest single product in winter, but the fashion feelings are not so strong, especially after using the dark tones such as military green, there is a color package to increase the texture of the overall shape.

If you are most capable of with the woolen coat, you must be a skin bag, which is also a very high-level charm. If you have a luxury print on the bag, the whole person’s noble will also More next level.


Although the pure black bag is a hundred, it is inevitable that some monotone is added, and the metal element is added above the handbag, the gloss is also stronger.

Black axillary bag is also a lady at the time, with a lamb coat, add blue lines in the full black set to outline the version of the jacket, and make a match with charm.

If the brocuss is more suitable for girls in the workplace to show their own unique tastes, then young girls should use the lamb hair bag to highlight their own youthful vitality.


Whether it is from the color of the color or the softness of the fabric, it is full of age, with water blue jackets.

The free exquisite can also be given by the bag, whether it is a black and white grit coat or a thick jacket, and it is not very strong.

The loose version seems to be a bit random, as an out of the street shape, the exquisite handbag can play the effect of the eye, whether it is the chain of the white bag, or the metal buckle of the black bag, is a symbol of the details.


A variety of styles have an endless design that makes women’s hearts have a truth, and there is always a new bag in the wardrobe, and it is actually necessary to match the bag out of the package.