Li Wei’s beauty is not attractive, wearing a denim shorts, cool, but it is very handsome.

As the weather is getting hotter, trousers are no longer the first choice among women.

More and more women will use shorts to match themselves,

On the one hand, in order to make the shape more cool, on the other hand, it is also to show his superior legs.

Many people think that shorts are only suitable for those leg-intensive women.

In fact, even if your leg shape is not very nice, just choose shorts, it is still able to modify your leg shape through shorts.

Especially for women who are relatively thick in thighs.

More you can use shorts to modify

And women with thick legs can attract the attention of others through a mixed shape.

Drawing on the style of shorts of female stars

Li Wei’s shorts style

So, shorts are not only suitable for women,

For leg-type women who are not very good

, Shorts can also be selected, but must pay attention to skills. So how should shorts should choose?

When you don’t know how to choose shorts that suits you,

You can appropriately refer to the shortage style of the female stars, and understand the look of shorts and the knowledge of shorts in shorts according to the style of the female star.

In fact, there are still many female stars in the entertainment circle, I like to wear shorts.

Because most of the female stars are very good,


Their shorts can also show their temperament perfect.

For example, the female star Li Wei really likes to wear shorts.

And Li Wei’s lots of shorts are very worth reference. So everyone can make their shorts image better according to the small knitting of these Li Wei’s shorts.

Li Wei’s beautiful legs don’t attract people, wearing a cowboy shorts is cool, but it is very handsome, so small child school Li Wei’s match, short jacket with shorts, appears legs straight and elongated.

Choice: Black Denim Shorts


When a female friend chooses shorts, you can use denim shorts to match yourself.

Cowboy shorts will generally choose blue denim shorts,

Because the blue denim shorts are more casual.

But actually in order to make your own shape,

Use black denim shorts to match themselves,

Black denim shorts compared to black denim shorts difficult to say fashion feelings, will make women look more handsome.

Black denim shorts can choose the design of the grinding,

The part of the trouser leg is used to design the edge design, and there is a certain modification for leg types, and it will also make the overall shape look more personal.

Match: black short jacket

Black shorts suggests to choose high waist design,

Such shorts can immediately draw the ratio of women’s legs,

Let the body look more tap, so the clothing of the upper body needs attention.

It is recommended to use a black short jacket to match your own black short jacket to make your temperament more handsome.

At the same time, no stylish atmosphere


And the short jacket also has the effect of lifting the waistline.

Black short jacket can take a pink bowl of umbrella,

It seems to be more sweet, and then with a black baseball cap, the overall shape is full of vitality of young girls, and the image of the female is more young.

Other shorts model selection

Black hole shorts

In order to make your own shorts stylish,

You can use a black hole shorts to match yourself.

Black Broken Pants makes the overall shape look very personal, this deliberately designed design will make the image more charm.

The length of the black hole shorts must be selected to the position of the thigh root,

Such shorts will look more personal

For the exhibition effect of the legs, it can create a more cool sexy feeling.

Black hole shorts can be matched with white shirts,

Such shape is flat, so you may wish to add a black tie, and the black tie can also be placed at will and it will be more casual.

Black wide legs + white shirt

Black shorts can choose the style of the wide legs,

Black wide legs and general shorts

Such shorts are very obvious for leg-type ripgo effects, and the wide legs will also create a relatively sexual feel.


Black wide legs suggests on the waist with a belt

In this way, it will highlight its own waist lines, which can make the overall shape look higher.

Black wide legs can also be matched with white shirts,

Especially for women around 30 years old

They want to show the temperament of the light and ripening, they can try this kind of matching.

White riding shorts + white t-shirt

In order to make your own image more simple,

You can use a white dress to improve your temperament.

Then use white shorts to match white T-shirts, the overall shape is very casual.

White shorts can choose white riding shorts,


Such shorts are very friendly for women with superior women, and they will create a very dynamic feeling, and then with white t-shirts, and they will not be refreshing.

Li Wei’s short pants style hopes that everyone will take care of the selection, learn Li Wei’s shorts style, and let their temperament become more challenged, then everyone may wish to learn.


Li Wei’s shorts style