In the summer, we must travel, less than the following four packages can not

For women, sometimes the role of decoration is greater than practical, just like it is important to make makeup every day, look at the summer, a beautiful and refreshing dress is the favorite of each girl, since then I have a few of the following women’s bags, whether it is a style of girls, you can create a style you want, no matter whether it is to go to work or shopping, there will be a refreshing feeling. If you bring about it, you will definitely value the value.

NO.1) handbag

If you are too hot in summer, the back shoulder bag will aggravate, but it is better to replace the refreshing hand, such a handbag is a must-have item, but also the magic weapon of the eye, a beautiful The portfolio is held in the hand, and the horse will make the gas field a few times.

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¥ 218.00

Mu fish bag 2016 spring and summer new women’s bag fresh college wind shoulder bag cute Messenger bag hand jacquard flower bag

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Fresh and beautiful colors, it is very suitable for summer dress, unique lace flowers on the bag, adding romantic beautiful ladies, and fashion also discloses a new slide.

¥ 2298.00

Wildas authentic 2016 spring new European and American fashion business handbags full leather case shoulder bag VA6850

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The pink of youth age is, emit a fresh lady taste, the pendant decoration, the instant is a hundred times, the oversized storage space, meet your needs, you want to dress it.

¥ 228.00

AZA Aza 2016 spring and summer new women’s bag Japanese and Korean Soviet flowers wild shoulder hand tied 3950


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The bag is partially made a careful small flower punching pattern, echo the classic center of gravity of the classic center, has a peculiar-style picture frame, which blooms a lot of flowers, small fresh colors, let the bag look more exquisite.

¥ 489.00


AILV new kitten bag Europe and America fashion handmaster mini bag crocodile pattern leather lady shoulder bag Messenger bag


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A big brand of female bag, enthusiastic red, instantly add your charm index, more show your high-end taste, unique lock design, let the bag more different.

NO.2) Messenger bag


The boom continues to burn, from the stars, fashion bloggers to all roads, almost people, one Messenger bag, don’t say more, as long as they have a bag, what packages can be fire, this is definitely the truth that is unchanged. Take a look at which one of the following best is best.

¥ 428.00


MICIE / Kai Head Layer Leather Wings Mini Leather Messenger Pack Women’s Pack Bat Bag Smith

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This is a shoulderless, can be used, and the classic black is easy to wear.

Thousands of bags, Linger, leather women’s bag 2016 spring new fashion shoulder diagonal bag casual bag mini

Every summer, Mengmei’s package will always blow a storm. This exquisite small bag uses a fun cat ear as a whole bag, creating a trendy, with European and American style.

¥ 256.00

2016 new retro mini tassel bag strip water bucket leather parquet female bag Messenger bag shoulder bell bag

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The retro and trend type design, the joining of the tape of the Soviet elements, adds a retro style of the Roman era, and the bag is simple and simple. At the beginning of the design, the cumbersome of the bag is abandoned.

¥ 139.00

Xiaofu bag 2016 new women’s bag flow Su ring buckle handbill shoulder slot small bag retro small square tide


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The small bag has a fashion style, and the most hot metal ring element is reinforced. The chic metal ring is made into a semi-circular semi-nematic, and the light and small bags become the best partner that can be fashionable in the four seasons. What are you waiting for, hurry out of the street!

NO.3) Chain Pack

With the retro trend, the chain bag brings you not only a hundred and practical, light and good, but also a kind of decoration of the perfect style, thinking that the foundation is not lost and the fashion is dare? It is good to prepare such a chain package!


¥ 1087.00

Yang Mi star with paragraph chain rivet parcel female leather big style fashion shoulder Messenger lock small shell tide

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Very foreign red, not only make your gas field multiplied, but also emit a noble and delicious woman flavor, the diamond design on the face, looks more luxuriously on the room, goes back on the back, a certain return rate Evergreen.

¥ 336.00

2016 new crocodile pattern leather handbags small bag women’s bag gold buckle chain bag slanting shoulder mini parcel

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Very bright orange, instantly dress your overall dress, metal lock, improve the package of the bag, and practical, simple shape, can not only be used as decorations.


¥ 496.00

Mini pig bag chain package to pick up the color leather handbag 2016 new shoulder diagonal bag small bag saddle bag

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Wenyu’s naked pink, gives a soft lady atmosphere, cute pork bag, is a single product of each tide, chain design, whether it is a shoulder crossing very nice .

¥ 276.00

New women’s bag tide fashion small bag leather mini lock handbag shoulder Meshing mini chain parcel

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Youth gorgeous green, put the overall dress, more eye-catching, exquisite small hand and casual chain design, can change your shape, very lovely package, making more love.


Looking at the big stars, I took a very big handbag in my hands. I was also straight, because women went out every day, there is too much, but there is a big bag on the back, but instead More trouble, change the bag, not only let you have the queen’s gas field, but also lead the fashion trend.

¥ 588.00


2016 spring and summer new leather clutch ladies fashion hand caught Korean version of the diamond dinner shoulder small handbag tide

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A super shining small handbag, the multicolored diamond design on the face, looks more than the package, the small shape, even if you need an additional shopping bag, you have to cross such a small elf.

Handbag female hand bag 2016 new Korean casual flower change package ladies canvas hand catch bag wild bag


It seems that there is a complicated printing, in fact, there is a unique layering and creative, fresh and elegant color, more suitable for summer wear, give people a refreshing feeling, smart body, easy to carry.

¥ 188.00

Women’s wallet female long section hand takes wild long day Han zip leather Korean couple DIY lettering wallet

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This is a wrapped bag, rectangular design, looks at the fashion atmosphere, and the summer is refreshing, so that simple and simple wrappers are just right.

¥ 568.00


San Tivan 2016 new ladies leather wallet female long Korean version of the zipper wallet big banknote clamp leather clamp

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Simple and generous shape, more demonstration, pink highlights women’s elegant side, warmth, this summer, changing the romantic temperament, multi-functional design, and a pack.


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¥ 218.00

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¥ 336.00

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