Subvert your cognition “small white shoes” to wear knowledge, elegant, hipster, let you fashion enough

Wen: Luo Wei

In the past few years, small white shoes are soaked, almost all become “national shoes”, and no fashionable aunts will wear small white shoes in the heart of Mei Zoo to return to 18 years old. Whether it is a sports brand or a luxury big name, it is also striving to launch a variety of different versions, different colorful small white shoes to seize the market opportunity, including the fire, the ghosts, and ugly “old shoes” is also making fashion. After the eyeball, it is difficult to swallow the people in today.

The major fashion magazines, wearing from the media is constantly rendering: small white shoes, no matter what clothes can be equipped with “, this also includes me, I also said more than once. Baihi. But until now, we have not analyzed the impact of different small white shoes on clothes, and did not say, how to choose the matching small white shoes in the wearing, then today we Let’s take a small white shoe in detail from the details of the clothes and small white shoes.

First: Analysis of small white shoes

No matter how much, we prefer the white-chaled sports and casual shoes, which is called “small white shoes”, which is better than distinguishing. Little white shoes are first and equipped with the most basic characteristics of shoes.

▲ From the above picture,

Little white shoes by: shoes tongue, shoes, shoes, sole, lace, shoes, etc.

, 咦, what is it used? Luo Wei tells you that you can use it everywhere. After we understand the basic elements of these shoes, we can select the style of our style according to the changes in different elements.

Like other people, we have to master the fundamental principles, and then you can call the cloud in the world, keep the clouds, and finally become a fashion, will wear the epidemics that will wear. .

▲ Looking at the small white shoes of major brands, all in these foundations constitutive elements have formed a rich, colorful, colorful, and wonderful small white shoes. Some of the shoe, some of the shoes, the shoes are high, the shoes are low, the shoes are thick, the shoes are thin, the shoes tongue or concave, etc. More possibilities for choosing.

Second: How to choose small white shoes?


For the fashion and taste, we will not be deliberately slave, is it? We are to let “fashion” serve us, then choose a pair of basic paragraphs and a small white shoes that are wild.

Casual sneakers are a large transition of 180 degrees in the style. Although the sports wind is a casual style, it is a very sense of existence. If you wear it at it, it looks an ordinary sneakers. Sneakers are easy to move because it is convenient, so we can’t leave it. Especially a little bit of middle fairy, 嘻嘻, is more comfortable and convenient to do not open sports shoes.


So we have a large number of sports shoes in the style.

The first choice is easy to match the leather, the color is white casual sneakers

It is also what we said “small white shoes”. While small white shoes do not have black shoes and black, it can be characterized by a long feature, but white looks more fashionable and more women, and the basic paragraph we said is biased white moving shoes.

★ How to choose a small white shoes for wild?


Before you choose, let’s first look at the match changes in small white shoes different details.

The leather cortex looks more formal and can weaken the feeling of excessive leisure;


Low help is convenient to match;

Although the high help is also very common, the low-top shoes can control the balance of matching.

Sole and lace if you choose white, so you can brighten your feet, look and light;

After choosing the style with the design, the height of these two or three centimeters can completely change the shape of the leg, and it is also determined that the style is a young style or ripe.

Based on these features, Luo Wei believes that there are at least three small white shoes.


: Canvas low, followback with or thick bottom, leather flat

No matter what brand we choose, these three small white shoes are relatively comparable, more fashionable.

Third: a small white shoes


We all know that it emphasizes a balance in the match. Although the overall style of small white shoes is a casual movement, it also leads to changes in styles because the changes in the details of different small white shoes are different. Let’s take a detailed look:

1 skirt (formal or elegant style) + small white shoes with backlit or thick

We are in dressing, whether it is a short skirt or a long skirt, if it is a flat shoes, there will be a kind of middle school students. This feeling and women’s taste, elegant taste is not very conforming.

If you match or thick small white shoes, this is a component, and the round head is very suitable for expression of maturity and woman.

The fore-thin little white shoe, such as New Barron’s or old, because the weight is increased at the heel, so it is more suitable for dressing. Moderate thick bottom can also be stretched out, it seems to be upward, which is more suitable for the center of gravity brought by long skirt.


If you wear a more feminine or elegant dress, you want to match a small white shoe, you may wish to choose such a style. Such a style is more suitable for flatness or canvas, and it is also harmonious with the overall style!

2 denim casual pants + leather material low level of flat white shoes

When wearing casual wear, such as loose jeans or wide-legged holistic style is relatively casual, you can choose a small white shoe with leather material, and the shoes here will not have a thickness requirement. Can.

Why choose leather?

Because the leather can express the official sense and adult feeling,

If you choose Converse canvas shoes, you will be too casual and girl, and many more occasions are not suitable. If you want to express this kind of leisure, you can do this, then you can ignore this.

Note: If wearing a loose jeans or wide-leg pants, you should choose a small white shoe with a bit of a feeling. If you look at the little white shoes that you can do, you will look good. As shown below:

▲ On the left, small feet pants + thick bottom white shoes, shoes are too awkward, look very low. On the right side, you can match the white shoes or old shoes, which will also have echo on the outline.

3 Elegant style + canvas Converse shoes

We have always had a unique closure of the canvas Converse, because it is a testimony of our shallies. In the era of teenagers, it just matches our beautiful year and time. As the age increases, the Converse shoes will not be uncomfortable as everyday. We can resolve this embarrass through the method of matching.

Tell a principle:

The more you have a casual style, you don’t match the same casual flawless shoes or accessories. To learn the neutralization, learn to adjust. Like Converse shoes, we can wear it when wearing elegance! Do you remember?


▲ In the figure, the khaki shirt + khaki pants creates elegant, intellectual, decent image, in order to avoid too elegant, we can pull back this too elegant with a girl and casual Converse canvas shoes. After this, after this, the whole is harmonious, and it is a lot of satisfaction.

So, when wearing a woman’s style, don’t choose the same mature high heel, you may wish to choose Converse shoes, you can have a little bit of playful and girl in elegant mature. You can also resolve the consistent hidden impression will make others feel that you still have a child, and you are still so innocent!

In fact, there are too many styles for small white shoes. Today I refine three common shoes, these three common style basically cover most of the details of the details, everyone can take a contrast, only the main elements. Another color matching also needs attention, but more. No matter how mad, we only choose to make us!

I am Luo Wei, regarding the management of the image as the homework you have to do, use the beautiful image, the beauty of the mood to meet the bloom of every day in your life. If you have confusion, you can privately believe it, welcome to leave a message to discuss, we grow together on the road to become beautiful!