This year, I fired a pants, called “plus velvet sportswear”, fashionable slim, warm and autumn and winter

This year, a woman is called “plus velvet sportswear”, fashionable slim, warm and winter. Plus velvet weapon is too popular this year, the handling of the bunch of pants, the slims of the natural recesses, compares the loose thighs, which seems to be more delicate and thin, can avoid the legacy legs, and prevent cold winds, The wind is huge, wearing comfortable and warm, usually strolling, leisure sports is very good, and it can have a clean and neat shape.

Unlock the holiday comfort, comparable to the comfort of the pants, the elastic waist of lazy people, you can wear it, it will not have too many stacks in the waist and abdomen, do not have too many stacks, fit the balance version Relaxing legs, weekends or commuters need a breathable relaxation status, super comfortable, do not want to take off. It’s so wearing to want Amway to give people, you can have a good condition, love!

High-quality cotton bodies, the fabric is firm, can block the cold, more warm, the texture is delicate, very skin-friendly, the upper body is comfortable, do not want to take off, encounter a good pants, do not hesitate .

There is a quality casual sweater, it is also very decent to work! There is a lot of casual trousers in the closet, but there are a few of them can really wear them. They will take them. The sportswear is only in the case of leisure, like this trousers. Trendy and high street casual commuting!


This simple intuitive tight tight waist is your heart love, widen the gobbin waist, rebound power is sufficient! It will not be said that wearing a dress is loose. Soft collapse, this quality is still so good, the side of the metrics are trendy, wearing the college students pass the sense and vitality! The lines that are laid to the foot must be very profitable, and the ribs are tight, and the side zipper is tied. The inclusive is very good!

Super soft, warm velvet, in the laminated paradise, give you a long-lasting heat storage, very trusted suede, and shortece is more comfortable, and the effect is better, it will not be like other The style is like bloated, and the proportion of legs is more replenished, and it is straight, especially with high-top sports shoes, it is simply the same day, the whole person has this ignorant.

Wearing on the weekend to play golf, unprecedented comfort and relaxation, the airport, weekend tour, or even the home can be competent, comfortable and unconscious, is simply addictive.

Plus velvet, not bloated, a light winter, soft, super comfortable, most importantly, wear a point without adding a velvet, YKK gold zipper decoration, super CHIC fashionable, super thin! The thick flies of the neighborhood, simmering to have no friends, the skin in the cold winter, is also the feeling of cashmere, it will not be ice, it is too good to wear, warm and comfortable, I also want to wear it when I sleep!

The waist piece is used in arc cutting stitching, and the version is more stereo, wearing, special comfort, thin, the lines of the calf part, the income is very natural, the horses, the legs, and straight chopsticks, points Minute!

Don’t be touched with the sweater, put on the body too decompression, too warm, the leg freely stretch 0. The double design of the drawstring is easy to wear, easy to close, naturally bonded, no bondage, free adjustment waist, highlighting slim waist lines, pants, two sides of the trousers, the vertical line extends the leg Line, it is also thin! The feet is taught, creating the visual effect of lane pants, fit an ankle, walking, and even exercise, there is no rest, daily commute, leisure home.


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