Summer is coming, look good to the cup to arrange it to everyone.

Hey Ladys ~ I am a little eight

Today, I will write a group of household items – the album of the water cup,

There are more medicines and maternal and child knowledge, I have forgotten myself or a life aesthetic blogger ~


When you arrive in the summer, you will go to the season of drinking water.

But sometimes work is busy, often forget to drink more water.

In fact, it is not difficult to solve this problem.

Change a good look.

Don’t rush to deny me, this, I have a pro-test, and I feel useful.

As long as the cup is good enough, no matter what you are working, it is still chasing,

As long as the Yu Guang see it is well-behaved, it is beautifully located on the table.

I can’t help but take a few mouthfuls of water.

It all said that the cup is beautiful, and it is sweet and sweet.


In addition to meeting the demand for drinking water, I feel that the cup is more like a good friend who has silently with us, life can’t be there.

Since it is an indispensable partner, it is worth choosing to choose a beautiful look.

I will send you a pleasing-eye-seeking today.

Cup plant

I don’t buy it, I am very happy, let’s take a look ~

Single product recommendation

1, Joer Babu X Large Capacity Split Cup

Reference price: 69 yuan

Shop: Bangura Babbles Flagship Store

Amoy password: 7 hihi: / micro 5GFGX7GPLWU small bag mouse Parbun sportswater cup female large capacity fitness kettle to high temperature straw cup male summer portable

If this summer is the most popular big-capacity water cup this summer?

Then, this small bag mouse Bab’s sports cup must be famous in the list, after all, millions of grass in the major platforms can do anything.

Just like the article said:

The cup is beautiful, and it is sweet and sweet.

The cup is really very “beautiful”, so it is good to have no substantive role, but it can really let you drink more water!

For the cup, good looks not only eye-catching, but also thirst,

You look at this sea salt tea cheese with a large cup, look good, drink, super like ~

In addition to tothing tea, filled with a cup of watermelon, it can also make people look bright, what is “watching just drink”, this is called “look good”!

The photo is really too much, it is really good to take pictures, this cup ~

And telling the truth, in addition to good looking, this cup itself is very hard.

US FDA official certification

Tritan material

Infant level food grade silicone straw, to ensure that we drink a water everywhere is healthy and safe!

This little eight suggests everyone to buy

600ml white




Because this type is not only more convenient to carry, but also take pictures, really, big simple, giant INS ~

In addition, everyone is placed in the cup and be careful when there is a gas drink and boiling water.

Because it is possible to come out when the cover is covered.


2, Joer Babu X Baby Blue Water Cup

Reference price: 79 yuan

Amoy password: 8.0 hi: / micro TJWKX7U0PLJ! Small bag mouse Parbia children’s water cup summer girls go to school special PPSU with straw directly drink adult pregnant women

Joer Babu lack of rats is a very professional children’s supplies manufacturers, and raw materials are almost all imported materials.

The most famous of this is


Imported in BASF, Germany, commonly used in all kinds of cups.

Regarding the security of PPSU, let’s talk about it, no matter where it is detected, it is a top security material.


So don’t worry about the safety of plastic cups.


This is also a classic explosion!

Sisters who often visit the little red book should be brushed ~

The cup body is more suitable for inserting bags compared to a general water cup.

Divider is the one-handed switch design of the cup cover, one is open, and it is easy to use.

Most components are detachable to clean, but the overall cup body is relatively long, and it is necessary to combine the brush sponge for in-depth cleaning.

It should be noted that such as caffe cafe or milk, it needs to be cleaned in time ~

3, Joer Babu X Coffee Cup

Start channel: small bag mouse Babbles flagship store

Amoy password: 4 ha: / micro 2EATX7UUVTE 嘻 high color cup female summer with straw minimalist household portable cute tea cup large capacity coffee cup red

These days of the net red “players”, because after the last time, the sisters like this are particularly very much ~

Design of coffee cup modeling.

As a minority in the normal temperature cup, the accompanying cup can be poured.

Safe PPSU material and double heat insulation design, while achieving light weight, while high temperature.

The design and 480ml capacity of the inner rotation cup is not as embarrassing like a general coffee cup.


We usually drink coffee, the most often heard is the barista: You first drink a lid.

It is afraid of coffee over.

But this coffee cup is completely don’t worry,

The first is because the sealing is very good, and the second capacity is also large enough.

Generally, the coffee shop has complete enough, Starbucks are directly on the big cup!

This is if there is a need for water, it may feel that it is not enough to drink.

But this is also 600ml, but the little eight people think that 480ml is better to see ~

4, Joer Babu X Donut Milk Cup

Amoy password: 9.0 hihi: /! WS9kx7uonmf 嘻 小 小 巴 巴 牛 牛 杯 水 女 女 女 儿 儿 儿 奶 杯 管 便 杯 杯 便 便 便 便 防 防 便 防 防 杯

We call this “breakfast cup” not only can be used to drink latte, milk, but also can be used to eat oatmeal yogurt.

In addition, I really like this cute cup and look at it is very cute.

I want to say that this is a foul design!

It is a small bag mouse,

“Color value”

This piece has never disappointed me!

After bought this, this straw cup, Xiao Baguan became the C bit in the company!


Just bringing a morning meeting, this work is only 30 minutes, I have been pulled by 4 colleagues in a row, asking the link of this donut milk cup.

The design of the donut kettle is inspired by a donut, abandoning the traditional cup design.

The small bag mouse Bab directly put the donut “cover” in the cup,

The purpose is to let the user drink water, there will be an effect of eating a donut.


Whether it is a fairy or a fairy baby, it will definitely fall in love.


After all, no one can refuse such a sweet water cup ~

Shop: Bangura Babbles Flagship Store


Reference price: 79 yuan

Reference price: 79 yuan

Start channel: small bag mouse Babbles flagship store