Comparison ratio: NIKE Nike Satire Big Temple Fashion Skate Side $ 20

This NIKE Nike SB big children’s skaters adopts a canvas, and it is good for breathability.The high-pressure molding structure is seamlessly engaged with the outer bottom and improved durability.Adjustable comfortable insole, detachable, comfortable.The rubber outsole is equipped with a human shaped shading, with excellent grip.This is a Trendy of the Nike casual cultural shoe series and the main street skateboard.

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比呀比: Nike 耐克 Satire 大童款时尚滑板鞋 $20

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$ 20

, 4 yards and above have the same number, but the number of small codes is not much, the transfer

About 160 yuan (not included)

比呀比: Nike 耐克 Satire 大童款时尚滑板鞋 $20

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比呀比: Nike 耐克 Satire 大童款时尚滑板鞋 $20

Nike Nike started in 1963, it was officially named in 1978, known as “the most successful consumer goods company in the past 20 years of the world”, is the world famous sporting product brand.