Which one is winter boots? This year is popular this year, hipster warm and textive

# 品牌 好物 #


# What to wear today?

A complete set of wearing, in addition to paying attention to clothes, you can’t ignore the matching of shoes and other treatments. With this shape of the shoes and other accessories is as a whole. In fact, the style of styling, the display of the shoes, the same style, different shoes, will create two different clothes. If you pay attention to observe the stylish street shooting of fashion, it will find that their choices between clothes and shoes have certain correlations.

In cold winter, the most common shoes are different from all kinds of boots, different lengths or different styles. I want to wear trendy feelings this winter, I will wish to refer to the match of these boots, hipster warm and texture.


Songye boots are young girls, very like boots, just cover the boots of the ankle not only in warm and delicate, no matter whether it is a pants or skirts, you can show a playful and lively fashion. In fact, a lot of hipster refinements like to wear nine pants with boots with trousers, which is not only worried, but also legs.

In the picking of boots, it is also necessary to choose according to the length of the upper, so that the trendy feelings created are stronger. If it is a long coat, you can choose a slight shoe slightly short boots, if it is a short top, the length can be slightly Long, this long one is a short match not only fashionable look, happily.

Pointed boots

Women want to show delicious and elegant fashion and woman taste in dressing, compared to the skip boots, the color of the pointed boots is more likely to improve the taste, and the skirt and coats are not only delicate and elegant, but also simple dress. Can improve personality charm.


In fact, the pointed boots have a very friendly modification of the body, which can extend the legs, which is very suitable for small sizes. If it is a pants, the simple boots should not be too tight, slightly reserved.


Martin boots

Martin boots are not only warm and cool, it is very favored by fashion, and winter wants to be concave. It is really a pair of Martin boots. It can also create a sprinkled fashioned trendy street wind. In numerous boots, the practicality is relatively strong. Due to the design of the thick bottom, there is no pressure on the height, and the small son is also easy to control.

Stack boots

Europe and the United States’s fashion bloggers will like to wear a pile of boots, if it is a very simple shape, the color of the pile boots is a good choice, which can enhance the fashion. But such boots have restrictions on legs and heights, and loosely stacked boots are not suitable for leg-shaped thick body, and the leg-shaped short body is not recommended, it is easy to press high. Although the pile of boots is eye-catching, it is suitable for tall and leg-long body.


Stroke boots

Comfortable warm boots are suitable for women, not long boots are in contrast, suitable for thick-legged body, and shorter than the length of the knee, there is no high demand for the fit. If you want to pull the proportion of your legs, you can choose the bottom and tube boots of the same color system, and there is an effect of extending the long legs visually. If you want to play new trends, you can collide with color.


The general tube boots are the thick styles, and the casual is comfortable and good. Compared with high heels, the small children can be controlled, and there is no pressure on the height.

Knee boots

Among the many boots, knee boots are extremely warm, and it is also the strongest boots, but such boots is also very high for leg-type requirements. If it is not a long legs, it is difficult to control such a baby boots, Even if the shape is hard to wear, the leg is short. It is the most common jeans or a long coat with long coats.


It is not good to look good, and it cannot ignore the shoes of the shoes except for clothes. Winter may wish to choose a boots that suits you style temperament, making your wearing both temperatures.

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