Nanjun car

Before November 7, 21, I always thought that Nanjun dump truck still can. Others have to call the wind, very drawn, very like I am not very tiger, I have opened eight rounds, I have opened the first four after eight, this four-cylinder machine should be competent, let alone, I have a year. Driving age.

This Nanjun in his hand is a used car. It is going to pull the cement. In 1998, I took a company’s live gravel. After eight rounds, I can’t enter the city. I went to the second-hand car market, although I couldn’t put the pick, but I still interested, I am very happy. . Since then, it is still recognized in the use. Regardless of the fuel consumption, tire loss, vehicle rework is relative to eight rounds, are satisfied.


Where is the main spit?


The annual trial is a fashionable hurdle, super heavy! Last year, it was also an annual trial of the Jiangxi license, there is not much trouble, of course, there is still less cutting board, repair the light, maintenance, etc., so that the best situation, yellow cattle, two times, come out, wait, etc. The stamp, returning overnight, go for 2 days, in general, all speed.

More than a year, the gearbox, the flying housing cracks, said that it is a common problem, replaced. Is this, saying that it is a common problem of Nanjun’s dump truck, or it is a fatal injury, and it is bad. Why have this problem? I think, is a car beam is too thin, and it is not the same plane in accordance with the machine foot of the gearbox and the engine. Is the replacement?

Finally, ask the South Jun dump truck design and manufacture engineers to answer my question. On November 7, 21, as a majority of maintenance before the previous review, starting at 2 o’clock on the 8th, Yongkang south high speed, small rain, medium speed, fast, there is a 75 yard, generally 70, I don’t know where it is, glance in a glance, scare a jump, is it? I don’t dare to stop, about 2 minutes, consider clear, can’t stop, play double jump, get off the triangle, check the car, found that the engine underground machine is serious, can not be opened again. Call the police!


The wrecker has been 20 minutes, the service is very good and professional (this is a big praise for the Zhejiang high-speed point), still don’t want money, drag the nearest high-speed export, one Lanxi. Then wait, slowly bright, get off, find that the oil filter is gone, no one, no, don’t you? Call the master of the maintenance, saying that it is no problem (there is no change in oil beforehand), no way, find a repairman. According to the phone provided by the high-speed trailer, the statement, and then came over a master to take two barrels of machine oil plus a oil filter, install it. Try, can’t afford it. Master said that this situation must be repaired, ask, take a few days, answer, four or five days. No, time delay, pay 380 yuan. Contact the repair car, then I remembered that there was a friend in the brakes, decisive calls, did not bear it, bringing a master that repaired four-cylinder machine, checked the wind, hand, said, The shaft tile should not be burnt, then check, the motor of the engine is lost, and the positive is made of iron. Wow, what is going on? The motor is falling again? You must say it is too fast. Originally, this is the epidemic, I want to make a lot of money, please people, just worry that the transmission is halfway, so I will know it, know the roots, stably open. I am sure that there is no more than 80.

Install the motor, chemize 850 yuan, and go on.

Oh, there is still a big pit waiting.


Didn’t come to Zhangzhou, there is a sound in the engine, and it’s coming! Then on the headline, search for Zhangzhou Nanjun warranty point, phone, location, past, pair of secret, attached to the head. First hang, rear, four matching, connecting rods, watts, crankshafts, flywheel shells from Hangzhou. The next morning. Repair to around 8 pm, test, success, to 9:30, complete, calculate money, re-step, do not dare to go high speed, just change the four-fitting set, need to be running without fast, good to go away from the destination Far.


Behind it is smooth, the backhaul is also slow. Revereded, this Nanjun can’t go to the high speed, it is determined. I don’t know if I have a story about the annual trial or a story related to Nanjun?