Warm-type European and American winds, “cotton coat” is the most critical, and the ideas are summed up.

The winter street is the most popular season season. Some people are immersed in the daily mixed lazy, and some people are immersed in the handsome cool self-intoxication of the European and American style. More people travel in the edge of the fashion, capture the trendy shape that does not see the traces.


Relative to the lazy, European and American handsome and more warm, more suitable for some gas fields, high-tech girls. How to create a warm-style European and American style, the choice of “cotton coat” is the most critical, and the ideas will be summed up for everyone, and the baby who loves beauty is watching.


First: Cotton coat is mainly classic super color

Color is the most intuitive language, expresses you unique feelings. Every color has its own unique style. In the wear of European and American winds, cotton coats are more mainly classic highlights.

The so-called classic high-quality colors, more of the black and white ash, which can also be doped with cards, dark brown, caramel, ink green, jujube red and other colors. The biggest feature is that the color saturation is very high, and the richness of the congestion is full of congestion.

European and American winds are always more strong and advanced. So even if the choice of cotton coat is also more than classic highlights. Coats like black jackets, thick windproof, version of the version. Combine a dark blue jeans and handsome eye.

The black is in a cold and sharp, and there are also some depressed stupids. So white, brown, caramel color, can also be filled in European and American style, becomes a more popular color element. White and black have a wonderful work, it is glamorous and elegant, and it is also the most basic wild classic color.


Relatively speaking, the brown system and the caramel color have a temperature sensation, and it is more soft to some, and the upper body effect is warm. This type of temperature requires a combination of classic black and white to highlight the strong and domineering of European and American style.

Second: Cotton coat looseness

The European and American style is worn, and it is a more domineering route. Therefore, the choice of cotton coat is relatively loose and degree of tailoring, and there will be no more sexual effects. The upper body is more elegant and comfortable, it is a kind of inclusive style.

European and American style is always more casual. Strong domineering, but it will not seem to have a boring dead plate. This is also the relationship between the version of the cotton coat, and the cotton coat of European and American style will be more relaxed.

Loose cotton coat, not only more packaged, but also more handsome tensile winds. It is this loose and degree of tailoring to create a more handsome styling. Even in the daily wear, the upper body is also very comfortable.

The jacket of the leather jacket and the cotton worm is all common in the cooker in Europe and America. The handsome and chic in the leather are also very in line with the positioning of European and American style, and the heeliness and chic are showing. And the windbreaker jacket of the cotton, the version is more quite jealous, and it can show a kind of gas field.

Whether it is a leather jacket or a cotton coat of the windbreaker, in the wear of the European and American style, it is still necessary to adhere to the loose and degree of tailoring. Appropriate loose tailoring, enhanced fashion, increasing trendy field, and also improving the beauty of handsome overbearing.

Three: Add handsome elements in cotton coats


The European and American style is worn, handsome. So in the choice of cotton coat, the design is also very critical. Adding handsome elements, such as rivets, metal chains, personality tailoring, etc., can increase the handsome of cotton coats.

Although the season of autumn and winter, the coat of cotton coat is very common. But if you can wear your own unique style? This is a personalized element, and the decixes on the details are very important. The coat of the fur is, with a handsome locomotive style, combined red pointed high heel shoes, the gas field is cool, it is a handsome cool European and American style.

Brown cotton coat, with a bit of warm and soft, so that the sun in winter has also become more warm. In fact, this brown cotton coat is only dotted with metal buttons, it becomes more fluent, European and American style.

In the cotton jacket, add handsome elements that make the overall style to European and American temperament. But how can I make my minimally destroyed cotton coat? We also need to match all kinds of styles, in color and style, do better echo.


For example, loose wool suit does not have any handsome elements, just combining a descendant gray suit, it will presen the coolness of the European and American style. In fact, handsome elements can also be added over the overall shape, not only on the cotton coat.

Fourth: the contrast color of the cotton coat, the temperament is challenged


In the wear of European and American wind, the choice of cotton is important, but the style of style cannot be ignored. So I want to wear fashionable European and American wind shapes, and the color of the cotton coat is also very important. With the matching of collision, you can make your temperament more outstanding.

The brown cotton coat, a combination black or white linen is a classic column. The classic contrast color is mixed, and the senior is not bored, and there is a high-level cool beauty. In daily matching, more people like this high-end wind, so in the wear of European and American style, they can continue to follow the color of the collision, highlighting the high-level gas field.


For example, brown cotton coats, combined black bottoming shirts, or white bottoming shirts are a relatively simple and found style. The color of the contrast, the color contrast is more clear, the overall style is very bright, the gas field is more sharp.


Classic contrast color matching, although there is a little boring, it is also possible to take out the gas field of Europe and America. If you want more colorful styles, we can also learn from the color of the bright colors. For example, denim blue cotton coats, combined brick red inner lines, is a common bright color match, color contrast is stronger, and the visual effect is more clear.

Coloring match, not just the matching of jackets and internal. At the same time, it can be the color impact in the design of the jacket itself, such as the brown cotton coat to decorate the red line modification, naturally form a contrast color match, the overall style is more trendy.

Ok, the above is the fashion information to share today. Now you know how to create a warm-style European and American wind to wear it? Daily share the fashion trend of fashion trend, pay attention! (Text original, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact delete.)

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