The cold girl must quote the suit trousers, the chic practice is fashionable, the cover is very good.

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Today’s the protagonist of this article is


Suit trousers

I don’t know if you have any questions about it. Anyway, in my cognition, suit trousers are the most beautiful single item in winter. It has nearly perfect performance in shaping lightweight and warm images and thin capabilities.

Wear it out in winter, can use the empty leather leggings to show the slim body, and can cover the trousers in the face of the trousers, tight-fitting trousers or warm trousers, very in line with our “beautiful girl” people .

Let me pay attention to what points when choosing suit trousers, first, everyone should choose a thickness and texture of the thickness and texture, so that you will not make people feel your summer pants winter. Wear, it will not make people feel that you can’t taste.

The design of thickened models is also a very good performance in the modified leg shape.


For the little sister of the thigh roots and buttons, the upper body effect is very good.

Second, everyone needs to pay attention to its length when choosing a suit trousers, in order to ensure enough chic and stem, the length of the suit trousers must be as left.

From the back, it can be perfectred with the ground. From the front, it can cover the length of the half foot is the most incapable of mistakes, high children, small children to put on the body, can show a powerful gas field.



The effect is also awkward.

The last point is that everyone has a certain understanding of the color of the suit trousers. The different colors of the suit trousers are different. This is to engage in DNA.


Pure black suit trousers


It is the most recommended that everyone chooses and I hope everyone can try on it, the width of the waist width and the leg merged width is the version of the parallel state, and the pure black tone is bonded to the second. Ya Fan is full.

In addition to pure black, you can also choose other color suit trousers. Like the elegant and simple style, you can choose rice white, beige, rice coffee, milk tea, milk gray, a shallower color.



Cold and dry

Little sister, you can choose pure white or pure gray, like

Retro literary style

The little sister, you can choose a saturated Morandi color, brown, red brown, cof color, deep coffee color can try it.

After the selection of suit trousers, we need to pay attention to it. Let’s take a look at the wearing in the suit trousers, what need to pay special attention!

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to it.

Warm autumn pants

At this point, you only need to guarantee that they have enough tightness and flexibility, do not choose the same version as the wide-legged trousers, because of a tight stacking method, is the most invisible Does not affect the degree of chic suit.

If the autumn trousers can’t meet everyone’s clothes, you can also choose to wear plus velvet leggings, high-waist stepping style, with high waist towards suit trousers, and simply be practiced.


In order to ensure that it does not affect the aesthetics at any time, it is recommended that you choose the delicate plus velvet pants with colorful skin color, so that even if you don’t feel the trousers, you will not feel embarrassed, others will not think there is anything. Proper!

Second, it is necessary to pay attention to the top, it is not easy to make an error, it is a temperament shirt, but as the weather is getting cold, there are unrealistic places in many places.

At this time, we need to use our fashion knowledge as

Dressing warm

Said air escort, compare can be along the shirt + suit pants style is a combination of clean bottoming shirts + shirts + high waist towards suit.


But if everyone feels along the kind of wearing a mortality in the shirt, you can change the shirt to warm and elegant knit sweater, good girl, you can choose a tight-fitted high-neck sweater, long sleeve long body The version design can show a feeling of the contour of women,

Visual effect is very beautiful


Girls with flesh, you can choose to save low V-top sweater, slim body and contour shaped sleeves, cover meat is thin.


Finally, after we choose a good suit, plus velvet leggings, the lined items, we must also pay attention to choosing jackets, comparing the coat with mopping suit, is a wool suit and woolen coat, with this In addition, everyone can also choose a cortical plus velvet jacket.

Pansy plus velvet jacket and extended thick hooded down jacket wear, in fact, there is no coat to do good!

I am taking, if you have confusion, you can privately believe me, you also welcome a message to discuss! Follow the study, we will become better and more beautiful together!

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