Wide legs should also be received! This year is popular “straight warm pants + short boots”, and the cover is also high

Is it a variety of classic styles in your wardrobe? After all, how to match can be comfortable. Just like a wide-leg pants in your hands, but it’s much better. Is it good?


I believe frequently wearing a single item, even after the personal characteristics are integrated, people will make people feel greasy.

Temporarily put the wide legs in your hands and look for new works. For example, this year’s popular CP – “straight warm pants + short boots”, destroyed, slim, and it is slim.


First, “straight pants warm pants” appreciation

Direct warm pants given the names in the liner in the straight pants, so that we don’t have to match the autumn trousers, can warm the legs, to resist cold weather.

Although it is increased than the thickness of ordinary straight pants, it is loose straight pants, and it does not affect the upper body effect at all.

<1> Basic conditions for purchasing

Condition 1: High waist high-end

As long as the legs have a long, the whole wear will not be wet. The straight warm pants must join the high waist and high-grade design, draw the position of the waist, and the legs are not a problem. Top is equipped with a wear, high collar sweater, with the simplest matching, resulting in the highest level of wearing.


Conditions 2: Pants

In addition to high waist high-grade design, the surface of the trouser leg adds a linear line, which is more than decorative use, and the longitudinal extension. Legs are not straight, the pants are placed on the side. We must be thin, pants stitching in the middle.

<2> Recommended


The two conditions of the straight warm trousers are pinched, choose the style, and find the truly good look and suitable for you.

NO.1 denim straight warm pants

Clean, chic, comfort is the cowboy straight warm pants, it can be fit with each piece or single product naturally, “


Wild pants


Suggest: Advanced gray


Hydrode the ordinary and common, change color, change it from blue → cold gray, proper advanced and fashionable.

The whole body is equipped with advanced gray, cold gray sweater with cold gray straight warm pants, clothing ladies temperament. The small area is replaced with other colors, dark coffee colored boots, equipped with exquisite deep coffee bag, every detail is done well, can be successful.

NO.2 tofu straight warm pants


All white styles of straight warm pants have a beautiful name – “tofu pants”, refreshing and dry white, giving a dark color in winter, adding beautiful and cool.

Adding a wool in the pants, no longer monotonous, fashion age. In addition, the faint rice white is better than the pure white, so that the wearing a temperature.

NO.3 knitted straight warm pants

Knitting materials are close to keep warm, soft fabrics, easy, but after the direct design, this disadvantage is solved.


Natural draped trousers, with colored coats to create a gentle and comfortable atmosphere. As a scarf, the scarf, unwittime, and exquisite.

Second, wear “boots” foundation points

The fashion mastery of the straight warm pants has been successfully wearing a one-third, then look at the fashion of the boots, especially the short boots style, and the desire. Different designs can impart diverse styles and characteristics of boots.


Key 1: Shoe

The shoe is a core key to doing a short boots. This shoe is suitable for unsuitable, and it is related to your personal foot.

→ Pointed: Greek feet


The foot of the foot is longer than the big foot, which is the fate of the movie, in order to modify the legs of the legs, the pointed boots are best. Let your feet freely release them freely, and you can share your legs.


→ Round: Roman feet

The difference between the length of the toe head is not obvious, that is, the Roman feet. The choice of footwear can just wrapped in the foot of the Rome, the round head boots are the first choice, soft shoe, smaller than the pointed feet.

→ Side: Wheel

The square is basically suitable for all kinds of female girls, Dangdang design, so that the shoes are thick and heavy, self-with handsome. The most fashionable in all the shoe.

And it is the most friendly of the wide feet, the pointed and round head will shrink, and the square is smoothed, and the wide feet do not have to worry about the problem.


Keep 2: Side

About the boots shoes and this point, only with and unless the difference, in these two types, in accordance with the pants that have their own clothing and the overall costumes.




Rough with and stiletry


Two kinds are divided into short boots, one is thick, walking is stable, does not change the land of boots, and wear it. The other is fine, as long as the height does not exceed 5cm, the upper foot is not tired. Let the short boots of the neutral wind shift to the woman, wear a show.

无 跟: Flat and thick

No, it is flat, send a flat design, so that the shoes are comfortable and casual, but the straight warm pants cannot be long, the best nine points. Let the flat bottom upgrade, form a thick bottom, increase the height, and wear the locomotive personality style, walking to bring your domineering.

Third, “straight warm pants + short boots” hipster guide

The straight warm pants are just the dressing of the lower body, let the wear to form, ready to go, to choose the upper body style. The following winter clothing make winter wearing a rich warmth.


✓ with lamb coat

Lamb coat, surface fluff velvet design, but can be confident, especially long lamb hair, is changing the coat of the material, although it is heavy, the noble is also improved.

And this long exposure is open, and the clothes are tight, and there is a formation of the body, and the short boots should not be flat, with thick and design, support the entire long lamb coat.

The small child is controlling long lamb coat, there is a certain difficulty, or choose a short section that meets yourself. When wearing straight warm trousers, emphasize the waist, you can join the belt modification, it is more profitable.

Select to some women’s taste sock boots,


Pointer + small

The mixing of the two styles, the contrast is a unique landscape.

✓ Matching a suit jacket

I want a thin coat, and I can ban all kinds of different styles, still keep your texture and grade, this is a suit jacket.


Simple match, T-shirt, comfortable, comfortable, and self-owned martial arts.

✓ Colored suit jackets

The contour suit jacket is a leisure + elegant concentration, like a traditional professional suit, only in the event site and workplace. The contour suit can be dressed in daily commutation, the contour suit with striped shirts with denim straight warm pants, low-key kindness, or festival go out, silhouette with sweaters, leisurely, no scene can be a delicate color Little woman.

Dress dressing is a transformation process, we can like traditional basic styles, you can also dress up a new life style, in line with your own style and body shape, wearing it is beautiful!