7 stockings live people try to do it, see which beautiful legs, slim, not hook

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Hello, everyone ~ I am a young, I am very happy to meet again!

Stockings have always been an important part of women’s clothing.

Meat stockings

, Self-belled and projection effect;


Black stockings

It is a must “War” in Office;

White stockings

, With ancient retro courtyard;

Gray stockings

Inexplicably exposed high level.

I have seen many modified models. Today, we may wish to see the ordinary little sister wearing different stockings in life.

actual effect

If you like it

Three consecutive arrangements

If you don’t like it, you don’t have a relationship. Please turn off silently, refuse to spray, thank you.

All the chooses tried on the landlord

Within 20 days

Stockings, stockings types

Hierarchical stockings, long tube stockings



Silitom stockings

The brand contains everyone relatively well known Langsha, Antarctic, Arctic velvet. (I have also I have already paid a guide for stockings, I can read the previous article.)


Ok, don’t say much, now come and see the trial of the seven stockings!

NO1. Antarctic letters black silk socks

Why is the first to say it? Because it is these 7


Most slim

The landlord originally thought that pure black wireless pattern is the most slim. After trying on, this stockings are lost to other 6.

This stockings with letters are quite

Ins wind

, Suitable for salt sweet little sister. The size is as a code, 150-175cm can be worn.

Something: ★★★★★

Square: ★★★★


Snow-hook performance: ★★★★


NO2. Antarctic people pure black silk socks


This is a pure black silk sock, very

Clear and thin

Although there is no upper alphabet stockings thin, it is actually more slim, and the leg type is modified.

It looks black

Dress, skirt, denim shorts

It’s still very good, it is the design of the T crow, the landlord is 52kg, although it is not very fat, but it is still a little tight when wearing the thigh, so this is not recommended to fat MM.

Something: ★★★★

Square: ★★★

NO3. Langsha Light Leg Mask Skin Color Socks

First science,


Refers to stockings that have not arrived in the crotch, it can be modified to beautify the legs, the style is more sexy, suitable for long skirts, skirts, short skirts, and shorts.

This stockings have 5


Slip strip design

, The elasticity is positioned in the thigh, not tight discomfort, is easy to take away from the lid socks, soft and comfortable, dry breathable, and replenished with leg.

Something: ★★★

Swipe performance: ★★★

NO4. Arctic velvet black fishing net socks

In fact, the front of the landlord has fundamentally appreciates the fishnet, but it seems to match well, still still very good. This stockings

A large flexibility

Suitable for with sweaters, Oversizet-shirts, Martin boots.

The landlord China network and the small network have entered a, it is recommended that the thin child can try the small network …


The small network is really fat

Square: ★★

NO5. Langsha ultra-thin skin color suction socks

This stockings are really super thin, giving up its slogans

[Thin like a wing, light breathable, like the second layer of skin]

. It is the highest daily wear rate of the landlord, the most played stockings.


In fact, girls should know that many stockings in the summer are one-time, many are easy to hook, but this is still unexpected, the landlord has worn 3 times and still strong. The most important thing is that it is very cheap, there are several people to do


Not expect money


NO6. Yu Zhaolin velvet in stockings

The middle tube stockings generally refers to stockings that do not exceed the knee, and the style is compared.

Cute, neighbor, small fresh


The kind. This stockings are always with JK wear, white black landlords, but black is obviously compared to curie, and white is clearer.


Hoodless performance: ★★★★★

NO7. Langsha ultra-thin sunscreen gray socks

This stockings are purchased together, the style is different, which is gray. There is mentioned above, the gray stockings are very textured, very advanced, it is not like black, the meat is so popular, but it is more attractive than the meat, but it

Very picking

It is very beautiful that it is very beautiful.

The landlord tried to discovery, the gray stockings are compared

Legs black

Therefore, it is recommended to buy a small sister who is white, and the yellow-skin sister can avoid it.

Something: ★★

The right wear of stockings


Although girls love to wear stockings, they often encounter stockings

Brake, hook

In addition to ensuring that the stockings are quality, the way to wear stockings is also important.

First, before wearing stockings, we must ensure that our fingers and toenails should be trimmed, avoiding socks; second, before wearing, compare the front and back, and try not to stand.

How to wear stockings


The correct washing method of stockings


1, cleaning with neutral detergent

When cleaning stockings, it is recommended to use a moderate cleaner to add the cleaning agent to the water, then soak the stockings for about 5 minutes, and then rub it with hand.

2, it is best to use your hand gently

The stockings are best to wash, if you want to put in the washing machine, please place it first in the laundry network to prevent it by other clothing accessories.


3, not exposure

After the stockings cleaning, dry in a cool, ventilated place, natural air dry.




Ok, today’s trial report is shared here ~ About stockings to buy and wear experience ideas, and welcome friends to share in the comments ~


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Square: ★★★★

Square: ★★★★

Square: ★★★★

Square: ★★★★

Snow-hook performance: ★★★★

Something: ★★★★

Something: ★★★

Something: ★★★

Swipe performance: ★★★

Swipe performance: ★★★

Swipe performance: ★★★