Zheng He Huizi sports suit is coming, the practice of lanterns, tali, fresh fashion, full

Many people pay attention to Zheng He Huizi is because of her name, Zheng He Huizi also explained. In fact, Zheng He Huizi is not only a sweet little girl, or a high-grade goddess that will be wearing, knows how to use some aged dress, wear youthful girl style, now sun a set of sweet Japanese life, use orange Sportswear is equipped with high gourds, showing fresh and fashionable style, is really sweet and charming.

First, fashion age-making display


Girls who often choose to decrease in the age of life know that the sports costumes can most concave out the youthful and energetic girls, and it is also the most straightforward year-old dress, Zheng He Huizi not only uses sports suit, but also demonstrates. Cool handsome and sweet-scented years of age.

Sweaters and weighing trousers are leisure and can reflect sportswear. It is also very popular this year. We will find a variety of sweater style this year, wearing a cap, there is a regular version of this year, and it will be integrated into More personality design elements. The orange sports suit selected by Zheng He Huizi, which has a lot of vertical stripes, and there is also a certain retro senior charm.

A solid colored costume, even if you use the most popular and high-spirited elements, you will also bring a single tuning, so you need to keep your suit’s charm when choosing solid color clothing, but also uses some color impact design elements. , Highlighting the trend, when Zheng He Huizi chooses blue inside, just like a very fashionable two-piece look, is a simple atmosphere and individual item.

If you don’t want to high-neutral style, you can use a very handsome woman’s clothing. The garment of Zheng He Huizi chose to neutral, but through the overall matching forms a small woman’s style. When you choose neutral clothing, you will often use loose version. At this time, we can change it into a slightly casual and slim design, short leather jacket with high waist tightening tooling pants and motorcycle boots have a simple Handsome, there is also a very trend of fashion matching charm. When choosing this kind of clothing, girls can stay at the high horsetail, or choose a short hair short hair.


Simple costumes have always been common, girls can pass the fashion charm of girls through costumes with personality design elements when choosing this clothing. Zheng He Huizi chose a white T-shirt plus cowboy shorts and loose denim jackets, which can bring the charm of aging and handsome combination. When choosing this monotonic color costume, girls can wear very eye-catching earrings or necklaces.

The loose version of the shirt will have a sense of gas field brought by Over Size cladding. This kind of clothing will show a little defect in girls. If you want to highlight exquisite charm, you can choose a very simple denim shorts in the lower body. It is also possible to match a very displayed straight trowel pants. Zheng He Huizi chooses this match also has a certain age-up effect, if mature girls can choose to wear a bag of hip skirts or corduroy flip towers.


Second, sweet godroom


Zheng He Huizi with sweet five officials will also choose some of the taste of the taste, she will use some classic costumes to concave shape, let the retro elegant feelings run through the whole body.

Dark geometric pattern shirt, if you use a satin fabric, you will bring a charm of Hong Kong. Zheng He Huizi is not a high-profile girl. When you match this kind of clothing, she stays with sexy curly hair. The new nude makeup, there is a small woman’s dress, and the retro minimalist is fresh and advanced.

The long jacket in the big gantry is a very compound taste, and some of the old age. This kind of clothes are smashed in the body. It has a sense of feelings. It will have a very earth-free feeling, so girls wear this When clothing, you must match the decent dress and pants in the lower body. Zheng He Huizi uses light jeans to do with light jeans, there is a fresh and eye-catching effect, if the legs can be changed into sexy Internet socks with a skirt.

A word version of the small fragrant wind jacket, the usage rate is very high, she is suitable for the spring and autumn and winter three seasons, and the girl can form a full screen of the high-level gas field in the middle of the bodied jacket. Zheng He Huizi has chosen knit and slim in the inside. It is a clear mix and match. It shows that the trend is not a classic gas field.


The front opening knit sweater can be either directly to wear, this cardigan sweater will brought a bright and gentle feeling because of her furry texture. When choosing this small sweater, you can come according to your skin color. consider. If you choose light color, you can match the light-colored cowboy to improve your pureness, you can also choose dark pants to increase stability, and if you choose dark tops, wear tonal trousers will be relatively perfect.


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