Diamond iPhone screen: Do you dare not film after watching it?

Do you want to make a film on the screen of the mobile phone? I believe many friends have different views on this. Some friends will find a way to put it on a new mobile phone, and feel that this can play a role in protecting the screen. Some friends think that the screen material of the mobile phone is hard enough, and the screen will not scratch the screen daily, and there is no problem at all.


For this difference, we must first figure out a question, that is, “how the mobile phone screen is scratched.” Although “scraping” is usually hung on the mouth, it really needs to be cited for some concepts -Mo’s hardness. Objects have their own hardness. When the objects and the hardness of the hardness are rubbing each other higher than it, then it will wear, damage, and the screen of the mobile phone.

Everyone knows that the hardest objects on the earth are diamonds, and it is at the highest “10” grade on the Mo’s hardness. The hardness of the glass is about the “6.5” position, and it is far away from the diamond. So, what happens if you use diamonds to draw the screen of the iPhone?

Put the diamond on the iPhone screen, and hold the diamond to rub with your hands. However, due to the insufficient pressure, diamonds did not cause obvious scratches to the iPhone’s screen.


Fix the diamond on the drill, let’s see what will happen again.


Obviously, under enough pressure, the diamonds were easily left on the screen very easily, and the entire mobile phone screen was drawn beyond recognition. This tragic scene made people goosebumps up. But on the other hand, diamonds have not affected a little bit. Sure enough, in front of Mo’s hardness, as long as the pressure is large enough, the screen is not a problem.


Here are reminding all outdoor workers or friends who live by the sea. If you use your mobile phone, it is better to stick a layer of tempered film. Because there will be sand particles in the outdoor dust greater than the screen of the mobile phone screen. If the sand and the screen are rubbed back and forth, it will cause permanent scratches to the screen.

Anyway, I dare not give the mobile phone film after reading it, what about you?

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