Let your photo physicalize the camera to buy Raiders

In fact, instant imaging cameras are not new, and the author saw this product in a variety of foreign films in a child. At that time, this instant imaged camera was very magical. In recent years, the camera has a camera, with excellent shape design, convenient and easy-to-use instant imaging character, and began to be popular in young people, for party, travel, couple Selfie is a good choice. In this market, Fuji’s photographs are undoubtedly the most concerned about consumers. Let’s introduce you to your system.

让你的照片实体化 拍立得相机选购攻略

First, from the size of the photo size

At present, Fuji photographs provide three sizes of phase paper, which are MINI (46 × 62mm), Square (62 × 62 mm), WIDE (99 × 62mm), three types of three models corresponding to three models. Different kinds of photo paper and machine are not universal, this must be clear before purchasing.

The proportion of three photos

The author often exposes MINI and WIDE-sized photo paper, MINI photo is very suitable in the photo of the wallet, or it is also good in the bus card. The width of the WIDE photo is twice asi, and the WIDE size is more suitable for placing at home, such as forming a photo wall or placed in the photo frame.

让你的照片实体化 拍立得相机选购攻略

Wide size photo, adult palm size.

The photo of Square size is only popular in the past two years, and the instructor has not been touched. And Fuji photographs that apply to the front of the photo are not a lot. However, more diverse in the gameplay, the author will explain in detail in the back camera.

让你的照片实体化 拍立得相机选购攻略

Overall, Mini, Square is more suitable for young people’s selfie and two or three people, and Wide photos are more suitable for home users.

让你的照片实体化 拍立得相机选购攻略

MINI model

Since the photo size is divided into mini, Square, and Wide, there are three types of Fuji photographs to choose from. The camera of the Mini series is the largest, and the performance difference between the various models is not large. It is mainly in the shape and color, such product settings are also comparable to the market positioning of the patted product.

If you like retro, you can choose MINI 90 products.

MINI 7S can be considered in pursuit of cost-effective

MINI8 Kumamoto Bear

让你的照片实体化 拍立得相机选购攻略

Hello Kitty Edition

The MINI version of Fuji Instax mini is the most, and there are also a variety of anime role specialty, most consumers buy this series of products. In terms of feature, the gap is not big. Everyone must first consider – the shape, after all, this is a world of seeing his face, the consumer product is also the case. In addition, these anime models are not limited to limited production, and do not believe in merchants regard to the limited amount of goods.

让你的照片实体化 拍立得相机选购攻略

It should be noted that the battery of different MINI models is different. Early models such as MINI 25 use CR2 alkaline batteries, some of which are 4-sections 5 batteries, and the Mini 90 is used in the NP-45A lithium-ion battery. It is best to consult the merchant before purchasing, avoiding battery errors. .

让你的照片实体化 拍立得相机选购攻略

Wide model

This type of camera, you can now buy a Wide 300 model. In fact, there are models of INSTAX 210, Instax 200, but they have been discontinued, and the second-hand website is estimated to be found.


The difference between MINI phase paper and WIDE papers

让你的照片实体化 拍立得相机选购攻略

Compared with the MINI version, the WIDE model is relatively large, although it is not heavy, but it is indeed a bit inconvenient. If you are in place, the WIDE model is obviously inappropriate.

Square model

让你的照片实体化 拍立得相机选购攻略

Compared to Mini and Wide models, Square is the latest product. In fact, this is a digital → moderate to the camera. First recording photos with numbers, then select your own satisfactory work to output photos. Because the previous is digital imaging, there is more playability relative to MINI and WIDE models, Square products have more playability. Square SQ10 supports dual exposure, B-door shooting, macro shooting, etc., the body has a built-in filter mode.

让你的照片实体化 拍立得相机选购攻略

Square SQ10

Digitalized patterns achieve more gameplay

The SQ10 built-in memory can save 50 photos and support TF card expansion. If you have a date selection, digital zoom can be enlarged to 2.4 times output print. You can also achieve four charts, and the printout mode of the nine graph combination. The corresponding to more gameplay is a higher SQ10, the price of Jingdong Mall is 2199 yuan. To tell the truth, I prefer to purchase a photo printer, or the photo of the printer in portable photos, the price is less effective.

Selection of photo paper

We have introduced it, Fuji photographed a total of three sizes of photo paper to choose from MINI, WIDE, and SQUARE, MINI photo paper’s price relatively inexpensive, ordinary white side photo paper one box (ten) price It is about 39 yuan, and the price of the colorful photo paper is similar. MINI photo paper with special lace, such as cherry small menu version is about 55 yuan. There is no difference between the imaging on the phase paper.

Change on the border

WIDE size photo paper price a box is about 100 yuan (20 sheets), the price of square phase paper is around 80 yuan (a box 10). Overall, the price of a photo paper of the Mini version is 4 yuan. The price of a photo paper in the WIDE version is about 5 yuan, and a square paper price is 8 yuan a bit expensive.

让你的照片实体化 拍立得相机选购攻略

Perhaps many people will feel that Fuji shoots the film price is too expensive, a small photo cost is 4 more money, a big photo cost is more than five yuan. But in fact, in the use of the author’s own use, when I just bought it, I was too excited, so I took more than 30 photos, which took nearly 150 yuan. Then, as the degree of enthusiasm is reduced, it will be more than 50-60 photos of the birthday party, the family dinner, etc. when using the patterns, and the number of pieces of shooting, and the number of pieces of shooting is calculated according to a 5 yuan standard. It is 250-300 yuan, and the average cost of each month is 20-30 yuan. And if you buy a big discount, you can purchase it.


Because the camera does not have the ability to accurately focus, it is a very common use of a fool camera that is commonly used in the 1990s. Some of the patterns have a mode selection key on the camera, you can choose the relative mode in the actual situation. At least one adult arm is maintained at least by photographed object, it is too blurred. In terms of portrait shooting, the camera is more suitable for shooting half-length portraits, and the whole body is not good.

让你的照片实体化 拍立得相机选购攻略

Please read the instructions carefully

It is recommended that the novice looks at the effect after shooting the first photo, and it is a number in his heart. The MINI version corresponds to the paper, it is not recommended to be too far from being photographed, so that the subject is too small, but in the case of ensuring that the main body is filled into the picture as much as possible. In fact, you will have a lot of people after shooting. Shooting in a weak light environment, it is recommended not to be too far from the background, the flash is shining on the background but a paint black.

让你的照片实体化 拍立得相机选购攻略

Removing the photo paper from the package to remove the aluminum foil packaging covered on the top, do not remove it, the whole box is put into the camera. Phase Paper that loses aluminum foil packaging should not enter the X-ray device to avoid damage. Do not use force after the phase paper is generated, and it can be naturally developed for 2-3 minutes. In the case where the ambient temperature is too low, the temperature of the clothes pocket and the like is relatively high, which can be imagined faster and better. The photos are stored in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight.

There is no other choice

Leica also has a product, but this price is …

Pocket photo printer is also a good choice

让你的照片实体化 拍立得相机选购攻略

In fact, the camera is not only the Fuji family, Bao Li, Kodak, and even Leica have related products, but from price, product diversity, and consumable angle, the author recommends Fuji’s patterns. In addition, there are still many pocket printers that support Bluetooth and wireless pocket printers, effects and patches, which are also quick and physical, and you can search for pockets in the e-commerce website to find out. Ok, today’s patterns will be introduced here, I hope I can provide some help for your purchase of fun photographic equipment.

Digitalized patterns achieve more gameplay

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