Business daily needs mobile phone recommendation, personal point of view, for reference only

I am just a mobile phone digital enthusiast, a man, it seems that they are interested in cars, mobile phones, and computers. I do a trading company by myself, so the daily processing office of mobile phones is just needed. Many people are estimated to have similar troubles to me.

The main use of my mobile phone: telephone, WeChat, photos, king glory, short videos, etc. Most of the actual business are now completed by the computer with the mobile phone WeChat computer.

I have always been a double -machine party before, Apple+Android dual holdings.

Now because I often travel on a business trip, I feel that the two mobile phones often become burdensome. Put my pockets that my pants are always unsatisfactory. It is too heavy to raise my pants. I kept holding it in my hand, I felt tired again.

At present, the Huawei Mate40Pro Bright Black 5G version, 8+256, is still very good now!

From last year to this year, the mobile phones used before are as follows:

Apple 11Pro, Samsung S20, Huawei Mate30pro, Samsung Note20u, Samsung S21U, Huawei Mate40pro, Apple 12pm, Samsung ZFOLD3 (I sold it again after starting it).


These phones are used as a whole, and the signal is not the best and bad. Huawei is relatively stable, and the perception is not strong. From the perspective of calling and network conditions!

In terms of signal, Apple mobile phones are not very friendly to dual cards, and the secondary cards are often unable to answer the phone. Customers have repeatedly called calling to prompt to shut down (in fact, the phone is not shut down). Then Samsung only supported telecommunications 4-5G, and 2-3G did not support it. Therefore, the main card was telecommunications. I was helpless. The signal was exaggerated. It was mainly reflected in calling. In comparison, Huawei dual -card dual standby stability is the best, but there are often network signals, and the situation of web pages cannot be used. It’s a bit helpless, but fortunately, the phone call is okay.

The operating system, Apple’s system is relatively monotonous, but it is also relatively sound, and the learning cost is very low. Samsung’s system is the best mature stability and playability in my mobile phone, none of them! Those who understand ONE UI must feel very well. Many people black Samsung systems. In fact, many people don’t spend time to learn. This is a fact! Huawei, the system Hong Meng is not very different from the previous Android EMUI, the transition is natural, and the learning cost is actually very low.


For me, for me, I usually drive more. When there is a car, there is no battery anxiety. However, once I go out to do business, in fact, only Apple is more at ease, but the charging speed is also slow. Samsung charging speed is average, but the power consumption is really a bit big! Huawei is quite satisfactory. Fast charging with large batteries can only be said to be enough.

According to the actual usage, the recommendations I give you are as follows,


1. If you want to dual -card and dual stand, and the phone demand is relatively large, Huawei and Samsung are more recommended.

2. If telecommunications users, recommend Huawei, Samsung network system is limited, a bit of a loss. Samsung and the International Network synchronize. So Unicom users, Samsung is more friendly. There is no problem with the full network frequency band!

3. Frequent outside and do not like to use charging treasures. Huawei and Apple are relatively good. Normal stand -up power loss is better than Samsung.

4. Folding screen mobile software is relatively poor. And it is not just needed, and the body weight is relatively large. Therefore, it is recommended to start with 1-2 years. Otherwise, it is not as good as ordinary mobile phones to experience it.


5. Pay attention to the screen experience, in fact, Samsung is the best. After using the screen of Samsung, the others will really look down. The display effect is quite good. Apple is relatively general and acceptable. Huawei’s screen was more touching. I was later changed to Huawei myself. It was really a bit painful. For the signal and battery life, I endured it, so for a long time, I was double -holding, at least accompanied by a fruit machine. It was not until recently when I really felt the pressure with two mobile phone pockets that I gave up the apple.

In general, let me recommend everyone now, especially friends who often contact and simple office with customers. If it is not a telecommunications user, I strongly recommend Samsung. If there is no dual card request, Apple is worth recommending. If the dual card signal is required to be stable and cooperate with the telecommunications card, Huawei should be relatively practical. Apple 13 series also canceled the telecommunications 2G and 3G signals, only supporting 4-5G networks, so I have not grabbed 13Pro.


Having said so much, I hope to help and reference for everyone’s choices! Don’t spray.