Refusing to be bloated and rounded, and tolerance, “fat girl” can also be worn, covering the meat is thin

Fat girls are always very distressed about the choice of clothes. They are very bloated like a round leather ball. Not only do they not lose weight, they are not visually cold. At this time, they are even more worried about. What should I do?

I don’t know what I can wear, don’t worry, the blue tone comes out for you, let’s take a look together.

Half -body skirt is a very good choice. You will definitely say that you are very fat and wearing skirts. Don’t worry, listen to the blue tone slowly, the skirt is also divided into many types. This irregular A -shaped high -waisted half -body skirt can accommodate the figure well.


Through this picture, we can clearly see that the meat on the thighs is covered, and we can also put on beautiful skirts.


The late autumn is here, and the skirt we wear should also be changed. We should replace the thin gauze skirt with a hairy skirt. We often wear woolen coats. We have n’t heard of the woolen skirt. This skirt is very warm when looking at it.

And these skirts are minimalist in color style, the overall simple and elegant, full of femininity.

It is paired with the same light -colored sweater, elegant and warm, and the weather is cold. We can put on a woolen coat outside.


The light haze blue looks very comfortable and elegant, the overall style is elegant and stylish, and the feeling of leisure and comfort is revealed.


Fat sister can try this dress, and the temperature and style are very practical.

When it comes to the gauze, the skirts of the gauze are worn in the summer and can be worn now. We only need to put on a pair of leggings inside, and it is perfect, and the hairy woolen skirt looks heavy. It is very agile, and as soon as the wind blows, it looks immortal, and it is undoubtedly wearing a fairy.

The black and white inside on it, watching the sense of vision of a noble son, the gentle milk white jacket is full of details. The fabric is a very popular rhombus fabric at the moment. Essence


It is not heavy, light and comfortable to wear, and the laziness and casual feeling are really attractive.

The loose version is most suitable for fat girls,

The white skirt of the white skirt can also challenge. Not only does it have a strong ability to cover the meat, but it is also very versatile, which can achieve more skirts. The white is clean and pure, and the double -layer design is full of layering.

We can clearly see the black sweater with the above match


There is a white rose on the sweater that extends from the upper right corner to the lower left corner. It is very designed and adds highlights to the overall. It is no longer only simple black and white.

Shoes choose Martin boots that are popular every year,

Martin boots are not picky and can easily control. There is no extra decoration, and the cool and cool Martin boots are matched with this body, and they have the gentleness and sweetness of some women in handsome.

Feminating clothes are inevitable, and fat sisters can also have femininity.


Overall is the main color of light purple, and the purple skirt also has a summer taste, but we have to wear a flesh -colored leggings in it. One is very warm. You are the goddess of temperament.

The gentle purple cardigan can be worn at noon, and the temperature in the morning and evening is very low. It is a suitable choice to match a coat or trench coat outside.

Fat girls who are suitable for the workplace must also know,

What do we usually wear at work? Is it because we dare not wear skirts because of bad legs. It doesn’t matter you can wear this body. The gray checkered skirt is particularly comfortable in color.

The fine and dense plaid is more textured, stable, elegant and simple.

The light beige ruffled clouds with the upper body, gentle, quiet and ladylike temperament, the design of the neckline cuffs is simple and generous, not fancy at all, and the pure and elegant dress can best highlight a person’s temperament.

Fat sister, don’t dare to try because of a bad figure,


If you don’t try, you will never know how beautiful you are wearing a skirt, and you will have a new breakthrough if you are brave to try? Do you like Blu -raising? If you like it, please pay attention.