7 products analysis of L’Occitane: The essence of firming is actually a lotion! The only thing worth buying is this

When it comes to L’Occitane, I believe most people have used their hand creams, but I don’t know why facial products seem tepid. Friends are loyal fans of L’Occitane. I sent me a message yesterday that I asked me to write the luscapes of L’Occitane.

In fact, in this year’s new product trial plan, Eurasan has been written in the plan form, so today I will talk to you about L’Occitane’s kichee series.


Different from usual, there are more than one product in each category of L’Occitane Chrysaley series. Today we first write the essence, cleansing and cream. I hope today’s content can give you a certain reference ❤️ ~


1. Essence;


There are three single essences of the luno chrysanthemum series, namely: muscle bottom essence, living essence, and exquisite essence.

Huanhuo cystic bottom essence;

This is probably the most famous essence of the L’Occitane Caunt Chrysanthemum series. Anyway, I have been asked many times.

The high -content white pond flower seed oil helps moisturize and activate skin metabolism. The main kicoline oil, sunflower seed oil to soothe, anti -inflammatory bacteriostatic effects, enhance antioxidant, and resist free radical damage. Another ingredient dry cow to leaf extract contains cuminic acid and sage oxalic acid, which can help remove hydroxyl free radicals, have a certain effect on inhibiting tyrosinase activation, and inhibit excessive oil secretion.

On the whole, it belongs to a basic essence of anti -oxidation and anti -inflammatory and anti -inflammatory. There will be no magical and immediate effects, and the price is moderate.


Kou Chrysanthemum Living Firming Essence;

When you do your homework, many people are struggling with this essence or water? There are two links on the official website and flagship store, one is water and the other is essence. They are all 200ml, priced at 260 yuan. But I read the product packaging in English that “Essential Water” translated into Chinese is essence water, which is actually water.


The alcohol content is ranked third in the component table, which can be considered higher. The content of flavors is high, and the active ingredients are mainly luna extracts. The main functions are anti -inflammatory and antioxidant. Others are some moisturizing ingredients. There is no highlight, it can be used or not, but the sensitive muscles are cautious.


Kouju Living Essence;

Silicone oil components are high, and the main components are: sunflower seed extracts, linel chrysanthemum extract, vitamin E as antioxidants. Moisturizing alcohol and moisturizing with silicone oil. The skin feel is obviously fake sliding without rubbing mud. Overall, this essence is not cost -effective. Compared with the microcapsule muscle base, I bid to choose the first muscle base essence.

2. Cleaning;


The main difference between the two cleansing products is that the surplus ingredients are different. The live face cleansing foam on the left is amino acid table activity. The soap group of ether.

Compared with ordinary cleansing, dense cleansing has stronger bubbles and stronger cleaning ability. For most people, it is recommended to use the ordinary version on the left.

Both active ingredients use this series of main koshic chrysanthemum extracts to complement VE, which has a certain effect of antioxidant and anti -inflammatory nourishment. But then again: A cleansing product, staying on the face for dozens of seconds, what is the use of these antioxidant and anti -inflammatory ingredients? It is nothing more than to make the ingredients look better.

Three, cream;

On the left is the sun cream, and the right side is the night cream. At night, the price is 100 yuan more expensive than Ri Cream. In addition to the basic alcohol moisturizing ingredients, the daily cream increases the moisturizing power of shea butter oil, and at the same time increases a small amount of synthetic ester. The active ingredients are mainly vitamin E and kichery oil, which mainly plays antioxidant and anti -inflammatory effects. The content of silicon oil is not low, and the active ingredients are not much.

The night cream adds grape seed oil, coconut oil, and monthly grass oil to strengthen moisturizing on the basis of Japanese cream. In addition, the fat -soluble phenolitate is added to the basis of the daily cream to enhance the antioxidant capacity. At the same time, there are mineral elements such as zinc, copper candy, and magnesium of daily winter.

The price of Haitao, which checked these two creams, is about 500. In fact, the price -performance ratio is not high according to the price comparison. Of course, if the two creams let me choose one, I will choose a night cream.


OK, in summary: Epulin compared to most French skin care brands, the composition table is also streamlined. But there is really not much praise. If the entire kichelva series is asked to choose, it may be about the first muscle base essence.

Of course, I will also find the time to study the Fu Yan Yingling series, hoping to gain. If you want to see it too, please leave a message to tell me ~ I hope today’s content will help you ❤️ ~