37 -year -old Han Xue really can wear, down jackets with leather clothes, and shirts inside, stacked and mixed and mixed

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What to wear in autumn and winter down jackets

Intersection For normal people, it is nothing more than a sweater or sweater. This is the most normal combination of autumn and winter. But for those beautiful and fashionable essences,


But very exciting. Such as Han Xue …


Han Xue’s clothing has been online. Not only is she white and beautiful, but she is more rare to taste elegant and long -term self -discipline. She is a fashionable beauty who has both internal and external. Every time she dress, she feels very comfortable and is particularly worthy of our reference.

Look 1: down jacket+leather short jacket

↑ Han Xue’s set of matching


Methods, black -to -white flower color personality long down jackets with leather short jackets and striped shirts, with white jeans and gorgeous appearance. Different from the routine puppet method of autumn and winter, the coat of unspoken jacket looks fashionable and vibrant. The overall level is clear and scattered. It has a tough personality tone in Huamei, which looks good and comfortable. At the same time, with the high value and temperament of Han Xue, the immortality is full of fairy, and it is eye -catching.

↑ In the good set of wearing, the emphasis is on the level and details, and at the same time, there are different styles of integration and completion. Each item is very exciting, and it works together with a fashion drama together. From a distance, the overall is neat and stylish. One advantage of the outer jacket inside the down jacket in winter is:


It is also wonderful in the warm room. After taking off the down jacket for a long time, it can show the exquisiteness of the wearer.

↑ The blue striped shirt inside uses dense oblique stripes and vertical striped stitching patterns. Such patterns can break the monotonous of the stripes, and it will also be thinner. The stripes have always been classic elements, and they will never be outdated. With a little French style and the style of French women. But unlike ordinary shirts, its neckline is a round neck, and its style tends to be a gentle side, which can express the gentle characteristics of women.


↑ This leather short jacket has a neutral handsome and tough feeling, expressing the handsome side. Pocket zipper is the focus, which can break the dullness of black. The leather jacket is also a classic item in the wardrobe. It can wear four seasons. It can be worn in spring, autumn and winter. The most important thing is to mix and match with other items to create different style tones. Its handsomeness can mix and match with some sweet items, playing a role in a balanced style.

↑ The most worth saying is Han Xue’s down jacket. The color pattern is super talented. Although it is a large -scale pattern, because it is black, the pattern is also abstract. ,,



Show her good taste. Such down jackets can break ordinary styles and can show their identities.

↑ In this body, the down jacket is the protagonist, which can highlight Han Xue’s vulgar temperament. She is dignified, elegant, thin, and tall, and you can wear a new height.

Look 2: Gray set

↑ This set is a gray suit. The formal and casual suit looks free and handsome, but it is also gentle. The short+long matching road looks particularly tall and thin, and she is also very high. The suit collar design is a short coat, and the lines of the neckline have shown sophisticated details, and the large lapels form a characteristic on the chest. Such designs will look small.

↑ Gray wide -leg pants with casual flavor. Such fabrics are smooth, which will lengthen the proportion of figure, which is thin and thin. Han Xue was only worn by super, and he was caught in the match. The dark gray sweater in the inside can be seen that dark gray is slightly lighter than black, without black dullness and maturity. It just echoed the light gray set. In this case, it is the most important thing to come to double white shoes.


Summarize Han Xue’s dress:

Pay attention to the proportion adjustment;

Mainly color;

Detail control is particularly great

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