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Aesthetic Muscle Lands Mascara [Pure Bai Huanyan] 1. Cleaning mask

1. Watermelon leather mask. Twice a week. Can make the skin tender and white.

2. Egg white mask. Eliminate dirt and tighten the skin. Before makeup, you can delay your makeup.

3. Apple mask. Put the apple to cut or mud, and then apply it to the face. If it is dry -allergic skin, you can add an appropriate amount of fresh milk or vegetable oil. You should add some egg white with oily skin. Wash it with a hot towel after 15-20 minutes. The next day, a course of treatment is 20 days, which has the effect of smoothing, moisturizing, and white greasy skin, and can also eliminate symptoms such as acne, freckles, and dark spots.

4. Tomato mask. Put the tomato and lemon slices into mud, add a little flour, stir well. Wash it on your face for about 30 minutes. Clear old dead cells, clean the skin deeply, converge the skin, and is particularly effective for blackheads and oily skin. There is also a clean, whitening and calm effect.

5. Lemon, egg wine mask. Squeeze the juice of lemon, add one egg, 1/4 cup of fat milk powder, a spoon of wine, and stir well. Apply your face for about 15 minutes, wash with warm water. Keep the skin clean and moisturizing, suitable for any skin. Because of the alcohol, the skin will be a bit dry after use, and skin care products will moisturize the skin.

Second, exfoliating mask

1. Salt (a small spoon) egg white mask.

2. Mung bean powder mask. Can reduce fire and reduce acne breeding.

3. Oatmeal mask. Put the oatmeal in the water for 6-8 hours, squeeze the papaya juice, stir with skimmed milk, dry the oats, pour in papaya milk and stir. Apply it for 10-20 minutes on your face and wash the water. It can improve skin roughness, horny accumulation, and promote the smoothness of the skin.

4, yogurt, honey, lemon juice 100 mg each, add 5 vitamin E to mix well, apply face and keep it for 15 minutes, and then wash them with water. This method can promote dead cells on the skin and regenerate new cells, thereby achieving the purpose of bodybuilding skin.

Third, nourish the mask

1. Carrot and apple mask. Carrots should be red.

2. Rose mask. Rose petals 25-50g, 100ml of water, and rose petals are immersed in water. After 2 hours, pounding into a paste and putting on the face. Applicable dry skin. Allergic skin is used with caution.

3. Treasse mask. Glore the tree flowers. If the cold water is boiled into porridge, it will be cooled after heating to 60-70 degrees. When Deng’s temperature dropped to 37-40 degrees, apply the mask to the face, cover a few layers of gauze, and clean it for 15-20 minutes. Moistor dry skin, make the skin smooth, and elastic.

4. Almond, tomato mask. Applicable to the skin with blackheads.

5, cucumber, carrot, egg white mask. Nourish and improve the skin of the skin and make the skin delicate. Cucumbers and carrots are made into honey and drinking, which will cooperate with the mask to play better results.

6, fruit juice mask. You can use apricot, peach, grapes, watermelon, etc. Add flour mix.

7, banana, sesame oil mask. Applicable dry and neutral skin.

8. Yogurt mask. Yogurt flour. Mild effect.

9, honey, egg yolk, olive oil mask. Supplement skin nutrients.

Fourth, mask

1. Honey mask.

2, aloe vera mask. Maintenance, repair, whitening, moisturizing, and restoration of skin elasticity.

3. Cucumber mask. Moisturizing.

4. Banana, milk mask.

5. Carrot and egg yolk sauce mask. Go to the old dead cells to moisturize.

Five, tightening wrinkle removal mask

1. Pear and yogurt mask. Persist in once a day. Suitable for oily and neutral skin.

2. Seaweed, olive oil (2-3 drops) mask. Seaweed: Moisturizing and sterilization.

3. Orange mask. Smash the fresh oranges and dip it into alcohol. If a little honey, place it for a week. Take out the noodles and wash it off. Convergence and smooth skin. Wrinkle.

4. Carrot and watermelon mask. Wrinkle.

5. Apple honey mask. Apple mud, add honey and flour. Wrinkle removal and increase skin elasticity.

6. Honey and egg white mask.

7, milk, olive oil (flour) mask.

8. Milk, strawberry mask.

9. White snow mask. Immerse the eggs in an appropriate amount of wine, seal the jar, take out the eggs after 28 days, and apply the egg white to face before going to bed every night. From “Preparation of Qian Qian Gold Medicine”, it has the effect of moisturizing white noodles, wrinkle removal and beauty.

10. Egg white mask: Put the egg whites into the bowl (removed egg yolk) until the white foam, add 6-8 drops of fresh lemon, stir well and apply it directly on the face, have the effects of converging skin, anti-inflammatory wrinkle removal.

11. Olive oil mask: Heat the olive oil to about 37 ° C, add an appropriate amount of honey, and then immerse the gauze in the oil and cover it on the face. After 20 minutes, remove it. The effect is suitable for those who are particularly dry skin.

12, yogurt, cream, mix and mix well, then apply the face, keep it for 20 minutes, wash it with water. This method has a convergence of wrinkle removal. It has long adhered to eliminating wrinkles on the facial skin, and is suitable for maternal women with more middle -aged women or facial wrinkles.

Six, whitening noodle ravioli

It is the common wishes of all girls, so that the following whitening methods help you, whitening is no longer a dream.

Aesthetic muscle tall mascara [Jingbai Huanyan]

2. Strawberry mask. Reduce the pain caused by sun exposure.

3. Bitter gourd mask. Take the bitter gourd for 15 minutes and cut the thin gourd. Stick on your face and clean it after 15 minutes. Whitening and moisturizing.

4. Tofu, honey mask. Mash a piece of tofu and filter dry water with gauze. If 15g of flour and 5G honey stir well, apply it on the face, keep it for 20 minutes and wash it. The skin is white and transparent.

5. Red wine and whitening mask. 20ml of red wine, 2 spoons of honey, a little pearl powder, apply it on your face, and wash it with warm water after about 5 minutes.

6. Bai Yan mask. Bridge of white ravioli, flour, water, olive oil, apply it for 15 minutes on the face. Wind relieving pain, swelling, and pus.

7. Watermelon and egg yolk mask.

8. Almond and egg white mask. Boil the soft almonds with boiling water, then peel it, pound it into mud, and mix well with Dan Qing. Apply it on your face and wash it off after drying. once a week. Return to the luster of the dark skin, and can make the skin moisturize, delicate, and reduce wrinkles.

9, cucumber (one), egg white (one egg) vinegar (2 spoon) mask.

10, tender white mask. Use barley, white pearls, mung bean flour, milk. Remove oil and beautify the skin.

11, bleaching face -to -face method. 3%hydrogen peroxide 10ml, 5ml of water, 15g of milk powder, a little mud with noodle paste (as high as the thumb). Mix the materials evenly, apply a small brush to the face (not to make your eyes, eyebrows, hair, eyelashes dip the mask), and wash them away for 12 or 13 minutes. See if there are adverse reactions on the back of the hand. The bleaching effect is significant.

12 Cucumber mask. Take fresh cucumber juice and add a moderate amount of milk powder and honey. After a few drops of wind and oil, mix the noodles after 20-30 minutes. effect.

Seven, war “acne” mask

With these masks, you don’t need to worry about how to remove acne and how to get rid of acne.

1. Vinegar and egg white mask. Immerse the eggs in thick, remove it after 72 hours, and remove the eggs for later use. Apply noodles with egg white before going to bed every night, twice a week.

2. Battle mask. Roll the motherwort into powder and squeeze the juice of cucumber. Add the moderate amount of motherwort powder and honey to the cucumber juice, and mix evenly. Apply your face after washing your face at night, wash away after drying.

3. Potato mud mask. Cook the 200g potatoes with skin and peel it, add a small amount of original juice to mud. Add milk and glycerin to mix and mix well. Apply it evenly on the face, and can be covered with steamed towels or not, washed off after 1-2 hours. Suitable for people with dry skin and dysfunction, oily skin and facial swelling. No glycerin or milk is particularly suitable for oil -based skin oil removal.

4. Huanglian mask. Yellow Lotus grinding pour into loofah water blending. Sterilization, detoxification, convergence, inhibitory sebaceous glands secretion, and prevent acne growth.

5. Lettuce (lettuce) mask. The leaves are crushed, add a small amount of water, and cook for 5 minutes. The leaves are removed and wrapped in gauze. Apply your face while it is hot, the rest of the soup can be used to wipe the face. It can treat symptoms such as skin irritation, sun burns, acne, and Mao Xu vascular dilation.

6, half of the banana, mix into mud, mix an appropriate amount of milk, adjust it into a paste, apply it on the face, keep it for 15-20 minutes, wash it with water. This method can clear the skin and remove acne and freckles on the face.

Eight, mask

1. Lemon and egg white mask. There are 3 teaspoons of flour.

2. Peach blossoms, melon seed masks. Peach blossoms dry powder, winter melon seed grinding honey.

3. Poria mask. Poria powder honey. Apply every night. The book says that you can remove freckles for half a month (not my personal remarks, if you don’t blame me).

4. Black sugar (300g), honey (90g) mask. Promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, freckle points and moisturize the skin.

5. Coriander soup. Wash your face once a day.

6. Tremella Folk. Tremella, Baiji, Poria, and Yuzhu each have a total of sieves. Take 5 grams per night, with 3 grams of noodles with water and apply the noodles. Wash it in the early morning. Tremella, Baiji, and Yuzhu can nourish the skin. Poria can remove spots and guide the medicines directly into the skin, but people with dermatitis on the face should be used with caution.

7. Bai Yan mask. Take 10 grams of Bai Yan, 10 grams of Bai Ainzi, study the fines, add water and honey to the appropriate amount of prizes, wash it after 20 minutes, have wrinkle removal, spots, and whiteness. It is suitable for facial pigmentation Patients.

Nine, other masks

1. Anti -allergic mask. Rather the 2 small teaspoons of milk powder and cucumber juice, and then apply it to the face to prevent skin allergies.

2. Anti -inflammatory mask. When the cosmetics are not appropriate and cause allergic reactions, a egg can be cleared, and the flour can be stirred and applied to the allergic place to start the effect of anti -inflammatory and swelling.

3. Soothing sunburn mask. First use frozen milk, then apply the cotton cotton soaked in the milk, or dip the milk with a thin towel to apply it to the hot -bodied affected area, which can soothe the skin’s sunburn.

Ten, eye mask

1. Loofah eye mask. Take the immature loofah peeling, removing, muddy, and applying it in the salt part.

2. Tremella Eye Mask. Tremella is cooked into thick juice, put in the refrigerator, and takes 3-5 drops to apply it in the corners of the eyes, the eyes of the eyes, moisturizing the role of white wrinkle and enhancing skin elasticity, once a day.

3. Ice milk eye mask. Two times a day, 10 minutes each time, can eliminate bags under the eyes.

4. Tea eye mask. Except for black tea, once a week, dark circles can be eliminated.


5. Chamomile tea eye mask. Two times a week, remove the bags under the eyes.

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Aesthetic muscle tall mascara [Jingbai Huanyan]