What are the specific six defense of the ball and ink cast iron in the municipal road engineering?

In recent years, the distressed incidents of people who appeared in various places have spawned a new type of ball, ink cast iron six anti -well cover. The new type of ball ink cast iron six -anti -well cover is based on the original ball, ink cast iron five -proof manhole cover, which is collectively referred to as the ball, cast iron anti -sinking manhole cover. This device is also upgraded from the original polyethylene nylon mesh to the QT500-7 ball ink cast iron material, and the service life and functionality are also greatly improved.

The design drawings in some urban municipal design institutes have also been required to use the “six defense” manhole cover. But which six defense is it? Many friends in engineering projects still cannot come up one by one, and there are doubts. Today@今天 今天 今天 今天 will help you solve the doubts.

Six -defensive manhole cover, as its name thinking, has six major protection functions. That is, six major functions of anti -theft, anti -slip, noise anti -noise, bouncing, anti -displacement, and falling fall.

1. Anti -theft, the well cover has a level 4.8 union sales shaft or hinge connection. After the installation is completed, it is concealed underground, and it is not easy to steal it;

2. A non-slip, the well cover is convex and dense, and the height of the pattern meets the national standard 3-5mm;


3. Anti -noise, the vertical surface of the well -borne of the well is inlaid with elastic ternary ethyling ethylene rubber cushion ring to reduce the friction noise of the manhole cover;

4. Anti -bouncing, there are three buckle locking devices on the back of the manhole cover, and the shaft tube corresponds to three buckle points. After the manhole cover is closed, the well buckle buckle is stuck and stuck in the manhole cover buckle.

5. Resistance, compared to the outermost circle of ordinary ball -ink cast iron well cover, there are flange plates, inheritance of well -inserted wells, and car impact stress in many directions.

6. Putting the fall, the built -in cast iron anti -falling net of the well can effectively prevent personnel and vehicle tires fall into the well to cause casualties or card wheels. The closing method of portable switch is also convenient for dredging operations.

If there is no detail or deviation of the details of each functional details, please pass by the gods to follow the attention and discuss more and correct it. Not much to say, deepen understanding above!