The Japanese housewife, which attracted 150,000 people to watch! His family copys your homework

Before living, you need to learn to store well



The Japanese housewife MISA introduced today is known as the most life -saving housewife

She not only knows how to use storage to shorten the housework time, but also shows a tasteful home layout

In particular, I prefer the Nordic storage props and daily necessities, showing the storage attitude of Nordic simple style

150,000 people watch on INS!


Misa thinks


If you want to live a more sense of ritual, you need to do a good job first

So she will study how to shorten the movement of the family

Standardize the storage space and achieve efficient housework

The housework is easy, so there is any surplus to arrange the entire home


Misa not only collects cleanly, but also has a good experience in how to accept it!


You see her living room and kitchen layout, rattan, vine basket

These are all the items commonly used in MISA


But she just placed it particularly simple and charming, practical and life -like!

MISA said that I care about the color and size of the items, which looks consistent to avoid obtrusive and messy items.

She is also particularly selected, furniture and tableware who prefer Nordic -based furniture and tableware


You will also worry that you can’t put too many furniture in your home to avoid chaos.


Misa said with a smile, I still have a deep -rooted housewife personality: “Practical and aesthetic must be taken into account!”


The tea table she picked is three sets of one set. It is usually neat and neat, and it can be used individually when needed. It is quite convenient and saved.

After doing housework, the rest of the time is your own


MISA usually has a relaxed lunch tea time


Coupled with a lot of various dining plates

Select the appropriate cup plate according to the mood, carefully arrange on the table


Create a tranquil tea space


With a little childlike dinner plate, with the seasonal flowers

Fireworks in life can be cured like this

Such a lifestyle is particularly charming

Many newspapers and magazines are scrambling to interview

I have even published personal works

Let’s take a look at how Misa’s home is organized!


Principles of arrangement 1 │ Considering the storage of dynamic line settings

“All storage is used to improve household chores!”

MISA said I will consider the convenient housework planning.


Like the tableware, it is directly opposite to the dishwasher. It can be taken directly from the dishwasher and can be directly collected into the drawer on the opposite side. It instantly shortens the distance of storage and saves a lot of effort.

In addition to the necessary video equipment under the TV cabinet, half of the space is left for children.


Children’s picture books and commonly used brushes are put into the TV cabinet.

Low storage space is suitable for children’s height

You can use it with your hands. In addition, the wide living room can be used as a child reading area. The storage design that is convenient for use, so that children are immersed in the reading environment at any time. They can also train children to learn to clean up themselves and reduce the burden on housework.

Who said that you must set a dedicated bookcase, and the TV cabinet must only store audiovisual equipment

With the habit of changing the use of storage like this, it is better to meet the needs of actual life


The 3C devices such as remote control and cameras are commonly used into the cabinet, which is convenient for getting nearby.

And children’s schools, hats, schoolbags, etc., are uniformly collected into the closet, and the open cabinet design allows children to spontaneously learn to organize themselves.

For example, the two rows of open cabinets are designed with a laundry room, and towels and dirty clothes baskets can be collected.

The baked towels can be directly put into the cabinet, and the dirty clothes are put into the washing machine at hand. The annoying laundry housework can be easier.

MISA also gives the housewife suggestion


At first, I may have no clue to rectify the home.


You must have your own storage habits

Establish a set of effective storage rules


Then expand to think about how the family will use


Don’t think you can’t do it yourself


As long as you find a way to storage for you


I can create a neat and orderly home like her

Don’t be afraid, just do it!


Principles of arrangement 2 │ Overlore items are hidden

“The proportion of exposure and internal hidden 1: 9”

The reason why Misa’s home looks so tidy is actually a large part of daily necessities.

MISA uses various storage cabinets and storage boxes to collect the items in different categories. The desktop and chairs will not have random clothes and children’s scattered workbooks.



The same storage prop


, Form a consistent sense of neatness, but also use white paper to cover the front end of the drawer, so as not to let people see the items inside.

Even the home reserve such as paper towels is hidden in the box without showing a trace.

Commonly used sewing appliances also use file boxes to store them one by one.

And it is a life -like item like a calendar, hiding behind the door of the cabinet, using iron plates to easily adsorb, so as not to allow excess items to interfere with vision.


The wire is the most likely to make the space messy. MISA is posted behind the TV cabinet


, And use


Fixed to ensure that the wires are not messy.

Principle of layout 3 │ cutting minimum unit to store


“Every item has an exclusive lounge”

Misa said that the biggest purpose of storage is to give up

Housework is easy to do


Each item has its own exclusive position


It is more convenient to get or storage, which can shorten the time of household chores


So the principle is

Cut into the smallest unit to store


Use like this


Divided the storage box or drawer, the items are clear at a glance, and the action is easier.


In this way, not only the items will not be released, but also make the storage more orderly.

Like MISA collecting a lot of cups, it is easy to collapse in a stacking method, and it is not easy to get it. It is better to use the PP storage box to collect them one by one.


Even the seasoning tanks are stored one by one, and then put into the drawer. It is more convenient to take out or put it out without adjusting the position of the bottle and can.

Even the change is no exception. With an exclusive change box, the banknotes are neatly collected.


If you want to get better, MISA has a little trick!


Change to


Upright storage

, Can be used to use it with one hand

The documents use the book to put it in the bag, which is not only convenient to get it, but also looks good!

Principles of layout 4 │ The layout must be consistent

“The items put out should be the same color, the same size, the same material”

MISA will be carefully selected by the items, which depends on the sense of aesthetics.

MISA recommends choosing supplies of the same color and same size, which is tidy to arrange!

Like the kitchen, choose the diameter uniformly


21 cm


12 cm


The dining plate is the most commonly used dinner plate size. You can usually take the vegetables and take it at hand. It is not messy on the shelf.

The upper layer of the shelf is arranged to arrange the vine basket. It looks warm and will not be too pale.


The commonly used cups are used

Rattan tray


The collection not only regulates the storage space of the cup, but also echoes the rattan vine basket. The overall color system is consistent, and the ritual sense of life is naturally revealed.

Even the cup plate in the cabinet is lined up according to the size, and it is refreshing and clean when it is opened!

And like towels and bath products, MISA will deliberately choose the same color system.

The vision is consistent, and the space is naturally neat without the need to clean up.

MISA also suggested that the number of items should be restrained, otherwise the number will be easily chaotic.

There is a distance between items to feel the beauty of blank and present a simple Nordic texture.

All picture sources/ins@ruTu73


After watching MISA’s home, do you feel healed!


As long as you follow the principle of MISA’s storage, you can also be the same as her


Learn the Nordic storage attitude and create a family full of rituals!

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