Mori Nu’s favorite retro style dress

V -neck printing flower chiffon skirt

The solidity of V -neck is always very high, unlimited face shape, modifying the neck line, and easy to lose face. The loose five -point sleeves cover the arm that has not had time to lose weight in winter, comfortable and elegant. The hem of the skirt uses a classic six -piece style, which spreads from the waistline. The trend of A -shaped, the hem is naturally elegant, highlighting the beauty of the waistline. Carefully made a belt, tied to the waist, bouncing according to the likes, a little chic.

Literary Black Japanese Dress


This is a seemingly simple but very thoughtful skirt. The skirt was made of six pieces, which spread from the waistline, which was thin and elegant, and the clothes were beautiful. The neckline is a traditional collar design, a commonly used design in the wind, with a warm -hearted color, a strong Japanese style.


Long printed dress

The delicate satin achieved the elegance of the dress, the shirt collar wrote the temperament, the thin wrinkled waist, and the blue flower appealed to the literary art. The fresh print makes this skirt smaller and fresh. The length of the midfield can cover the fleshy legs in winter. The waist design is also very thin and slender.

Literary Hiroshow Printing Retro Dress

The feeling of this skirt is naturally elegant and vivid. The feeling of walking and wind, beautiful, lapel design, with a urban intellectual element, the perfect combination of small freshness and women, the strong summer feeling of the printing design , Put on such clothes, it is dedicated to the most beautiful gift in summer ~


Retro loose bow print print dress

The waist can be tightly pumped, and the neckline ribbon design can be tied to a literary bow. Base color, peach red and pear white patterns, like fireworks rising in the night. The girl was thin and skinny on her body, and it was versatile.