Wind, Moon, Dream, Dream, Seaside, Seaside

Various seashells are scattered on the beach like the stars, plus beautiful smooth cobblestones, white sand beaches like a fairy on the world’s chessboard.

风尘月影 梦沉星河 海边棋子

Beihai is a three-sided city. The most common scenery in Beihai is the sea, and the most common in the sea is a variety of shells. Every holiday can see on the beach, there are many children who play. .

风尘月影 梦沉星河 海边棋子

The most common thing is that children pick up seashells on the beach. A surf came over, with a batch of shells and cache swept, when the waves have been refunded, rushing to pick the shells. Seashells, there are round, pointed, pagoda-shaped, striped, and small, color is also a variety of colors, white, red, yellow, purple, orange, etc., although common or White shells, but patience, can still find a variety of beautiful colors.

In the reflection of the blue sky, the sea, the beach, the shell becomes a dreamy scene, the colorful, the seashell of different shapes can be collected, go back, can be used to decorate, or be bead curtains, must be unique.

At the time of the holiday, put the sea water, welcoming the waves, blowing sea breeze, picking up in the sea, is a thing that is just an imagination that makes people feel relaxation. In a busy life, you can find things to relax, and it is also a fun thing.

风尘月影 梦沉星河 海边棋子

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风尘月影 梦沉星河 海边棋子

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