Pig Review on November 12: What happened behind the price of pigs from “skyrocketing” to “plunge”?

1. Analysis of the price of pigs

On November 12, 2019, according to the monitoring of China Pig.com, the average national pig price was 36.45 yuan/kg, and the price fell 0.74 yuan/kg from yesterday’s quotation, a decrease of 3.33 yuan/kg last week. Today, pig prices have maintained at 0.01-0.35 yuan/kg, and today’s pig price declines have remained at 0.32-0.77 yuan/kg.

National outer three yuan average price trend chart


According to data monitoring statistics of the Chinese pig market pig price system, today the average price of pigs is more green. Only Liaoning Province has risen, and other regions have declined or flattened.

Foreign Triangle Raise and Development Table

Today’s highest province: The average price of three yuan in Guangdong Province is 41.88 yuan/kg;

The lowest province today: the average price of three yuan from Qinghai Province is 13.41 yuan/kg;

Today’s highest city: the average price of three yuan outside Guang’an City is 47.00 yuan/kg;

The lowest city today: The average price of the three yuan outside Xilin Guole League is 10.00 yuan/kg;

Outer three yuan rankings

According to the data monitoring of the pig price system of China Raising Pig Net, pig prices have fallen for the fifth day, and these several declines have been large. Today, the price of pigs fell back to the price of pig price before the rise on October 19. What is still firm at present is the Guangdong area and remains in the “first place.”

Overview of pig prices trend in some regions in China today: (1) Frozen meat in Henan is gathered out of the warehouse. Fresh meat is still good, pig prices have fallen, farmers have anti -prices, and they are expected to rebound in recent low -priced areas; (2) Shandong area in Shandong area; Faculty of farmers are sold, the market for pigs is relatively sufficient, the price of the slaughter enterprise has not been under pressure, the price is pressed, and the farmers are conflicting with low prices. It is expected that the price of pigs or stopping will stabilize in the near future; At the low position, the peripheral market has a steady intention. It is expected that the decline in pig prices will gradually narrow in the near future; (4) The decline in pig prices in Hubei area will lead to a panic column of the farming end. (5) Hunan region has continuously flowed into the local market due to low -priced pigs in the north, which is unfavorable to the local market, which leads to a sharp decline in pig prices. The number of south has increased, and it is expected that pig prices will still have room for decline in the near future; (7) The number of pigs in the Northeast region decreased, and the price of the company will continue to press the price. It is expected that the possibility of a sharp rebound in pig prices in the near future is unlikely. In summary, the overall domestic pig price has continued to decline for five consecutive days. The average price of pigs in the country has fallen to 36.45 yuan/kg. However, due to the current tight pork supply, pig prices will decline in the short term.

In recent days, the price of pigs can be described as “miserable”. Last month, pig farmers were raised. They fell this month. They frowned. What happened behind this “skyrocketing” and “plunge”? We believe: (1) official intervening. Pig prices have risen out of control, and meat prices have risen “not like”, which greatly exceeds the psychological expectations of ordinary consumers. Its CPI is also affected by pig prices. (2) Freezing meat. There is a shelf life, and many low -cost freezes to store frozen meat are fast, prompting some frozen meat to cast. At the same time, the price is also lowered, and then collect low -cost pork alternate inventory. (3) Demand port decreases. Due to the rising price of pigs, ordinary consumers have shifted, but the rise of pork has also risen together. “Bringing the price of” meat and poultry and eggs, the prices of eggs have risen, and custom habits such as pickled bacon and sausages will also be marinated or even not pickled due to high pig prices.

But under such a sluggish market, we still watched the recent pig price trend. Because fresh meat is unavoidable for the Spring Festival, and frozen meat cannot be satisfied, around the Spring Festival, the rise in pig prices is an inevitable trend. But for a farther future, no one will predict the tickets. At that time, the policy and various aspects of the movement and background information were controlled to control the future pig price trend.

2. Feed price market analysis

The average national corn price today was 2,000 yuan/ton, an increase of 6 yuan/ton from yesterday, an increase of 8 yuan/ton last week.

Yesterday, Shandong Hebei corn market reversed. It changed the momentum of rising for many days. Most companies stopped raising, and individual enterprises began to reduce prices. Northeast market conditions are mainly stable. Individual enterprises have adjustments and have a small adjustment. “Those things” are going well, and the import of agricultural products is expected to lower the corn market.

Today’s highest province: The average price of corn in Yunnan Province is 2177 yuan/ton;

The highest city today: The average price of corn of Changde City is 2580 yuan/ton;

The lowest province today: the average price of corn in Beijing is 1765 yuan/ton;

The lowest city today: the average price of corn in Huangshan City is 1500 yuan/ton;


Corn price trend

Today, the average price of soybean meal in the country was 3201 yuan/ton, a decrease of 5 yuan/ton from yesterday, and a decrease of 10 yuan/ton from last week.

From the current demand side, the market is concerned about the concentration of the demand for soybean meal in the market. It is expected that the demand in the next few months will remain stable; The impact of changes in import policies. On the whole, soybean meal will mainly affect the influence of the October in November.

Today’s highest province: The average price of Xinjiang soybean meal is 3554 yuan/ton;

The highest city today: The average price of soybean meal in Huzhou is 4,000 yuan/ton;

The lowest province today: The average price of Tibet soybean meal is 2700 yuan/ton;

The lowest city today: the average price of soybean meal in the Miao Autonomous Prefecture in the southwestern Guizhou Miao Autonomous Prefecture is 2300 yuan/ton;

The average price of soybean meal

3, pig food ratio


On November 12, 2019, the average price of pigs (outer three yuan) was 36.45 yuan/kg, the average price of corn (15%water) was 2,000 yuan/ton, and the average price of soybean meal (43%protein) was 3201/ton, a ratio of 18.23: 1 It

Pig Grain Bi on November 12