Samsung NXF1 mini micro -single rotation screen excellent selfie

Samsung NX Mini is known for its “small”, designed by ultra -slim and lightweight. The fuselage is only 22.5 mm, and the bare metal weighs about 158 ​​grams. Coupled with the luxurious metal body and leather coat, it fully considers the characteristics of women’s beauty and fashion. , Bring an extraordinary touch. Whether you are at home, work, shopping, traveling, whether you are taking selfies or photos, colorful life and sluggish.

三星NXF1迷你微单 旋转屏幕出色自拍

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In addition to flip previews, focus previews, and touch screen camera this time, Samsung NX MINI also added a very interesting element -a blink of an eye, during the selfie, just blink of the screen, 2 After seconds, the camera can be taken. There is no need to touch the screen and button. The operation is easier and the selfie is more fun. Samsung NX Mini also has wireless transmission function. It only needs to be a little bit on any smartphone compatible with NFC, and the transmission function can be completed without WiFi. Share is that simple.

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