A 30 -year -old woman wears a blue suit in spring, and 6 techniques are worth learning from and become elegant and charming.

In the contemporary society, whether it is a man or a woman, there will be more or less suites in the closet. Well, maybe many people think of the black suit when they mention the suit. Indeed, black suit is very common, and it is also very popular.

However, some of the contents I shared with you in this issue are about how to wear a blue suit in the spring season, for women aged 30, to wear a sense of elegance. The following demonstrations, in fact, you can learn it well.


1: Choose a long blue suit

The blue suit mentioned here, in fact, there are many style design. So, for some 30 -year -old women who belong to the pear -shaped figure, it is recommended to choose a blue suit with medium and long design. Because the medium -length blue suit can also cover the 30 -year -old woman’s crotch and hips.

In this way, it can also reduce the weight of the 30 -year -old woman’s lower body. not only


It can be thinner,

And can also modify some of the shortcomings of a 30 -year -old woman.

Such a dressing effect can also make people feel very trendy, and at the same time, it is very stylish, exuding exquisite and feminine aspects everywhere.


2: White items inside

For the clothing that can be used in the blue suit, it is actually a lot. So, let’s take a look at the white items that are inside. If a 30 -year -old woman does not know the suit matching, in fact, she can choose a white shirt, and this match is not only simple, but also easy to control.

Not only that, after the combination of blue suit and white shirts, it will also be more solemn, and it is also very suitable for 30 -year -old women to attend some formal places.


Wearing styling like this, it is possible

Make the 30 -year -old woman’s temperament improve


And it looks very clean and refreshing, it is really outstanding.

3: Use jewelry to embellish

If a 30 -year -old woman wears a blue suit, there may be some monotonous. Then, in terms of this situation, it is actually solved. A 30 -year -old woman can match some accessories when wearing a blue suit to embellish it, and then make the overall dress more brilliant.


For example, a 30 -year -old woman can wear a pair of earrings, or can wear brooms on the blue suit and so on. This effect is not only

You can add some highlights to the dress,

And it can make people feel fashionable.

In addition, it will also show a noble and elegant charm, which also adds a lot of points to the shape.

4: paired with jeans

In fact, when a 30 -year -old woman chooses to wear a blue suit, she can not only match trousers, but also with jeans. Regarding jeans, it always makes people feel very fashionable, full of vitality, and can make people from it.

Feel a street style


Then, when it matches the blue suit, it will show a very capable side. The 30 -year -old woman’s matching is not only highlighted and refreshing, but also very neat and generous.

It will not feel charming, but also makes people feel very casual, very trendy and charming, and it is also a good look. It is really tasteful.

5: With high heels

If a 30 -year -old woman wants to wear a blue suit with shoes, then start with high heels that can be matched with them. For high heels, a 30 -year -old woman puts it on it, which can not only highlight tall, but even her own manner will become very beautiful. Not only that, it is always fascinating, I can’t help but always want to look at it.

When the blue suit and the color of the pants are used in the same color, in fact, high heels can also adopt the contrasting method. And this looks popular, and it will


It makes people feel more distinctive,

It is also very advanced. In addition, the 30 -year -old woman dressing up like this is really endless.

6: match women’s bag

The 30 -year -old woman’s wear on the blue suit is also indispensable to match various bags. In fact, for bags, if a 30 -year -old woman chooses more correctly, then it will also make the overall matching shape a lot of color.

Not only that, with the emergence of bags, it will also make 30 -year -old women look very stylish and attractive. In the use of bags, a 30 -year -old woman can also choose a rhombus chain women’s bag.

For the rhombus chain women’s bag, it is not only very classic, but also


It will also make people feel very resistant.

When it is matched with the blue suit, it not only highlights the mature side of the 30 -year -old woman, and is particularly eye -catching and elegant.

In fact, the way of dressing in the blue suit is also full of tricks. You can slowly think about it and try more. Finally, I hope that the above -mentioned writing can bring you some unexpected matching results, so that you can be renewed in the new year.